Cool Tech Gifts Under $30 He Will Love

The best tech gifts for guys.

Gifts for a tech-loving guy.
What do you get the tech-loving guy who has everything? | Image courtesy Unsplash user Domenico Loia.

Swat! Swat! I watched rapturously as my sister clicked around the screen. We had just gotten our first computer, a PC that came with a few floppy discs, including our favorite new game, Swat the Fly. God forbid we actually help our mom swat flies when summer rolled around, but this was cutting-edge technology!

How far we’ve come since that first computer! These days, I have not one but two laptops, a smartphone, an e-reader…the list goes on and on. But as much as I love my gadgets, it’s nothing compared to my husband. He collects little doo-dads that beep, light up, connect, and do all manner of minute tasks faster than I hoard fabric for the craft room—and if you know me, that’s really saying something.

Even though he loves tech, getting him great gifts can be a challenge (and let’s face it, that’s true for a lot of guys). A lot of the latest items have a huge price tag, but whether it’s for my husband or another person in my life, these tech gifts under $30 do the trick. They’re useful, innovative, and a great complement to the tech products he’s already got, all at a great price. At the end of the day, I want a gift that shows him I care—even if I’m not exactly an early adopter of all this new technology!

The Best Tech Gifts Under $30

“It’s…uh…perfect!” my dad told us. My sister and I ran to hug him. We had saved up our allowance and bought him what we thought was the perfect gift—a set of walkie-talkies for him to use on hunting trips. It was a nice gesture, but my dad was an expert when it came to the gear he needed for his trips, and my sister and I, while well-meaning, had bought him equipment that just wouldn’t work (hey, I was 10!).

When someone you know has a passion for something, getting them a gift can feel daunting. That’s why, if your guy is into tech, you’re better off leaving the big-ticket purchases to him. He’ll know exactly what specs he’s looking for. In the meantime, there are tons of affordable tech accessories that work in tandem with existing electronics to make the user experience more pleasant, and these are the types of items I look for. From a Bluetooth device that helps him keep track of his car keys to something that makes it easy for him to stream his favorite shows, if your guy is more into computers and connectivity than health and fitness, these tech gifts under $30 won’t disappoint.

The gift of touchscreen gloves.
Touchscreen gloves make winter texting possible! | Image courtesy Etsy seller Mujjo.

Touchscreen Gloves: When it’s cold outside, you want to make sure your guy is cozy and warm. But many winter gloves make it impossible to use touchscreen-enabled devices. Make your guy’s life a whole lot easier with a pair of these touchscreen gloves. Every finger works on the screen, not just the pointer finger like in some models, so he’ll be able to use his device as usual while also staying warm. Get a pair for under $10.00 on Amazon (price varies depending on size and color).

Tile Mate: For guys with tons of gadgets, the thought of losing even one is a total nightmare. Enter the Tile Mate! He can use Tile Mate adhesive to stick it to his phone, laptop, or device, or hook it onto his keys or luggage. He can even slide it into a wallet if that’s what he always misplaces. Then, he can use his phone to make the Tile ring when he can’t find his things. Even if he’s out of Bluetooth range, the Tile community can help him find it. It’s the perfect solution for tech-lovers who are a little forgetful with their prized belongings! Get Tile Mate on Amazon for under $20.00.

USB Computer Reading Light: Whether they’re up late gaming, working, or just because, a light that works by getting plugged into the USB port of their computer is a great tool to have on hand. When my hubby works late, he uses this so he doesn’t have to turn on the overhead light while I’m sleeping. It’s just $7.99 on Amazon.

Listen to music in the car with a Bluetooth transmitter.
Listening to music in the car has never been easier. | Image courtesy Amazon seller Nulaxy.

Bluetooth Car Radio Transmitter: Sometimes our modern devices change so quickly, the rest of our life can’t catch up. If your guy has an older car without an auxiliary connection option or Bluetooth capabilities, this is too true. For music and podcast lovers, a Bluetooth adapter is key. With this gift, all he has to do is plug the adapter into the car’s cigarette lighter and connect his smartphone device to it. He’ll be able to play music and podcasts from his phone over the car’s speakers in minutes, no wires needed. For $16.99 on Amazon, it’s a whole lot cheaper than getting a new car!

Color-Coded Mac Keyboard Cover: There are a lot of cool shortcuts you can take using the keys on your Mac. But memorizing them is another thing! Luckily, this keyboard cover packs a one-two punch. It will protect his keyboard from dust and crumbs and also is color-coded so he can quickly see which keys he should press to get a shortcut. It’s also great for guys who are making the switch to Macs from PCs. It’s just $6.99 on Amazon.

Fire TV stick
He can stream all his favorite shows with a Fire TV stick. | Image courtesy Unsplash user Jens Kreuter.

A Cable Organizer: He can have the fanciest tech in the world, but his desk will still look sloppy if there are tangled cords all over the place. Luckily, this sleek wooden cable organizer keeps everything tidy, so he can charge and connect all his devices easily and without making a big mess. Get it for about $10.00 on Amazon.

A Fire TV Stick: When you’re used to doing everything online, switching back and forth between your laptop and the cable box when you want to watch TV is a pain. That’s why a Fire TV stick is such a great gift. You can get a refurbished one for around $30 on Amazon, and it allows your guy to stream his favorite shows from apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO NOW, and more all on his regular TV. If your guy loves binge-watching his fave shows, this is definitely the gadget for him.

Choosing the Best Gift For Your Tech Lover

tech gifts under $30
Leave the big equipment to him and focus on handy tech accessories. | Image courtesy Unsplash user Mark Cruz.

When there’s so much to choose from, picking the perfect gift can be tricky. The key is figuring out what will help enhance your tech-loving guy’s experience. Accessories like these show him that you care about his interests without breaking the bank or risking getting a gift that isn’t right for his needs. If you still need help, ask him to make an online wish list on a site like Elfster so you can get a better idea of the types of items he’s looking for.

Whether your guy is a gamer, developer, hobbyist, or just loves gadgets, show him some love with one of these gifts. Even if you don’t know much about the ins and outs of tech, accessories like these are bound to be useful. And, going out of your comfort zone to choose a gift you know he’ll really love will show him just how much you care.

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