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Easy-as-Pie Thanksgiving Placemats

History unfolds right before your pies, with this precious pop-up placemat idea! We love how PubliQue Living transforms plain sheets of recycled paper into charming table pieces for every occasion. But in the Pilgrim spirit of “making do,” this Thanksgiving, we just had to try the idea ourselves… DIY-style!

We armed Intern Steph with some Bristol Paper and an X-Acto knife, and told her to re-create the Mayflower for our Thanksgiving table… After a good cry, she got right to work and this was the result! Say what you will of her historical accuracy (or the judiciousness of giving an intern a knife), we think Stephanie did the pilgrims proud on this one, and here’s how you can create your own!


• Large sheet of bristol paper or poster board
• X-acto knife
• Pencil

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Ye Olde Thanksgiving Small-Talk

“Stick a fork in it.” This might be a top-notch tip for preparing a turkey, but we think it should generally be avoided in Thanksgiving dinner conversation. We know that families are under a lot of pressure to amp-up their suppertime small-talk, especially on this nationally sanctioned day of quality time. So to better prepare for a lull in the conversation, Elfster suggests you inject a splash of humor, and history, into this year’s festivities. You can get the Butterball rolling by using these pilgrim-approved words of thanks:

• Father, I am most mightily beholden to you for the generous portion of slaw.

• Mother, I see the lima bean casserole has not returned for this year’s festivities, and I give you many thanks.

• Grandpa, I am very much obliged to you for your tips on the art of turkey-basting, but please stand aside.

• Thanks with a bowed heart for sparing us the details of your last trip to the podiatrist, Uncle Jim.

• Aunt Midge, a thousand times I thank you for hinting at the parsley betwixt my teeth.

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Halloween Party Favor Bags
DIY + Handmade

Fast n’ Festive Halloween Favors

Think quick! It’s almost Halloween and you’ve pretty much wolfed down your colossal candy stockpile. All that’s left for your guests is one measly bag of morsels. Don’t just stand there! Today we’re making these festive, fun-sized candy bags. With these cute little favors, your guests might just overlook your stinginess with the sweets… [read more]


Something’s Afoot…

Here in the North Pole, our idea of a “good scare” is when Rudolph comes down with a case of the sniffles! But this week, one Elfster intern found herself smack dab in the middle of a Halloween horror flick. With a flashlight poised eerily under-chin, today we tell her tale! [Cue clap of thunder.]
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DIY + Handmade

Garden Ghouls for the Docile Decorator

Step away from the carving knife! We know that the spirit of Halloween might not feel the same without going Friday-the-13th on an unsuspecting pumpkin. But this year, make good with the gourds! We’re talking a little less violence, and a little more ingenuity… [read more]

DIY + Handmade

Breaking Bread Before Yom Kippur

Photo courtesy of Foodologie In a few days, millions of people will be observing Yom Kippur, or the “Day of Atonement”. It’s a day of fasting, resting, and praying in commemoration of the day to [read more]


Vive Bastille Day!

Photo and recipe courtesy of The District Domestic On the anniversary of France’s independence, why not make some fresh, flaky croissants? From the country that brings us foie gras, brie and macarons comes what is [read more]


Red, White & Blue: What to Wear On July 4

A patriotic floppy hat (Forever 21) A sweet peasant blouse (Arden B.) Trendy cut-offs shorts (Delia’s) Fun striped wedges (TOMS Shoes) And top it off with a lovely DIY brooch (instruction at Design Sponge)

DIY + Handmade

Father’s Day Breakfast Cake!

Photo and directions courtesy of Savory Sweet Life Want to make something special for Father’s day but can’t choose between sweet or savory? Or maybe you already plan to cook all his favorite breakfast foods, [read more]

DIY + Handmade

DIY for Dads!

Photo courtesy of Someecards Sure, a tie is nice, but if the Father in your life already had a closet full of them, why not take his least favorite and turn it into something awesome, like [read more]

DIY + Handmade

Mother’s Day Strawberry Shortcakes

Photo and recipe courtesy of Kimberly Belle These bite-size strawberry shortcakes are the perfect celebration of Mother’s Day and sunny celebrations! Once the season’s first berries start popping up at farmers’ markets, it’ll be difficult [read more]

DIY + Handmade

Mother’s Day Breakfast Waffles

Photo and recipe courtesy of Disgustingly Good Need an unforgettable Mother’s Day breakfast idea? Make two courses in one with these cute and creative whole wheat waffles and eggs on a waffle iron! Alternate between bites [read more]

DIY + Handmade

Homemade Rose Lotion for Her!

Photo and instructions courtesy of Design*Sponge This homemade lotion moisturizes your skin after all those winter months, and brings you fragrance of a thousand roses at the same time! Perfect for a Mother’s Day present, [read more]

DIY + Handmade

Beautiful Bookplates for Mom!

Photo and directions courtesy of Design*Sponge These whimsical bookplates make a great gift for bibliophiles, especially if you take an extra few minutes to paste it into a special book! Pretty and practical, they are [read more]

mothers day
Gift Giving

Four Ideas for Mother’s Day!

Photo courtesy of CEO Sydney Every day is an opportunity to thank the moms in your life for their hard-work, unwavering character, and unconditional love! On Mother’s Day though, you get a whole day to [read more]

DIY + Handmade

Happy Passover! Pass the Matzo Ball!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Cook, Shoot, Eat   As one of the most widely observed Jewish holidays (Yom Tov), Passover is observed as a time to contemplate the endurance the Hebrews’ escape from enslavement [read more]

DIY + Handmade

A Sprinkle of Luck!

Photo courtesy of Food Mayhem Fresh herbs like basil never fail to get us in the mood for Spring! Next time you’re cooking, use one of these craft punches (find that at most art supply [read more]