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How to Keep in Touch With Friends Over the Summer Vacation

How to Keep in Touch With Friends Over the Summer Vacation

how to stay in touch Growing up in a touristy vacation spot, my summer friends were a totally different group than my winter friends. Summer Nina (not to be confused with year-round Nina), Meghan O., and other kids would suddenly move into the neighborhood temporarily, becoming much easier friends to get together with than the ones from school who didn’t live a literal hop, skip, and jump from my front door.

don't lose touch with friends
Don’t lose touch with your besties over the summer | Image courtesy Unsplash user Omar Lopez

But when school started up again, I would inevitably be shocked to learn that while I was busy hunting for salamanders and raking clams with the summer kids, the rest of my friends had continued to—gasp—keep hanging out with each other. They came back to school with shared adventures, always leaving me feeling just a little left out.

It’s important that kids (and adults!) stay in touch with their friends through the warmer months. Even though everyone is busy enjoying all that the season has to offer, there are still ways you can keep in touch with your closest pals, sustaining your old memories even if you can’t be together to create new ones. From those who spend the season far away to those who remain local, with a little effort, you can keep your friendships going as strong as the summer sunlight until fall comes back around. Here are my favorite ideas for how to stay in touch with friends over the summer vacation.

Start a Summer Letter Writing Chain to Stay in Touch With Friends

Jenny was in Sweden, Andrea was in the UK, Nicole was in Florida, and I was in New England. It was the first summer after college and, other than myself, none of my BFFs had returned home. I’d been looking forward to our reunion in our small hometown but, instead, we ended up keeping in touch in a different way—with a traveling packet of letters and cards that we sent back and forth all summer. We decided to create a letter chain; I would write the first letter, then send it to Jenny who would add her own and send it to Andrea, who would make a contribution to the packet before sending it to Nicole, who would enclose a letter and send it back to me. Then we’d start the circle over again.

Everyone loves getting letters in the mail | Image courtesy Etsy seller LamaWorks
Everyone loves getting letters in the mail | Image courtesy Etsy seller LamaWorks

Jenny sent us Swedish greeting cards, Andrea sent bags of tea from England, and Nicole painted a small postcard with a picture of the smooth, sandy beach she lifeguarded every day. It was better than just getting letters in the mail because each time one of us received the letter packet, there was a different surprise inside.

Even though we spent the whole summer apart, when we briefly saw each other again at the end of the season it felt like we had never been separated. We were able to spend less time talking about the details of everyone’s summer so we could jump right back into the heart of our friendship. It was so successful that we kept the packet going throughout the rest of our college careers. In fact, the last time we were all home for the holidays, we all looked through our library of letters.

To make your own traveling letter packet, you’ll only need a few supplies. Pick up postcards and stationery from places you visit over the summer to write your letters on, and you can include stickers, patches, pins, pressed flowers—basically anything that isn’t too heavy for low postage costs—in the packet as well. Consider printing out some pictures of your summer adventures from your social media accounts, too. Every time you or your friends open the package, it will be filled with stories, bits, and baubles from their loved ones, even if they’re far away.

An Open Invitation to Stay in Touch This Summer

I hadn’t seen him in months, and I was going crazy. I’ve known my BFF Dave since he was my husband’s roommate in college. He even officiated our wedding! But between his busy work life as a film composer, my writing, our family responsibilities, and all the other stuff that life had thrown our way, it had been months since we hung out—and he lived just 10 minutes away. Once we realized we had been neglecting our friendship, we went on an epically long coffee date to catch up on all that had been going on and to make a plan so that we never had to go so long without seeing each other again.

invite your friends to stay in touch
You’re invited | Image courtesy Etsy seller Crupon

Now, we have a system in place: Every second Friday of the month, I host a dinner at my house for all of our friends, and every last Friday of the month, he holds the dinner at his place. These standing invites, with their open guest list, make it easy for us to drop in on each other without having to coordinate our schedules.

This summer, stay in touch with your friends by setting up a weekly or bi-weekly get-together. It can be a picnic, a morning jog, an ice cream social, a coffee date, or a dinner; just choose something simple that people can attend without expending too much effort. The idea is to make it as easy as possible to see your best friends on a regular basis so you don’t look up one day in the fall and realize you have no idea what your friends have been doing for the past few months. Tell your group of besties the time and the place, and they can drop in if they’re free, no RSVP required. The low-pressure nature of the event is a surprisingly effective way to get even reluctant socializers out of their shell.

Share Playlists to Keep in Touch With Friends This Summer

don't miss your friends over the summer
Mix tapes are a mark of friendship | Image courtesy Etsy seller aquabirch

If I made a music playlist that contained the songs Paradise by the Dashboard Light by Meatloaf, Harness Your Hopes by Pavement, and Alexander Hamilton from the Broadway musical, there are only two people I can think of who would actually listen to it—my two best friends. That’s the beauty of sharing music playlists with your closest pals, each one is like a totally customized message saying, “I get you!”

Even if you’re apart from your friends this summer, you can stay in touch by sharing the music you all love. Choose an online streaming service that allows you to create and share playlists (like Spotify, Apple Music, or 8tracks) then make a few different playlists to share with your friends. I like creating a “New Music” playlist that everyone in your group can add to so you can experience new songs together, along with a few general playlists—think one for parties, one for the beach, and one for rainy summer days when you’re stuck inside.

When you’re reunited in the fall, you’ll all be nodding your heads to the beat as though you’ve been listening to tunes together all summer long. It’s a great conversation starter, too. While listening to the music you’ve all come to love, it’ll remind you of things that happened over the summer that you’ve been dying to share with your friends, helping you to bond even more after being apart.

Stay in Touch With Friends Using a Summer Online Gift Exchange

A jar of seashells, a tin of saltwater taffy, a carved wooden spoon: I always make time to pick up some small souvenirs during my summer travels, either to proudly display on my ever-growing keepsake shelf or to gift to friends. But more exciting than doing the shopping while you travel is finally giving the souvenirs to your friends and loved ones. Think of each souvenir as a token letting them know that you were thinking of them while you were away, whether it’s a beach-themed gift bag or a thoughtful DIY gift for your best friend that you made during a relaxing week-long vacation.  

use a gift exchange to stay in touch with friends
Host a silly summer souvenir gift exchange | Image courtesy Etsy seller RosanasRelics

This summer, especially if any of your friends are traveling, keep in touch by setting up a gift exchange on an online site. You can create your gift exchange group at the beginning of the season, then use it all summer long to create wishlists, follow each others’ summer adventures through the activity updates in your exchange feed, and chat via the group discussions function. Then, at the end of the summer, have a party where you meet up and exchange your secret gifts. It’s a fun way to reconnect with friends you’ve been chatting with and all the suspense leading up to the gift exchange is like getting a little taste of Christmas in July.

When the sun’s out and warm weather is here, it’s hard to pay attention to anything other than planning trips to the beach, sipping ice cold lemonade on the porch, and finally planting some new flowers in your garden. But with just a little effort, you can make sure you don’t lose track of your friends.

Whether you’re corresponding with friends who are traveling, anonymously exchanging presents, or blasting out a Broadway Hits/Hip Hop playlist created by your bestie, you won’t be alone this summer. And when the long summer days start to shorten and the weather gets cooler, you’ll still have a close-knit group of pals to keep you warm.

Need more summer gift-giving inspiration? Our Elves are busy even in the summer! Check out our Beach Getaway Gift Guide. You can also share your summer plans and gift ideas on our Facebook page, on Twitter @Elfster, or on Instagram @Elfstergram. Or, learn how to start a Secret Santa gift exchange the quick and easy way!

Personalized Graduation Gift Registry Ideas for Your College-Bound Grad

Personalized Graduation Gift Registry Ideas for Your College-Bound Grad

graduation gift registry ideas

graduation gift registry card
The world is waiting | Image courtesy Etsy seller typeshyshop

In the basement, there was a towering stack of boxes perpetually threatening to topple over whenever I would squeeze past them on the way to get Christmas decorations or pool supplies out a couple times a year. Inside? All of the things I left at my parents’ house when I graduated from high school as a sort of “temporary” storage situation… that stretched itself out for more than ten years.

Recently, I went through the (mostly unmarked) boxes, and one surprised me; it was full of unopened school supplies, a high school graduation gift from a well-meaning relative. Of course, school supplies are totally necessary when you go off to college—but they’re also easy to forget about, which is why they were still sitting in the basement.

My fondest graduation gifts, the ones that made it to college with me, were the ones that were unique or helpful in a way I never expected, like the slow-cooker and matching handwritten cookbook I got from my mom, or the over-the-door picture wall my aunt made of my friends and family.

Graduation gift registries offer ideas that take a lot of the guesswork out of shopping for someone headed off to college, helping to eliminate the question of “What do you get a high school graduate?” And, with a little thought and preparation, you can make even a humble item part of a larger gift that won’t be left behind at home. Leaving the nest can be hard, but with gifts that prepare your grad practically and emotionally, they’ll have an easier time transitioning into their first toe-dip into adulthood.

Graduation Registry Gift Ideas for Health and Hygiene

hygiene graduation gifts for registries
It’s easier to study when the dorm room’s clean | Image courtesy Etsy seller DesignbyRube

Taking warm clothes out of the dryer on a cold day, breathing in their fresh clean scent, and relishing in the cozy softness of each garment is one of the simplest yet greatest pleasures in life. When you have a washer and dryer just sitting in your house, it’s easy to live out this experience a few times a week. In college, it’s a little more difficult. Your student still deserves to bask in the pleasure that comes with being squeaky clean, though. The key is to make it easy for them, so they’re actually motivated to take a shower and put in a load of laundry even when they’re busy studying.

Put together a hygiene gift basket from ideas off their graduation gift registry that will help your new grad take care of themselves and their belongings. It’s not something that a lot of young people think to make a priority, but when finals week rolls along and they have clean sheets to slip into at the end of the night, they’ll be thankful.

Include things like:

  • A collapsible laundry hamper so they can keep the floor clear when they have friends over (doubles as a gift basket, too!)
  • Laundry detergent pods so they can forget about lugging around a heavy detergent jug
  • Quarters! Getting to the bank for change isn’t easy when you’re a student, and with quarters on hand they can do laundry even when they’re too busy to leave campus
  • Shower shoes for the communal bathrooms
  • A big fluffy towel to cozy up in after showering

Train the Brain with These Graduation Registry Gift Ideas

The summer before college I really celebrated my supposed new maturity. I went to the lake with friends, spent my money on pizza and movie nights galore, and stayed up too late every night. Thankfully, I had also been gifted with something that would help me prepare for the academic year ahead: a set of classic poetry books to read before I started school. As an English major, it was a thoughtful gift but, honestly, one I wouldn’t have sought out myself during that crazy, social summer. Since they were gifted to me as a graduation present, though, I was able to read up on the classic poets while sunbathing so that when school started I already had some foundational knowledge to draw upon.

Think about your grad’s major to pick a thoughtful gift to put in their hands to keep them sharp over the summer. And it doesn’t have to be just a material present. You can get them an item from their graduation gift registry that’ll help them study, like a new desk lamp, and then also something that will help them get some hands-on learning done before they head to school, like…

english major graduation gift ideas
A one-of-a-kind gift for an English major | Image courtesy Etsy seller AshGroveVintage
  • Art Majors: Choose something creative from their registry, then take them to the opening night of an artist’s gallery show so they can see what it might someday be like to work in the art world. Maybe they can even ask some questions of the artist.
  • Science Majors: There’s a museum for just about every field of science so choose the local one that’s closest to your grad’s major and take them on a day trip. Maybe while they explore the exhibits, they’ll discover a niche interest that could become their specialty down the line.
  • English Majors: Instead of just getting your grad a book, bring them to a reading by an author. Admission to such events often includes a signed copy of the book, too, so your fun experience has a tangible element they can bring to school with them.
  • History Majors: If your grad is asking for basic dormitory furnishings on their registry, try seeking out an antique or an item related to their era of interest that’s both practical and a nod to the past. An antique lamp, clock, or vintage blanket will add character to their dorm room while still being practical. Then, bring them to a local historical site for a day so they can see how, even at home, the past is all around them.

Cozy Graduation Gifts Ideas

cozy grad gift registry ideas
Stay cozy while studying | Image courtesy Etsy seller HouseofMudShop

I smelled the lingering scent of bacon and felt the warmth of the sun streaming in through the blinds—but when I looked at the clock on my desk, I discovered that it was 2:15 pm. I’d slept through brunch again, an all-too-common event when I was in college, staying up late into the night studying and socializing. Luckily, when I did finally go to bed, I had a fluffy, homemade quilt from my grandma to pull over my shoulders, and a soft and squishy mattress pad to sleep on thanks to my mom.

Since college kids are so busy, it’s important that when they do have down time they’re comfortable. Consider getting a gift on their registry that has to do with comfort, like an upscale set of twin xl sheets, then add a personal touch. If they ask for a blanket, think of getting one with their college logo on it, or making them a t-shirt quilt from some of their favorite old shirts. Need a pillow? Go for something deluxe, like one that stays cool on hot nights or memory foam to cradle their neck after a long night of hunching over a desk.

A relaxation gift for anxiety-prone loved ones that will help them calm down enough to sleep—even when they’re stressed about due dates—can be a good idea, too. The gift of sleep can’t be bought, but being comfortable in bed is pretty priceless, and will help your grad get some high-quality rest when they really need it the most.

A Graduation Registry Gift Idea That Celebrates the Past, Present—and the Future

personalized graduation gift registry
A pug mug of their pug’s mug to represent past, present, and their staying-up-late future | Image courtesy Etsy seller ArtByJulene

I knew exactly what I needed: an all-in-one breakfast sandwich maker so I could be the culinary queen of my college dorm. But my mom did me one better; she gave me a gift certificate to my favorite hometown breakfast joint to enjoy all summer, the breakfast sandwich maker I’d been eyeing, and a breakfast food cookbook so that someday I could expand my morning repertoire to include something more than what can be created by an electric machine.

All sorts of gifts can be grouped together to celebrate your grad’s past, present, and future. Look for a gift on their registry that’s practical for them today, then include a gift to represent their past, and one to represent their future. If they want a coffee maker, consider also getting them beans from a local roastery in their hometown, and a gift certificate to the coffee shop on campus. If they want a digital camera, include a framed photo of a cherished family memory, and an extra memory card for all the photos they’ll take in the future. Or, you could opt for a tech gift for teenaged guys that will help them stay in touch with the folks back home and be practical to use at school, along with a pre-paid ticket home in the future so you can make sure there are more good memories yet to be made. The key is to pick a practical gift as the centerpiece for your gift, then add a story to it with nods to the grad’s childhood—and the path on which they are about to embark.

Setting Up an Online Graduation Gift Registry

grad gift ideas
Gift your grad | Image courtesy Unsplash user Caleb George

Your grad can use an online wishlist generator, like Elfster’s free version, to choose all the things they’ll need for college. They can easily add items to their list then share the link with those attending their graduation party, or any relatives who inquire about what they need for the year ahead. This way, your friends and family will easily be able to purchase gifts stress free. And, best of all, the wishlist can be used as a supply list at the end of the summer so your college-bound student can easily keep track of all the things they still need before they head off to school.

It can be hard to perfectly sum up your feelings in one gift to a loved one who’s heading off to college for the first time. My mom sent me off with the tools to make comfort food when I missed home, and plenty of freshly baked cookies to snack on with my new roommates. Her gift was practical, sure, but it also was one that helped me be emotionally ready to handle living on my own.

With just a few tweaks, you can personalize a present from a graduation gift registry so it suits your grad, whether that means turning their summer into a hands-on learning adventure or making sure they have something cozy to wrap themselves in while watching movies in their dorm.

Still not sure what to get your future college student extraordinaire? Take a look at our Off to College Gift Guide. You can keep up with all things Elfster on Facebook, and don’t forget to visit us on Twitter @Elfster and Instagram @Elfstergram.

Fun Non-Alcoholic 21st Birthday Gift Ideas That Take the Cake

Fun Non-Alcoholic 21st Birthday Gift Ideas That Take the Cake

fun non alcoholic 21st birthday gift ideas

Take one look at the birthday card section of your local grocery store and it’ll soon become apparent that there are only a handful of ages considered to be truly significant in your life—you know, years when your birthday card has your actual age on it. 10, when you reach double digits; Sweet 16; legal adulthood at 18; and then, 21. After that, it seems to become about the decades, year 30, 40, 50, 60, and so on.

21st birthday gift ideas
The big 2-1 takes the cake | Image courtesy Etsy seller CelebratedMoment

When I turned 18, I was in high school. Even though I was young, I was wise enough to realize that I still had no idea what was going on in the real world—or even what direction my own life would take over the next few tumultuous years. It wasn’t until I hit 21 that I was able to take a deep breath and think, “I’ve got this.” I wasn’t exactly settled, but I could start to see the path I was making for myself, and definitely felt more ready to take on what adulthood had to throw my way.

Help celebrate your friends and loved ones entering this transitional period in their life from childhood to real adulthood with fun non-alcoholic 21st birthday gifts that take the cake. Celebrate what’s ahead, what they’ve accomplished, and where they are now—and don’t be afraid to have a little alcohol-free fun with it!

Gift a Non-Alcoholic Experience for a 21st Birthday

21st birthday gift concert tickets
A rockin’ experience | Image courtesy Unsplash user Anthony Delanoix

I can’t tell you about all of the birthday presents I’ve gotten over the years because I honestly don’t remember most of them. What do I remember? The Hanson-themed figure skating party my parents threw me in middle school, the paint night surprise birthday my husband threw me a couple of years ago, and the birthday that my friends took me to see Rocky Horror Picture Show for the first time. All of my most memorable birthdays involved experiences, not just gifts.

For your 21-year-old’s birthday, try gifting them with a totally new and out-of-the-box experience. Get tickets so they can finally see their favorite band live in concert, or opt for something daring, like a rock climbing trip. If you can swing it, maybe even consider going for a mini-vacation to a place they’ve never been before. They’ve made it this far into adulthood, and the gift of a brand new adventure is just a reminder of all the amazing stuff life still has in store for their future.

Relax with These 21st Birthday Gift Ideas

relaxing birthday gifts for 21-year-olds
The gift of relaxation | Image courtesy Etsy seller EldridgeOrganics

I moved to the city for college from a small farming town in Maine. I instantly loved the busy bustle of Boston, and that city vibe carried over into all parts of my life. When I was turning 21, I was in college, juggling two jobs, held office in two school organizations, and had a thriving social life. Most 21-year-old’s are similarly busy, whether they’re in school, building their careers, or starting a new family. That’s why the gift of relaxation is so priceless.

Most of us don’t take time for ourselves to chill out. A gift that helps a person pamper themselves shows them that you care about their mental and physical well-being. You can opt for a gift certificate for spa services—think facial, massage, mani/pedi—or a gift that relates to one of their favorite low-key hobbies, like a book and a cozy blanket for avid readers, or a wildlife guide and binoculars for a friend who loves the outdoors. Either way, a self-care relaxation gift that inspires a calm and serene mind will help them remember that being a grown-up doesn’t have to mean being busy all of the time.

Edible, Non-Alcoholic 21st Birthday Gift Ideas

coffee birthday gift ideas
Adulting is hard—drink coffee | Image courtesy Etsy seller MikaMugs

Birthdays for me are always all about the cake…and ice cream…and any other food I can manage to get my hands on! I always make my own birthday cake because I love to bake and experiment with new flavors and recipes, and I usually get at least one or two culinary treasures as gifts. Sharing food with friends and loved ones is always a treat, and when you’re just starting out in life, it can be an all too rare experience (unless your family likes to eat instant ramen in a dorm room or frozen pizza in a starter apartment, that is).

If you’re able to see your 21-year-old in person on their birthday, take them out for a meal. This is a great opportunity to try something unique, whether it’s fondue, Brazilian barbecue, or Ethiopian—try to pick a cuisine that will make the dinner stand out in everyone’s mind for years to come. Or, you could stay in and throw them a whimsical English high tea party, a cheese and chocolate tasting party, or a ‘90s-themed coffee lovers gift swap.

If you’re not able to see the birthday boy or girl on their special day, send an edible gift. Try something that will pique their culinary curiosity. Atomically spicy hot sauce, chocolate-covered insects, wild game jerky, or a sampler of infused vinegars are all things that they wouldn’t normally buy for themselves, but should definitely try at least once in their lives.

21 Years, 21 Letters: A Sentimental Birthday Gift

Depending on which side of the hill you rest on, 21 can seem either really young or really old. But there’s no doubt that it’s a pivotal time in a person’s life—they’ve finally made it to adulthood, but there’s still so much ahead. Honor their journey with a special present that will connect them to the important people from their past, while giving them insight into the future.

DIY non alcoholic birthday gifts
21 letters, and years, of significance | Image courtesy Etsy seller NicholasandSteele

Instead of getting a birthday card for their friends and family to sign, in advance of the birthday, reach out to 21 important people in the birthday girl or boy’s life and ask them to write a letter. Look to friends, family, teachers, mentors, coworkers—any important people who might be able to share a heartwarming memory or piece of advice. Then, package the letters up in a pretty wooden box or container, and wrap it as a gift. When the birthday person opens their present, they’ll be greeted with a gift money really can’t buy—21 heartfelt messages they can read again and again as the years go by.

Time speeds up the older you get; sometimes the best present you can give someone on an important birthday is a memory that will stick with them. There’s a time and a place for more material gifts, but for these benchmark ages you can’t beat a new experience or something sentimental that the recipient will be able to look back at again and again as the years go by.

21 isn’t super young, but it definitely isn’t old. It’s a special time of life that should be cherished and celebrated, and by cultivating a birthday experience that speaks to the person’s emotional and physical needs, you’re helping them kickstart the next chapter of their lives. Being an adult isn’t always easy, but when your friends and loved ones shower you with these unique non-alcoholic 21st birthday gifts, it’s easy to get excited about the great things you have yet to experience in the years to come.

For more ideas, check out our Happy Birthday Gift Guide or start an online gift exchange with your favorite young adults. You can also connect with Elfster on Facebook, on Twitter @Elfster, or Instagram @Elfstergram.

DIY Thoughtful Gifts for Your Best Friend to Celebrate Friendship

DIY Thoughtful Gifts for Your Best Friend to Celebrate Friendship

thoughtful gifts for your bestie to DIY

My apartment looks calm and neat at first glance, but I’ve got a deep, dark secret that’s just waiting to burst free. Lurking deep beneath a table in the dining room, hidden behind a curtain, there’s a monster waiting to be let out: my sprawling collection of crafting supplies

best friend gift ideas
What do you get the BFF who’s given you everything? | Image courtesy Unsplash user Katie Treadway

I’m a firm believer in giving homemade gifts and that means I have supplies on hand for just about everything—paint, fabric, clay; you name it, I’ve probably got it. Recent makes include a Boston Terrier print tote bag for my best friend, an orange flannel patchwork quilt for my brother, and a painting of a mallard for my duck-obsessed father-in-law.

When I make gifts for the people I love instead of heading to the store, I can give them something that’s catered to their passions, whether it’s a creative hostess gift for a friend who loves throwing summer dinner parties or a teacher appreciation gift for my cousin who works in the education field. They’ll feel extra-appreciated knowing the thought and time that went into their gift, and I’ll feel great that I was able to make someone feel special—and that all those trips to the craft and fabric store went to good use.

The next time you need a gift for your bestie, skip the “usual” present you always wind up buying and tap the greatest resource of all to make them the perfect gift: your memories. You’ll wind up with one-of-a-kind, DIY thoughtful gifts for your best friend that celebrates your friendship and remind both of you that the greatest gift of all is your friendship itself.

Thoughtful Gifts for Your Musically-Inclined Best Friend

thoughtful music best friend gifts
Playlists and posters of your favorites—no judgments | Image courtesy Etsy seller DrawMeASong

I grew up in the golden age of ‘90s-era boy bands; my BFF and I would spend literally all of our combined allowance on boy band paraphernalia. We collected everything from music documentaries to pillowcases featuring our favorite crooners, and constantly traded mixtapes. So when it came time for my bachelorette party, my bestie knew exactly what to do to bring the shenanigans up to the next level—she made me the ultimate Spotify playlist featuring all of our favorite boy band songs so we could dance and sing the night away.

Whether you’re burning a mix CD or creating a streaming playlist, you can immortalize your and your BBF’s memories through music for a thoughtful best friend gift. Think back to the songs you blasted on the radio during a road trip, concerts you’ve been to together, and the nostalgic music you loved as kids—all are candidates for creating a mix that’ll bring up memories only the two of you share.

To make it extra-special, think outside the (boom)box. Get a custom vinyl record made of your favorite songs, so you can gift your friend with hipster cred and great memories.

Thoughtful Gifts for Your Best Friend… In a Basket

best friend gift baskets
A bestie gift basket | Image courtesy Etsy seller LittleFlowerSoapCo

The first time I received a gift basket (full of artisanal English muffins, jams, and tea), I thought life couldn’t get any better. Hey, life is all about the simple pleasures, right? But, proving that a little personalization goes a long way, my mind was absolutely blown when my best friends put together a wedding weekend survival gift basket and gave it to me when I was getting married. It was packed with useful things like lavender aromatherapy spray to sniff when things got hectic and waterproof mascara to fight against the happy tears, and more whimsical items like a scrapbook full of pictures of puppies and kittens wearing flower crowns that I could look at whenever I got stressed. It made me feel so special and so understood to have received a collection of small gifts that were exactly what I needed, even if I hadn’t realized it.

A friendship gift basket can contain food items, but make sure it’s not stuffed with something generic. If your friend loves chocolate, don’t opt for a standard sampler box—seek out their favorites, or get some from a shop that’s in a location that has some significance to the two of you (your hometown, a city you traveled to together, etc.). Something pampering is always nice, like body spray in their favorite scent, a deep-conditioning hair mask for your friend who’s always in the pool, or a pair of cushioned slippers for your bestie who’s on her feet all day. You can also go really unique, like with these pet lovers gift basket ideas for dogs and owners to share.

Most importantly, you should include something really personal. You could make a traditional photo album and include the aforementioned mix CD or custom vinyl record, or add a homemade “coupon” for something exciting, like a weekend getaway together or concert tickets, so you can keep making new memories together.

A DIY Friendship Map: Gift a Trip Down Memory Lane

DIY Road trip map gift
Remember the places your friendship has taken you | Image courtesy Etsy seller NearandDearDesigns

I’ve been lucky enough to travel a lot with my besties. Once, we took a detour on a trip to the Netherlands just so we could go to Belgium and stuff our faces with street vendor French fries, warm waffles filled with sugar crystals, and handmade chocolates. And then there was the time my friend won a photography contest with a grand prize of an all-expenses-paid trip to Las Vegas and brought me along for the ride.

I can scroll through our various social media accounts to look back at photos of our trips, but even better is the map I have hanging on my bedroom wall with a pin marking everywhere we’ve been together.

You can create a thoughtful gift for your bestie as well that includes a trip down memory lane. Choose a large map of your town, state, country, or the entire world depending on where you’ve been together. Mark each destination on the map that you’ve traveled to with a numbered pin or sticker (stickers are better if you want to frame your work of art). Then, create a map key, writing out your favorite friendship memory from each destination. It’s a heartfelt gift that will bring on the nostalgia—and it’s also a nice piece of conversation-starting wall art for your best friend’s home.

Thoughtful Gifts for Your Best Friend Are Almost as Good as a Hug

6 years ago, I moved across the country leaving all of my friends and family behind. But before I went, I left my bestie with a gift: a homemade stuffed seal made out of cozy fleece fabric. Like most great gifts between friends, it was based on an inside joke, but the intent was genuine. Whenever we missed each other, she could give the seal a squeeze, and it would be like I was there to offer my support.

Best Friend Quilt Gift DIY
A cuddly cactus blanket | Image courtesy Etsy seller JacksonsWovens

Sometimes you just want to give your BFF a big hug, and a homemade, cozily thoughtful gift can do that for you even when you’re not together. Whether it’s a warm knit hat, a fluffy custom pillow, or a homemade quilt or blanket, every time these items get used it will remind your friend that you love them. A simple quilt, made from a couple fabrics that remind you of your pal (they make printed fabric in just about every pattern conceivable these days), is the perfect way to wrap them up in a hug even when you’re apart.

Supplies for a Simple Quilted Blanket:

  • 1 ½ yards of top fabric
  • 1 ½ yards of backing fabric
  • 1 ½ yards of batting
  • Thread to match the top fabric
  • Basting Spray

Quilted Blanket Instructions:

  1. Following the instructions on the can of basting spray, attach the batting to the wrong (non-print) side of your top fabric.
  2. Using a sewing machine, quilt the top fabric and batting together in a grid pattern.
  3. Trim any excess batting so that it lines up perfectly with the quilt top fabric, then sew around the edges of the two using a blanket stitch.
  4. Pin together the quilt top (now attached to batting) and backing fabric, right sides facing in.
  5. Sew around the perimeter of the “quilt sandwich” using a .5” seam allowance, backstitching when you begin and end sewing, and leaving a six-inch length unsewn.
  6. At the unsewn edge portion of your quilt, reach in and slowly turn the quilt inside out. You should wind up with the right sides of the quilt top and quilt backing facing outward, with the batting nestled in between.
  7. Using a ladder stitch, sew the opening closed by hand.
  8. Iron the quilt, pressing the edges and corners flat.
  9. Stitch around the perimeter of the quilt, once with a .5” seam allowance, then a 1” seam allowance.
  10. Cuddle up with your creation!

My only other advice when it comes to sewing a friend a quilt? Consider making a matching quilt for yourself as a token of friendship that’s a lot more snuggly than a “Best Friends Forever” heart necklace.

I have some friends I go to when I’m sad, other friends I invite over to watch bad ‘80s comedy movies, and some friends that are great adventure buddies. But because they’re all such different people, going the DIY route is the best way to give them gifts that truly reflect the uniqueness of our friendships.

When you make your own thoughtful gifts, there’s no chance your friend will get a duplicate from someone else. Instead, they’ll have a totally personalized present that will always remind them of the crazy, funny, bittersweet, nostalgic, comforting, and hilarious memories you’ve made together—and all of the good times still to come.

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Fun Things for an Only Child to Do Outside This Summer

Fun Things for an Only Child to Do Outside This Summer

fun things for an only child to do outside in summer I’ll be the first to admit that when I was a kid, my favorite part of summer vacation was holing up in the den, shades drawn, so I could watch cartoons all day while eating popsicles. But I don’t really remember anything about my time spent indoors—other than how awesome the popsicles always were.

only child outdoor summer activities
Summer memories in the sun | Image courtesy Unsplash user Gabby Orcutt

No, my favorite summer memories are the ones from my time outdoors in the sun. I can still smell the sweetness of the dried grass I would use to make small dolls (what can I say, I was obsessed with Little House on the Prairie). And, I can even feel the cool shade provided by my tree fort, made from branches and scrap wood and decorated with acorns—the hub of all my outdoor activities.

Only children are used to spending time by themselves, but when they’re always indoors, it can be difficult to get them to look up and notice the world around them. They’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the great indoors when it’s cold outside again this fall. So, on summer break, encourage your little to have an outdoor adventure with these fun things for an only child to do outside. Interacting with the world around them, using their hands, breathing in the warm summer air, and feeling the dirt between their toes will inspire unforgettable memories that they’ll carry into adulthood, creating their own stories that are even more immersive than whatever’s streaming on their laptops.

Nature Activities for an Only Child to Do Outside

Smell is the sense most associated with memory; freshly cut grass probably brings back memories of your summer vacations. For me, though, even stronger memories are connected to the scent of pine needles. One whiff and I’m immediately transported to the forest bike path where I spent many summer days trying to break my personal speed record while avoiding the pinecones that littered the trail.

nature outdoor activities for an only child
Natural curiosity | Image courtesy Etsy seller TheLittleNaturalist

Planning outdoor activities for sunny summer days doesn’t have to be complicated.The nature around your home, even if only a small patch of green in the front yard, isn’t just there for looks. It’s also the perfect outdoor play space for your only kid to soak up the smells, sounds, and sights of all things summer. Here are a collection of nature activities for an only child to do outside:

  • Practice nature photography: Budding photographers can take an instant camera outside to capture the wild wonders hiding in their very own front yard. A macro shot of a blade of grass can be surprisingly arty, and searching for the perfect shot is almost as fun as seeing the resulting photographs themselves.
  • Collect natural objects: I’ve been collecting purple wampum, a type of shell, during long walks on the beach since I was a kid. Starting a nature collection is a fun way to make spending time outdoors seem purposeful, so kids aren’t at a loss as to what to do once they get outside. Colorful rocks, bird feathers, wildflowers that can be pressed, and seashells can be hunted and gathered, and little will kids realize along the way that their searching has caused them to more deeply examine the natural world around them.
  • Search for wildlife: Are there rabbits in your neighborhood? What about woodpeckers or frogs? Sometimes we don’t realize how much wildlife is actually all around us. Help kids find a list of the wildlife that calls your area home, wherever that may be, so they can try to observe these creatures in their natural habitats. You could even make just one of these wondrously woodsy birthday party favor gift bag ideas for nature obsessed kids to get your child started. Even something as humble as a muddy roadside ditch can be home to frogs and tadpoles, and there’s nothing better than turning over a rock to find a tiny salamander burrowing into the cool dirt below.

Arts and Crafts Things for an Only Child to Do Outside

Just like you can freely eat juicy watermelon outside without having to worry about getting anything sticky on the carpet, so can you fling paint and make a lot of noise! The freedom to get messy is one of the best things about playing outside and, with just a few supplies, your outdoor space can become a young artist’s paradise, inspired by these arts and crafts things for an only child to do outside in the sun:

painting outdoors activities
Outdoor watercolor studios are mess-free | Image courtesy Etsy seller thispaintedlife
  • Try painting: Painting is a hands-on task that will also get your little creative to look closer at their surroundings as they try to capture every last detail of the wildflowers growing at the edge of the yard or the flickering orange light of the setting sun.
  • Learn woodworking: When I was little, my parents would set me up on a picnic table in front of the kitchen window with a pile of wood, small nails, and a hammer. I would bang away at DIY wooden birdhouses and questionably constructed “sculptures” to my heart’s content, many of which still grace my parents’ otherwise tastefully decorated home. It’s a relief to keep the noise and the sawdust outside, but don’t be surprised if your kid starts gifting you with their unique crafts after even one afternoon of experimental carpentry.
  • Decorate the sidewalk: I considered myself something of a sidewalk chalk Banksy when I was younger, and most kids feel the same way when gifted with their own bucket-o-chalk. Combined with the fresh air and sunshine, your kid may realize that they prefer making art on the sidewalk even more than they like doodling in Snapchat.

Outdoor Summer Learning Adventures for an Only Child

Reading adventure and exploration books on a blanket outside was a hallmark of my summer vacations—classics like Hatchet, Little House on the Prairie, The Jungle Book, and Peter Pan were the perfect fodder for my games of pretend in my tree fort and in the woods around my house.

outdoor summer activities for kids
A nature journal for posterity | Image courtesy Etsy seller ButterflyPages

Getting your child to pursue something educational doesn’t have to be as obvious as putting a book in his or her hands. Instead, try something interactive that helps them explore their hometown, while also enjoying the sunshine, with these outdoor summer learning adventures for an only child:

  • Visit an outdoor museum: Local parks, hiking trails, and arboretums are like outdoor museums that kids can explore while still being as loud and active as they please. Many hiking hot spots have informative signs and placards set up identifying local wildlife and geologic structures, while arboretums may offer guided tours.
  • Learn your town’s history: Every day after school I would walk past a “liberty pole” that proudly proclaimed it stood in the place of one that had been blown up by three young members of the Daughters of the American Revolution who were preventing British soldiers from using said pole as a mast for one of their ships. Local legend or not, it was proof that even the smallest towns have their own bits of lore. Check out the town square, churches, cemeteries, and local monuments to learn more about your area’s history. If you aren’t sure where to look, call your chamber of commerce or local library to see if they can guide you and your child to any hidden historical gems.
  • Start a nature journal: I used to draw the clouds I spotted while lying in the grass in my diary, keeping track of any cool shapes or ominous approaching weather I saw. Introspective, science-minded kids will get a kick out of their nature journals, where they can track things like the weather, the wildlife they spot throughout the day, and any cool natural objects they find when they’re out exploring. Just make sure they store it somewhere safe when the summer’s over—I can say from experience that nothing’s as funny or touching as reading the inner thoughts you jotted down as a kid once you’ve grown up.

Active Things for an Only Child to Do Outside in the Sun

Kids don’t need a full schedule of gym classes in the summer; they can burn off energy doing things out in the sun! It’s amazing to think back on how many calories I probably burned when learning how to rollerblade (aka, how to successfully fling myself into some fluffy curbside bushes when I forgot how to brake), but the only thing on my mind was racing around the neighborhood as fast as my legs would take me. Here are my favorite active things for an only child to do outside in the sun:

outdoor activities for an only child
Never too young to pick up a sport | Image courtesy Unsplash user Jase Daniels
  • Play in the water: The obvious answer is to take your kid to the beach or public pool so they can swim until sundown. But, no pool, no ocean—no problem! Sprinklers are the great equalizer when it comes to cooling off outdoors. Get a selection of sprinklers for your kid, including the classic ring, waterfall, and the model that’s the inspiration for that cheesy, but always fun, dance move. Challenge your kid to come up with the ultimate sprinkler system cooling complex or a waterway obstacle course to run through. Their laughter will be proof that you don’t have to be next to the beach to enjoy the water on a hot day.
  • Ride a bike: My bike was my whole life when I was a kid, both a toy that could be used to have fun rolling through my neighborhood, and a tool that could take me to friends’ houses and the ice cream shop in less time than it took to beg a ride from my parents. Giving your kid a bicycle and teaching them to ride is also the perfect opportunity to start teaching them about the rules of the road long before you have to worry about them getting behind the wheel of a car.
  • Go hiking: Best for older kids (or younger kids accompanied by a parent), getting up into the mountains or deep into the forest is a great way for kids to connect to the world outside of their smartphones (and depending on where you live, increased elevation and shade trees can be a nice break from the heat of summer). For experienced hikers, try working in some rock climbing, or an overnight camping trip so they can see what the stars look like in the wild. For younger kids, find a trail or walking path at your local park; even if the trees are strategically planted by the city, they still offer more soul-food for your kid than a TV screen.

Whether it’s the jars of purple seashells that line my window sill, or the scent of a freshly manicured lawn floating in through the screen door, I’m often overcome with the memories of my childhood outside, spending time getting to know myself and exploring nature. Even as an adult, they’re reminder enough to get me out from behind my computer and into the great outdoors whenever I have some downtime.

This summer, help your only child create the same sort of lasting memories by immersing them in activities out in the summer sun. Even if they’re just doing their favorite arts and crafts while sitting at a table under clear blue skies, their senses will be engaged far more than they would be sitting inside alone. It’s planting a small seed that will help cultivate a lifelong love of the outdoors: I may have been initially resistant to heading outside during break when I was a kid, but now I’m a kayaking, hiking, bird-watching fiend—and I wouldn’t change a thing about my summer adventures.

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What Do You Get a High School Graduate: Trendy, Inexpensive Graduation Gift Ideas

What Do You Get a High School Graduate: Trendy, Inexpensive Graduation Gift Ideas

inexpensive high school graduation gift ideas

The first time I felt like I had really and truly become a part of my husband’s family was when my mother-in-law gifted us with a family heirloom—a beautiful quilt painstakingly sewn by her mother. I teared up, thinking of the hours of work that went into creating the quilt; it was like a connection between me, a novice quilter, and my husband’s grandmother, who I never got the chance to meet.

trendy graduation gift ideas
Celebrate your high school grad | Image courtesy Unsplash user Juan Ramos

I immediately ran to our room to spread the blanket on our bed. It was like a physical manifestation of a big hug, and I felt so loved and lucky that such a precious gift had been entrusted to us. Even though it didn’t cost any money, and even though I’ve been given flashier gifts in the past, it’s still one of the most memorable gifts I’ve ever received.

So, what do you get a high school graduate for a congratulations gift? While they probably need things like a laundry bag and new textbooks, the best gifts for new grads are the ones that will give them a connection to home when they’re feeling a little lost amidst the uncertainty of their new lives. Sounds daunting, right? But one kid’s old blanket is another kid’s family treasure, so as long as you take their personality into account, coming up with meaningful, even inexpensive, high school graduation gift ideas for your newly minted adult (that will also look trendy and cool in their new dorm room) won’t actually be difficult at all.

Kitchen Gadgets for (Almost) College Students

One of my earliest memories of my mom is watching her wash a huge batch of chopped kale leaves in the sink, preparing to make a big pot of her special Portuguese kale soup. We were always in the kitchen together, my mom the head chef and I her assistant. As I got older, I would make family meals on my own from scratch, inviting my friends over to gab while I worked on turning out a big pan of cheesy lasagna or a tureen of chicken and dumplings.

recipe gift ideas for grads
Cooking up new friends | Image courtesy Etsy seller WoodburyDesignCo

Then I went to college. The dining hall at my school was fine, but I missed being able to do the cooking myself. And with my insane schedule, I often found myself sleeping when the dining hall was open, and famished when it was closed (but lacking the funds to go out for a meal).

Giving kitchen gadgets for college students isn’t just a way to make sure they’ll stay fed even when they sleep through dinner. It’s also an opportunity to give them a little taste of home, so they can recreate their favorite dishes in the comfort of their dorm room when they start feeling homesick. I guarantee it’ll make them popular with their dorm mates, too—anyone who’s turning out cheeseburgers or homemade soup at 2 am during midterms is bound to make a lot of new friends!

The best kitchen gadget gifts can be used for more than one thing. A slow cooker, for instance, can be used to cook up just about anything, from oatmeal to brownies, roast beef to baked potatoes. And an electric coffeemaker is a great survival tool for following the collegiate food pyramid: coffee at the bottom, followed by ramen in the middle, and the occasional hot dog at the top (both of which you can make in an auto-drip coffeemaker). To personalize the gift, consider this add-on: a cookbook from the family collection filled with the recipes they grew up eating.

Inexpensive, Design-Driven High School Graduation Gifts

dorm sweet dorm high school grad gift
Dorm Sweet Dorm | Image courtesy Etsy seller SisBoomBaa

I spent years decorating my childhood bedroom to reflect my style, taping Velvet Underground CD inserts above my bed and letting my friends write notes and sign their names on the small space of wall that was hidden when you opened the door (shh, don’t tell my mom). So when I got to college, I was definitely ready to put my decorating touch on the bare-bones, cinderblock-walled room I was sharing with a die-hard Mariah Carey fan.

First things first, great lighting to add a cozy glow to your kid’s dorm room will be a welcome alternative to the standard fluorescent lighting—and can be an inexpensive high school graduation gift. A desk and a floor lamp are pretty essential, and you can find all sorts of styles, from rose gold and glitter for a classic feminine style to a shade decked out with the logo of their favorite sports team.

Practical gifts, like washi tape for hanging pictures of the friends and family back home in a colorful way, a tech gift that helps them stay in touch with friends and family, and blackout curtains in a fashionable print (so kids can sleep through the day after staying up all night studying) may seem like no-frills presents, but your new high school grad will be seriously thankful that their room feels like a functional home away from home, and not just a temporary room they’re staying in while they focus on their studies. When the homesickness kicks in, they’ll feel better surrounded by comfort instead of the blank canvas they moved into at the beginning of the school year.

Family Mementos Are Trendy Vintage Dorm Room Decor

I remember going down to the basement one summer to look for some old pool toys when I stumbled upon a strange assortment of large, black CDs in a milk crate. I asked my parents what the strange discs were, and they explained to me that before cassette tapes and CDs, everyone listened to music on vinyl albums. Well, flash forward to the present and vinyl is back in a big way. I used to think it was really weird that my parents held onto their old record player and albums—I mean, music is digital, for Pete’s sake! But the joke’s on me because even I have a turntable of my own now so I can spin everything from novelty Christmas albums to the music of David Bowie.

retro high school graduation gift idea
Old is on trend | Image courtesy Etsy seller thelittlebikers

Look around your house and see if you have any similar vintage gems tucked away that could give your kid major bragging rights when they leave the nest for their new place. Everything old is new again—even Friends-themed parties and gifts are enjoying a resurgence in popularity, so maybe that old poster you have in the basement could work as a present.

The gift could be a handmade quilt that’s been in the family for years (shabby-chic is very trendy), something cool like a record player, vintage sports team memorabilia, or a quirky vintage knick knack that can be a conversation starter for your child and their new dorm mates. So many family mementos could work as a trendy dorm room decor.

You know your kids best, so you’ll be able to pick something that has meaning attached—but it should also be something they’ll be proud to display in their new digs, too. If you aren’t sure what’s currently trending, just head to the local mall and browse the big box stores. Most of them will have back-to-school sections for new college students. Take a look there for inspiration to see if you have anything that could double as both stylish decor and a gift to remember home by.

When You Don’t Know What to Get Your High School Graduate, Gift Experience

The first time I spent a few nights away from home with no adult supervision wasn’t when I left for college, it was right after graduation. My parents had gotten together with some of my friends’ folks and chipped in to rent us a run-down cabin on a lake near our hometown as a post-graduation present. It wasn’t anything fancy, but nothing could take the place of the memories we made falling out of canoes, searching for constellations, and cooking dinner together on the rickety stove.

trip gift for grads
Experiences last forever | Image courtesy Unsplash user Ashim D’Silva

The gift of experience, if you don’t know what to get your high school graduate, will last forever, whether it’s a multi-day trip or an afternoon of fun to share with the close friends they’ll soon be leaving. Choosing something isn’t that hard—just think of things your kids already like doing with their friends, and then kick it up a notch or two. Music lover? Get them a few tickets to an upcoming concert or music festival. Outdoorsy types will be thrilled with everything needed for the perfect day hike: road trip money that covers gas and coffee, and a gift certificate for dinner once they make it down the mountain. A white-water rafting or paddleboarding adventure are perfect for water babies, and theater kids will be ecstatic to see a local production with their besties. You could even plan a fun day for your graduate to spend bonding with a beloved pet they’ll be leaving behind when the leave the nest. Those first few nights at college, they’ll be able to seek comfort in the memories of the time spent with their high school besties, and get inspired to meet new buds while at college, too.

Leaving for college wasn’t easy; I cried for a solid hour when I said goodbye to my best friend. But once I got to school and set up my new room (my roommate was very tolerant of the goth phase I was going through at the time, bless her Mariah Carey-loving heart), complete with pictures of my friends smiling down at me from the walls and a blanket crocheted by my aunt at the foot of my bed, I felt excited. This wasn’t the end of my old life, it was the beginning of something new—and my friends and family would always be there when I returned home.

The best way to get the perfect gift for your graduate isn’t flipping through a catalog, it’s thinking about what you really know about them and their interests, and finding the gift that fits them. Sometimes it’s as simple as an electric griddle so they can make pancakes on Sunday mornings just like at home, and sometimes it’s that vintage hockey pendant that’s been hanging on the wall of the family room their whole life. They’re not just dorm decorations, they’re a way for your graduate to stay connected to what matters most—home.

Brighten up any graduate’s special day with a little something from our Off to College Gift Guide. You can keep up with all things Elfster on Facebook, and don’t forget to visit us on Twitter @Elfster and Instagram @Elfstergram.

A Friends-Themed Party and Coffee Lovers Gift Swap to Brew up Some 90s Fun

A Friends-Themed Party and Coffee Lovers Gift Swap to Brew up Some 90s Fun

In the small New England town where I grew up, “great” coffee came from the local convenience store or Dunkin’ Donuts. I didn’t taste my first latte until I was in college, although I definitely pretended I knew what the mysterious milky espresso beverage was in front of my new friends. Until then, I had been convinced that the freeze-dried instant coffee granules my Papa drank were the epitome of chic. The only thing that clued me into a world of coffee I might be missing out on? Friends.

friends having coffee
A warm cuppa | Image courtesy Unsplash user Joshua Ness

Like all of the kids in our middle school, my sister and I were Friends obsessives, quoting our favorite funny lines from the show. The biggest revelation of the show, though, was that if you lived in The City, you got your coffee at a coffee house, and a fluorescent-lit temple of beige linoleum and packaged snack cakes where we were used to getting our (decaf) coffee fixes.

When I actually did up and move to The City, I was shocked to see that places like Central Perk really do exist—cozy coffee shops serving up lattes, single-origin brews, and the occasional muffin or scone, cozy couches and chairs for lingering over every last sip of your cappuccino or Americano strewn about the room. I fell in love with the coffee culture, buying a French press for my dorm room and begging my favorite cafe to grind the bags of artisanal beans I bought from them so I could have a great cup of joe while studying late into the night.

Luckily, a lot of my friends are caffeine junkies like me, and we usually sit at our favorite cafe mulling over the news of someone’s romantic exploits at least once a week. We’ve even got our own Gunther, a tattooed and pierced barista who is definitely more bark than bite (and probably has a crush on one of my friends, but don’t let him know that you know). As Friends portrayed, coffee and socializing just seem to naturally go together, so I decided to throw a themed party and coffee swap. Friends, friends, and coffee—it was like the glamorous yet silly adult life shown on the show I idolized as a kid was finally mine!

Which Friend Are You?

I felt a long chunk of my hair fall to the ground, the air filled with the snip, snip sound of a sure pair of shears. My stylist knew exactly what she was doing; she’d given “The Rachel” to hundreds of people in the past year. But as a 13-year-old, getting a haircut inspired by the most fashionable character on Friends was a groundbreaking rite of passage for me. Goodbye, pigtails! Now, I was a woman.

rachel monica mug
Besties for life | Image courtesy Etsy seller FranklyNoted

Well, not quite. I still had a maturity level that combined the cluelessness of Joey with the whiny sarcasm of Chandler, but at least I felt like I looked good. While I wouldn’t suggest anyone actually get their hair cut to look like a 90s sitcom star in order to attend your party (though I’d say that would earn an extra bag of coffee during the gift swap at the end of the night if they did), it’s always fun to dress up in character. You don’t have to spend a fortune on a pricey costume, though. Here are some Friends costume ideas so simple even Joey (or, better yet, Marcel the monkey) could pull one together.


  • Lots of hair gel, for that signature wet-look coiffure
  • A blazer, to look extra professorial
  • A dinosaur t-shirt to wear under the blazer, because Ross totally would


  • A long, hippie maxi dress, but with a turtleneck underneath (Phoebe loved her layers!)
  • Lots of chunky, mix matched jewelry—extra points for crystals, especially those with “healing” properties
  • A guitar, so you can serenade your friends with your own cover of “Smelly Cat” all night long
coffee art framed
Frame your love of coffee | Image courtesy Etsy seller STANLEYprintHOUSE


  • The most colorful button down shirt you can find paired with a clashing tie
  • A platinum bald cap/wig combo to get that fuzzy-headed ‘do that Gunther always sported
  • A French press, because you’re serious about your coffee
  • Don’t forget to tuck a picture of Rachel in your wallet!


  • An oversized bowling shirt because it seems like that’s all he owned
  • A pocket protector since you’ll need it for your job in, um, what exactly does Chandler do, anyway?
  • A couple of (candy) cigarettes hidden your wallet, just in case a craving strikes
  • Some gum, because gum is always “perfection”


  • The easiest costume of all: a roomy plaid button-down, jeans, and a meatball sub from the best Italian joint in town.

Now that you and your friends look like the cast of Friends, it’s time to get your coffee on.

Homemade Coffee Ice Cream Affogatos Add Childlike Fun

The first time I had a great cup of coffee, I…hated it. Back then I was used to drinking iced coffee year-round, loaded with cream and sugar thankyouverymuch. My first taste of a strong brew, an expensive single-origin pour over cup of coffee, shocked my palate.

ice cream coffee
Ice Cream + Espresso = LOVE | Image courtesy Etsy seller narinnatephotography

These days I’ll still drink a cup of joe from the drive through in emergencies, but I can tell the difference. It turns out that the good stuff is an acquired taste, but once you get used to it and can tell the difference between “good” bitterness and the over-roasted stuff, there’s no turning back.

A lot of my friends are the same way, but honestly? We can almost be too serious about our coffee. It’s just a drink, after all! So, for my party, I decided to try to take our passion from the serious realm of Ross to the fun zone with Joey, keeping a little of Monica’s culinary integrity in the mix for good measure.

My solution? Decadent affogatos, crafted from a simple homemade coffee ice cream made with coffee-infused whipped cream. You’ll want to save the ice cream recipe for your next Ice Cream Sandwich Day Party (and, no, that’s not a made up holiday). These affogatos are part after-school snack, part caffeine jolt, and just the thing to keep your party feeling more like the carefree Central Perk and less like Frasier’s Cafe Nervosa.

coffee and chicory
Shake things up with chicory-infused coffee | Image courtesy Etsy seller TheGivingButterfly

The Ingredients:

  • 1 cup very coarsely ground dark roast coffee beans
  • 2 cups heavy whipping cream
  • A 14 oz can of sweetened condensed milk
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract

The Ice Cream Directions:

  1. Pour the heavy cream over the coffee beans in an airtight container. Cover and refrigerate for 6-8 hours.
  2. Strain the cream through a fine-mesh sieve lined with cheesecloth.
  3. Use a stand mixer or electric beaters to whip the cream until peaks form.
  4. Add the sweetened condensed milk and vanilla to a large bowl. Fold in half of the coffee whipped cream; once incorporated, fold in the rest of the whipped cream.
  5. Transfer to the freezer. After 45 minutes to an hour, stir the mixture to break up any ice crystals that have formed. Freeze until firm, about 2 hours, stirring vigorously every half hour or so to keep the mixture smooth.

To make the affogatos, just add a scoop of ice cream to each cup. Top with a shot of espresso or strong coffee, then sprinkle with crushed amaretti cookies to serve. Now that you’re ready to settle in for a long day of relaxing (seriously, didn’t anyone on Friends have a job they had to be at in the morning…), it’s time for a gift swap.

A Yankee Swap That Makes Serious Coffee Lovers Smile

I may have become accustomed to getting a $5 coffee when I’m at a cute indie coffeehouse, but my small town, convenience store coffee roots still show when I try to bring myself to buy a whole bag of expensive beans. Coffee is an investment, and branching out can be kind of scary. I know a lot of my friends stick to getting the same roasts from the same coffee shops week after week, but I thought hosting a coffee swap could help get us all out of our ruts.

We’d done a coffee mug gift exchange before, but this one would be all about the drink itself. All we had to do was buy a bag of our favorite beans, wrap them, and get ready to enjoy something new in return. You can even use an online gift exchange site to organize everything, so you can keep your focus on the fun, not on setting up the swap. To throw a coffee gift swap:

  1. Buy your coffee: Every person should buy a bag of whole bean coffee in the $12-$20 range. Extra points for those who choose beans from a local coffee roaster!
  2. Wrap the beans: In a Yankee swap, part of the fun is in the mystery.
  3. Set them out: Place all of the wrapped gifts in a pile on your coffee table.
  4. Draw a number: Have everyone draw numbers from a hat. The lowest number gets to go first.
  5. Choose a gift: The first person should choose a wrapped gift from the pile and open it.
  6. Make a choice: The second person then gets to decide if they want to keep the coffee beans the first person opened, or choose an unwrapped gift. If they choose a new gift, they then unwrap it. If they decide to take the gift of the first person, the first person then picks another unwrapped gift from the pile.
  7. Keep going: As the game continues, each player chooses to either select an unwrapped gift or to take one of the already opened gifts from another player.
  8. The final turn: Once everyone has taken their turn, the person who drew #1 gets to make their final decision to keep the coffee beans they have or to swap for someone else’s.
coffee bean club
You can even subscribe to coffee | Image courtesy Etsy seller DriftawayCoffee

A Yankee Swap works really well for coffee because unlike a traditional game of Secret Santa, where everyone opens their gifts at the same time, each item is opened individually, giving the person unwrapping the gift time to tell the whole group about that bag of beans, from country of origin to the dominant flavor notes. And once everyone hears about the beans, the game gets more exciting as people try to swap for the coffee that suits their preferences. I know I can be pretty cutthroat if it puts me closer to a bag of Ethiopian single origin beans!

Even though my friends and I are serious about coffee, we can still have fun with it. While a typical tasting party brings out everyone’s egos (because everyone wants to prove they can discern the origin of a certain brew even while blindfolded), a Yankee Swap keeps things lighthearted; the whole point is that we all get to try something new, to feel like beginners again.

Friends always had that balance. Sure, Monica was living in a palace that would cost millions in real life and Rachel had a job as a fashion buyer for one of the ritziest department stores in the country, but even though they led glamorous city lives on the surface, at the end of the day they were still getting their heads stuck in turkeys on Thanksgiving and disagreeing over the definition of “a break.”

Friends reminds my buddies and me not to take ourselves too seriously, whether that means having some fun with our passion for coffee so we don’t become grumpy like Gunther or hosting parties that are more about Friends than foie gras. After all, at the end of the day it’s not about the coffee—it’s about the people sharing the cozy cafe couch with you day in and day out.

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Artful Just-In-Case Gifts to Keep around the House for Creative Birthday Gift Ideas

Artful Just-In-Case Gifts to Keep around the House for Creative Birthday Gift Ideas

I’m in elementary school and opening the hallway closet in my childhood home, which can mean only one thing—it’s time for a birthday party! The hallway closet is a magical place, stuffed to the brim with colorful wrapping paper, bows of all colors, gift bags, and the most glorious bounty of them all: a neatly stacked pile of white boxes, each holding a miniature porcelain doll.

handmade crayons
Kids can never have too many crayons | Image courtesy Etsy seller BeeLovelyBotanicals

The dolls are presents waiting to be selected, wrapped, and given as a gift to one of my friends on their birthday. Every year my mom would stock up, buying ten or so of the dolls for celebrations, choosing a different colored dress each year so none of my friends would ever be disappointed by a repeat.

When I was a kid, dolls were de rigueur, but these days I try to keep more stimulating, creative gifts on hand for kids; I’m always excited when my children are given toys that require active participation. When they give out presents and birthday gifts, I want to make sure what they’re gifting is interactive and inspirational. I also like to keep gender-neutral toys that aren’t blue or pink on hand so I can give them to any kiddo regardless of their gender expression—and don’t have to stock up on two colors of every item.

Now that I have my own gift closet full of artistically-stimulating toys, when celebrations come knocking, my kids and I just swing open the door and pluck out a present that is sure to encourage creativity and personal expression, no frantic trip to the store required.

Choosing Gifts That Inspire Expression

For kids, toys are tools. When my daughter was a baby, you could just see the wheels spinning in her mind every time she lifted her favorite popsicle rattle and tried to put it in her mouth. Her first toys taught her the basics, from motor skills to spatial reasoning. Older now, she and her brother both use toys to express themselves, whether that means inventing new worlds in their head while they play with action figures or laying their imaginations out on paper with the help of some paint.

ice cream rattles
Rattles instrumental in baby’s development | Image courtesy Etsy seller TheFoxintheAttic

I was forever breaking crayons and running out of my favorite colors of paint when I was growing up, so when I got a present that refreshed my art supplies, I was ecstatic. I loved opening a present and finding a colorful array of crayons or colored pencils inside—and I can still remember the fresh, soothing scent of a brand new pad of drawing paper just waiting to be filled with color. It didn’t matter if it was something I already had, either, because I knew I would need a replacement sooner or later. And having a plethora of art supplies in the house means your kids can make their own gifts for other people as well.

I was also quite musical as a kid and loved getting new cassettes to play in my boombox (I know, that ages me…). My sister and I used to belt out Annie for hours on end, much to my parents’ chagrin. And, I got pretty good at the theme from Titanic on my elementary school band recorder before upgrading to the clarinet. Both physical art and music helped me work through my emotions growing up; as a shy, introverted kid who got nervous about parties, having these outlets helped me to express myself in a way I wasn’t necessarily comfortable doing through talking and social interaction alone.

Whether it’s sketching, singing, or making 3D versions of their favorite Minecraft designs, all kids have some sort of artsy outlet that lets them express their imaginations and inner selves. Keep a few of these toys in your gift closet so you always have last-minute presents that nurture hobbies and help little ones explore their most authentic selves:

For Miniature Monets

Ages 3-5

  • Finger paints, for a hands-on experience that promotes sensory development and imaginative expression
  • Play dough, for squishy sculpting fun
  • Coloring books, to help build motor and spatial skills
play dough for kids
Kids can sculpt or squish to their hearts’ content | Image courtesy Etsy seller BeeUtifullyOrganic

Ages 5-8

  • Pads of drawing and construction paper, blank slates for creative expression
  • Crayons (because what kid doesn’t always need more?)
  • Art supplies with a twist, like scented markers, glitter stamp pads, and watercolor pencils
  • Modeling clay, so they can bring their imaginations into the third dimension

Ages 8-12

  • How-To drawing and painting books, so they can start to hone their craft
  • Acrylic paints and small canvases, to upgrade their art
  • Professional-level drawing pencils and erasers, so they can keep their art supplies separate from school supplies


For Mozarts in the Making

recorders for kids music
Recorders are the perfect first instrument | Image courtesy Amazon

Ages 3-5

  • Egg shakers, so they can learn to keep a rhythm
  • Tambourines, to jingle and jangle along with their favorite songs

Ages 5-8

  • Drumsticks, so they can turn any surface into their own personal instrument
  • A recorder and song book, so they can learn how to play
  • A harmonica, so they can let out their blues

Ages 8-12

  • Earbuds, so they can listen to their favorite tunes on their personal music players
  • Gift certificates to purchase their favorite songs and ringtones online
  • Bluetooth speakers, so they can listen to music even on the go

A Birthday Present Gift Swap

While my mom preferred to buy one gift item in bulk and give it to all of our friends over the course of the year, I like to have a wider variety on hand to give to my kids’ friends so that even last-minute presents can feel personal. But I’ve never wanted to have to spend a lot of time picking out a variety of gifts, so for the past couple of years my friends and I have taken turns hosting gift swap parties where the gifts are presents for other people, usually our kids and their friends.

flutter dance toys
Fluttering dance ribbons encourage movement | Image courtesy Etsy seller MamaMayI

Everyone has a different idea about what it means to be creative, which makes throwing a just-in-case gift swap party such a great way to add variety to your stockpile of presents. I might hear creative and think “art supplies,” but a friend might think, “Ribbon dancer! Finger puppets! Puzzles!” Even if your group has a lot in common, it’s surprising to see the different ways in which everyone’s minds work!

To throw a gift swap that will help my friends and I add variety to our present stashes, I tell everyone invited to bring enough of one gift for each person in attendance. To make sure that things don’t get too confusing, we track everything on an online gift exchange website, which helps us all stay on the same page. I always set a price limit since people can get carried away when they’re shopping for kids! I find $10 per item works for most people, and also give recipients a theme, like “gifts to inspire creativity.”

At the party, each person gives one of their gifts to everyone in attendance, and receives one gift from each person in return. At the end of the party, everyone goes home with a new batch of creatively inspired presents to stash away until a special occasion arises. It’s so much more fun than wandering cluelessly through the aisles of a store on your own!

These days, whether it’s a pack of crayons and a pad of construction paper, or a tambourine and set of bells, I feel great knowing that the gifts my kids give to their friends are going to help them express their imaginations and emotions through art. Even the sportiest and most science-minded kids need an outlet for their creative energy, and stocking up on gifts that will encourage their self-expression is the perfect way to make sure that your last-minute gifts are more than just toys, instead tools that will help them develop into well-rounded human beings.

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Wondrously Woodsy Birthday Party Favor Gift Bag Ideas for Nature Obsessed Kids

Wondrously Woodsy Birthday Party Favor Gift Bag Ideas for Nature Obsessed Kids

girl in flowers
The forest is a playground | Image courtesy Unsplash user Annie Spratt

My sister and I never loved the hot weather that comes with summer, so making tree forts in the cool shade of the forest was always our first project over long school vacations. But once we had each claimed our trees and made them feel like home (you can accomplish a surprising amount of interior design with leaves, sticks, twine, and a little imagination), we’d start exploring.

We discovered that when you peeled back the bark from a fallen log in the forest, it was like another world inside. Ants, potato bugs, and grubs were run of the mill, but we were the most delighted by the cute and curious little salamanders we’d find hidden in the logs. Looking for the little critters every day became our passion, our tree forts long forgotten as we abandoned the canopy for the forest floor. We even went to the pet store and got small plastic terrariums, filling them with pebbles, moss, stones—and live salamanders, of course. But my mother didn’t love the salamanders in the house and, after an incident where we turned the bathtub into a forest habitat, she made a “no creepy crawlies inside” rule.

Luckily, there was a work around. At my sister’s birthday party that August, we opened our party favor bags to find small plastic salamander figurines, colorful glass beads, and moss. We could keep making the terrariums we loved and, thanks to the toys in our gift bags, the salamanders could stay outdoors where they belonged.

I love throwing my kids parties that have a nature-based, interactive theme, giving little ones a link between the great outdoors and a fun celebration, sparking their imaginations to keep exploring the natural world around them long after the party is over. So, don’t fly off just yet! Explore these wild and woodsy birthday favor bags ideas that will have your nature lover bugging out.

Nature-Themed Birthday Party Favor Bag Inspirations

With or without real salamanders, making terrariums is naturally fun | Image courtesy Etsy seller DayDreamsStudio

Growing up, if I wasn’t searching for salamanders in the forest, I was watching for hermit crabs down at the beach, leaving bundles of clover and baby carrots at the edge of my yard to attract rabbits, or mucking through the duck pond down the road to look for frogs and turtles. But not all kids love the crawlers and critters of the great outdoors. While my husband grew up exploring the mountains of Maine with his dad, and connected to nature that way, show him a salamander or a snake and he’ll start running, not making it them cozy terrarium.

If you’re throwing a verdant spring or nature-themed party, simplify things by choosing either flora or fauna as your focus. When you’re planning your decorations and party games, having the theme in mind will make your job a lot easier, and it can help you put together gift bags that tell a cohesive story as well.

Whether you have a “collecting earthworms after it rains” kid or a “pulling up the plants in the garden to see what their roots look like” youngster, these gift bag ideas will help any kiddo take a closer look at the wild world around them (Bonus hint: Use eco-friendly wrapping paper for an extra green party).

Cactus stickers
Stickers are the perfect way to help kids profess their plant love | Image courtesy Etsy seller TheCuriousCactus

A Bug Lover’s Bonanza

  • Plastic tweezers for picking up bugs (just because kids are interested in crawlers doesn’t necessarily mean they’re gung ho about touching them)
  • A miniature bug and insect coloring book, so they can draw the critters of their dreams
  • Plastic bug figurines, so they can investigate and play with insects in the house—without having to worry about any great escapes
  • Bug and insect stickers, so they can wear their passion on their sleeve
  • Use a small plastic terrarium instead of a traditional gift bag—kids can use it to house their latest finds or create elaborate homes for their new figurines

The Green Thumb Gang

  • A packet of quick-growing cat grass, or another plant that sprouts quickly, so you don’t test their patience too much
  • A small air plant to teach them that, even without soil, life finds a way (they’re easy to care for as well)
  • Stickers featuring a variety of plant life, so they can turn any surface into a garden
  • A custom coloring book featuring plants from your area (learn how to make a custom coloring book for extra DIY points)
  • Pack it all into a ceramic pot they can grow their seeds in

DIY Nature Walk Bingo

bug bingo
DIY or buy handmade | Image courtesy Etsy seller crazyfoxpaper

Getting a group of kids together, feeding them sugar, then locking them up indoors can lead to some interesting situations—just ask me about the chocolate cake stain on my dining room ceiling, I dare you. I’ve learned from experience that outdoor activities are essential when it comes to helping kids burn off all the energy of a fun event full of cake and ice cream.

Nature walks can be a calming experience, but to keep kids’ attentions and excitement levels up during a party, I like to make nature walks into a game. Including an easy DIY nature bingo card in each party favor bag turns outdoor exploration into an exciting challenge. Here’s how you can create your own nature bingo cards:

  1. Using a ruler and pencil, or on your computer, draw a graph of three squares by three squares, so you have a grid of 9 squares total.
  2. In each square of the graph, write the name of an insect, animal, plant, or other natural elements that can be found wherever you’ll be taking your nature walk. For younger kids who are still learning to read, you can include an image to make things easier, either hand drawn if you’re the artsy type, or printed from the computer.
  3. Print out, or make copies, of the bingo board on cardstock. You’ll need one for each party guest. You can make each board the same (which will make things a little easier on you), or switch up the squares so the game is a little more exciting.
  4. Place a bingo board in each party favor bag.
nature kid
Give gifts that help kids take a close-up look at nature | Image courtesy Unsplash user Simon Schmitt

When you’re ready to play, you can either take the kiddos on a guided nature walk or chaperone them as they go out into your yard. Kids should poke around, searching out the objects on their board and checking them off as they find them.

If you like to keep things competitive, award the first kid to complete their board with a prize, or you can give one to each child as they fill out a row completely. I like to offer prizes like magnifying glasses and inexpensive binoculars so they can continue to explore the world around them.

When the party’s over, kids still have their gift bags to dig into. It’s always fun to take time to get down in the dirt and see things from a kid’s point of view. Thanks to the nature walk and party favor gift bags, you’re encouraging them to keep exploring the world around them without even realizing that they’re learning as they have fun.

At your next party, skip the flimsy filler party favor toys and go for something substantial, whether it’s wildflower seeds that teach kids how to nurture and care for new plant life or a magnifying glass that lets them take a closer look at the wild world of insects surrounding their own home. You never know how big of an impact taking time to teach kids about nature will have. Maybe you’ll inspire a whole new generation of amateur salamander scientists.

For more inspiring eco-friendly party ideas, take a look at our Green Thumb gift guide or connect with us on Facebook, find us on Instagram at @Elfstergram, and on twitter @Elfster.

Egg-cellent Easter Basket Ideas for Tweens (Because the Easter Bunny Loves Hip Hop)

Egg-cellent Easter Basket Ideas for Tweens (Because the Easter Bunny Loves Hip Hop)

easter bunny basket
This Easter, make things memorable for your tween | Image courtesy Darren Coleshill via Unsplash

I still don’t know how the Easter Bunny managed to disappear without a trace every year before my sister and I could spot him. As girls, we would eagerly wait for him to ring our doorbell and leave our baskets on the porch. The problem was, he always surprised us by dropping our goodies at a different entrance than the one we were waiting at. Whatever sort of bunny magic he used to trick us, I’ll never forget the excitement of running to the door and throwing it open to try to catch even a glimpse of his fluffy tail bounding out of sight.

My basket was always bursting with milk chocolate bunnies, jelly beans, a homemade treat or two, and neon Easter grass, but there were also other surprises every year. Fun masks for playing pretend, chapter books and bookmarks, art and craft supplies. I went wild for the sweets, of course, but it was the small gifts that had staying power, especially as I got older and had enough pocket money to buy candy on my own.

Easter isn’t just “the candy holiday.” It was, and still is, an important time for my family to be together, and the personal touches inside my basket are what reminded me that my parents understood me and my passions in life. Creating an Easter basket for your tween isn’t hard. Keep their unique interests and hobbies in mind, all those little details that make up who they are, and they’ll know their basket was filled with so much more than just snacks and sweets.

Themed Baskets for Every Tween

I went through quite a few “phases” growing up. One year I was obsessed with The Little House on the Prairie, the next with The Babysitter’s Club. I wanted to be an actress, then a scientist, then a teacher. Whether your tween aspires to be a YouTube celebrity like Miranda Sings or a dance superstar like Maddie Ziegler, here are a few ideas that will make the Easter Bunny seem pretty cool in their eyes.

baseball art
Hit a homerun with a sports-themed basket | Image courtesy Etsy seller ScarletBlvd

The Star Baseball Player

  • A water bottle from the Chicago cubs to inspire them to never give up on their own dreams
  • A new pair of baseball socks because between grass stains and growing pains, tweens go through socks faster than parents go through coffee
  • A travel-sized sunscreen for those spur of the moment games in the park with their friends
  • A stopwatch so they’re always prepared to go into training mode
  • A new baseball since they’re forever getting lost behind fences
  • Nestle it all in a baseball cap from their favorite team and you’ve hit one out of the park!

The Prima Ballerina

  • A ballerina figurine to remind them of their dreams
  • Hair clips and scrunchies to keep their hair tidy while they pirouette across the stage
  • A new pair of tights (those things run faster than the Easter Bunny trying to hide from my sister and me)
  • A personalized mix CD of inspirational dance music
  • Bundle the gifts inside a cozy sweatshirt they can wear over their leotard while warming up.

The Drama Club President

  • A funny, age appropriate play they can stage with their friends
  • Stage makeup, to practice for their next big performance
  • Costume accessories like fake mustaches, masks, and crowns to making getting into character just a little bit easier
  • A playbill or collectible from their favorite play, to remind them of the bright lights they’re aiming for
  • Tuck the gifts inside an empty movie theater popcorn box because one day they’ll be up on the big screen.

The Future Vet

dog pillow
Tweens can keep their furry bff close with this Boston terrier pillow | Image courtesy Etsy seller GoodAfternoonan
  • Animal stickers to decorate their school supplies with
  • Small toys they can use to play with their pets
  • Grooming tools for when they want to show their pet some extra TLC
  • A stuffed animal resembling their pet that they can snuggle with at night
  • Small plastic or porcelain animal figurines to decorate their desk at school
  • Place the gifts in a brand new water dish for their favorite animal.

The Bird Watcher

  • Birding binoculars so they can take a closer look at their feathered friends
  • A guidebook on birds in your area, so they can sharpen their knowledge
  • Seed bombs, so they can grow wildflowers to attract more birds to your yard
  • A window-mount bird feeder, so they can watch the birds from inside on rainy spring days
  • Choose a natural wood easter basket—it will look like a real bird’s nest!

The Book Worm

  • Bookmarks, so they never lose their place
  • Small chapter books, so they can go on adventures in their mind
  • A reading light for those nights when they just can’t put their book down
  • A pencil case to hold highlighters to mark their favorite passages
  • Stickers or collectible gear related to their favorite book series
  • Place the gifts inside a hollowed out book that can be used later to store all manner of small bookish treasures.

You only need to include a couple of gifts to make your Easter basket stand apart from the norm, whether you choose handmade self-care gifts for your girly girl or outer space-inspired bits and bobbles. It’s your thoughtfully creative packaging that will have them feeling the love.

DIY Customized Phone Cases: An Easter Gift Every Tween Will Relate To

I didn’t get my first cell phone until I was in college, but my 6-year-old niece uses her Grandma’s so much, it might as well be her own. She uses it to make videos of her cheerleading and gymnastics routines. Whether your tween wants to call up their friends for a spontaneous game of baseball or uses it to take pictures of a migrating yellow-rumped warbler at the bird bath, chances are they’re also attached to their smart device. Putting a custom case for their favorite phone in their Easter basket is a surefire way to keep them interested in the Easter Bunny for at least a few more years (and will keep that expensive little computer up and running for as long as possible too).

cell phone case
Help them show off who they are with a custom phone case | Image courtesy Etsy seller ElenaIllustration

To create your own custom phone or tablet case, you’ll need:

  • A clear case for the appropriate device
  • A printed out picture your tween will like (anything from celebrities to sports stars, book characters to cute animals—it depends on the tween!)
  • Mod Podge
  • A glue stick

To make the personalized case:

  1. Cut the picture to fit neatly inside the case. The images should be facing out, so when the case is on the device, you can see the pictures.
  2. Make sure your image isn’t covering any spaces cut out of the case that leave the camera and microphones clear.
  3. Add a thin layer of Mod Podge to the inside of the device case, then press your image, right side out, onto the Mod Podged surface. Use your fingers to press out any air bubbles.
  4. Wait until dry, then add a layer of Mod Podge to the back of your image. Let that dry before adding one final layer to seal it in.
  5. When the last layer of Mod Podge is dry, the case is ready to use.

Walking down store aisles decorated to the nines can make holidays seem commercialized and a little impersonal, but making your own Easter basket is one way to bring meaning back this time of family and renewal. It shows your tween that you “get” them, and the extra effort put forth won’t go unappreciated—even if it is the Easter Bunny who gets the accolades!

As an adult, it’s the books, small figurines, homemade treats, and other surprise gifts from my Easter basket that I remember, not the generic candy. It showed me that my parents—I mean, the Easter Bunny—wanted the day to be truly special. And I carry the tradition on by adding something personal to each gift I give as well.

If you want to make this Easter really magical, check out our Easter gifts for kids guide. You can stay up-to-date with all things Elfster on Facebook, and don’t forget to check in with us on Twitter @Elfster, and Instagram @Elfstergram.