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Go Ahead: Wish for the Pony!

Did you hear the one about the guy who wished for socks this holiday season? Well, long story short… He got socks. This low-risk-low-reward style of wishing is no way to get what you really [read more]

Gift Giving

Rainy Day Rescue

What’s worse than getting caught in the rain? Having to endure the awkward moment when you, bone dry and under your umbrella, must walk past an unfortunate soul who has forgotten his or her own! [read more]

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Belated Thank-You Notes: The No-Shame Guide

If revenge is best served cold, does it stand to reason that a thank-you should be plated piping hot? Not necessarily.
Here we are, almost three months into 2011. Practically one quarter of the year has passed, and it seems like only yesterday you were jamming to holiday hits, wondering just what figgy pudding really was.

But by now, you’ve probably discarded the tree and paper snowflakes. And if you’ve forgotten to send your holiday thank-you notes, well, you’ve literally dis-carded more than that! Your friends and loved ones have (regrettably) been gypped of your proper gratitude.

If the guilt is finally starting to creep in, don’t fret. We might be glorifying procrastination here, but Elfster believes that a late thank-you note actually presents a golden opportunity for extending holiday cheer, and pleasant surprises are simply never a bad thing!

Are we making you feel any better? Now that you’ve found the necessary motivation to write a belated holiday thank-you note, here are a few strategies to give it character and tact:

“Let’s not tell Santa about this, shall we?”

Reference to a higher authority will help the recipient to remember that no one is perfect. Try to mention the special “powers that be” in your life to customize the message. [read more]

Gift Giving

11 Big Ideas for Year-Round Gifting

• Take it easy on the eggnog…

• Improve your snow-shoveling skills …

• Finally make a conscious effort to wash behind those pointed little ears…

Whatever your New Year’s resolution, there’s always one vice you can feel good about indulging in. (No, not reindeer tipping.) We’re talking about giving! When it comes to gift-oholics, we elves are proud to admit… We’re enablers!

To help make this year more memorable than ever, here are a few new ways to get your giving fix in 2011… only on Elfster!

• Birthdays

These prime present opportunities have a tendency to sneak up on everyone. But this year, you’ll never forget a buddy’s birthday with Elfster’s helpful reminders in advance! If you’re still a hopeless procrastinator, don’t fret. Our customized Wishlist feature ensures that you’ll always find something meaningful, even when time is tight.

• Study Groups

Cramming for an exam is about as fun as giving Blitzen a booster shot. Since your study group spends an awful lot of time hitting the textbooks, an Elfster gift exchange is the perfect way to inject some fun into your sessions. Find out your buddy’s favorite “Brain Food” or relaxation aid, and surprise them on test day with a “Good Luck” gift.
[read more]


The Elf Week Glitter Gala: A Grand Finale!

Tonight, we’re throwing a season-end soiree to rival Mrs. Claus’s bachelorette party! In celebration of a Christmas well-done, the Elf Week Glitter Gala will honor our initiates for their hard work and dedication this Holiday season. Newcomers will be officially inducted into the Kris Kringle Club, enjoying bottomless eggnogs and cookie dough hors d’oeuvres (raw, of course).

Since New Year’s is just around the corner, we recommend you take a look at these handy Elf Help articles for your own party-planning pleasure!

Selecting a Venue: Bonjour Events’ Dinner Planning Advice

Eggcelent Eggnog Alternatives

Tickled Pink Cocktails

Glitter Gala Highlights

At a great gig like the Glitter Gala, every elf is a winner! Here are some of the perks enjoyed by our new elf inductees:

• Official “Santa’s Helper” uniform

• A pair of the pointiest shoes on the planet
[read more]


The Elf Week Whippersnapper Round-up

This is the morning! If there’s ever a time for your angelic little snow bunny to unleash their inner “Naughty Kid” it’s today. Believe you we, they will take full advantage of this allowance! Billy hasn’t given up his slingshot all year for nothing…
When bouncing off the walls like a bonbon in a Piñata, children can make it difficult for a parent to keep the Spirit of the Season. So today’s Elf Week challenge is devoted to taming the tots during the Holidays. We call it the Whippersnapper Round-up!

Now, we know your little Sugar Plum is perfectly well-behaved, even on a day like today. But we suggest you take a look at these “Elf Help” articles anyway… For future reference!

The Elfster Guide to First-Class Teacher Gifts

Elfster Recommends: For the Kids!

Green Santa: Eco-friendly Toys for Eco-friendly Kids

Now, for the highlights of the Whippersnapper Round-up…

Current Standings

Elf Ed currently has an air-tight grip on the lead, having dominated the infamous “Pass the Tyke” test. He managed to toss 98 youngsters across Santa’s lap in less than a minute with not one parental complaint! Ed says this gift is both an art and a science, but attributes his stamina to a daily dose of extra-caffeinated cocoa.
[read more]


The Elf Week Mall Duty March

On your mistletoes! Today is your final chance to grab those last-minute holiday gifts before Santa beats you to the tree. Now, we elves have spent an entire month posing for pictures in department stores across the globe, and frankly, our cheeks are getting tired… This Elf Week Mall Duty March sure has been a doozy!

Wild reindeer couldn’t drag us back into the mall after this rigorous event, but if Christmas snuck up on you, you might still have some last minute items to pick-up. Unfortunately, it’s a bit late for online shopping delivery, so you’ve basically got no choice but to brave the mall. Whatever you do, don’t panic! Just take a quick gander at these informative Elf Help articles, and you’ll be ready to crank the sleigh back into shopping mode in no time…

Shopping Therapy: Mall Stress-Busters

Man-Up at the Mall: A Guy’s Holiday Game Plan

Now, here’s what we’ve been up to all day with the Mall Duty March…

Current Standings

Elf Adrian has officially yelled “Dibs!” the loudest, earning First Place in this claims-staking event of the March. Apparently, he spotted an gift card he’s been jonesing for all year, and simply couldn’t contain himself. [read more]


The Elf Week Reindeer Rally

Antlers Away! Today marks the midpoint of the Elf Week festivities, and we celebrate by paying homage to Elf’s Best Friend. The Reindeer Rally is a challenge that tests our way with the beasts, and also spruces the deer up in time for their Christmas debut.

In addition to rigorously training for the Rally, we elves have been diligently clipping the Reindeers hooves, making sure they produce that festive rooftop “Click, click, click!” sound that we all know and love. But whether your pet is a dog, cat, polar bear or penguin, we say they’re entitled to a little primping every now and again, and the holidays are the perfect time to show your appreciation! Giving your pet a Happy Holidays is easier than you might think. Just follow the advice of these handy Elf Help articles on the matter:

Gifts for the Dog Who’s Naughty and Nice
Ready for National Dog Day!

Now back to our coverage of the Reindeer Rally!

Current Standings

Elf Peter is in the lead, putting his final coat of shellac on Rudolph’s nose. (You didn’t think it shined all on its own, did you?) This task is a necessity for both aesthetic and weather-proofing purposes, and Peter is performing flawlessly. Looks like Rudolph will be named “Best in SNOW” for the 300th Christmas in a row!

The Talent portion of the competition has been dominated by Elf Shannon, who in Second Place, has choreographed quite an impressive routine for ole Blitzen. [read more]