Tips To Organize An Office Secret Santa

It just isn’t the Holidays until Blitzen gets blitzen’ at the annual stable party… Let’s face it, Santa deals with enough awkward situations in his line of work. Fortunately, your office Secret Santa doesn’t have to, thanks to Elfster! With the high-tech help of anonymous questions and wish lists for every coworker, this year your workplace gift exchange can be more enjoyable than ever! And you don’t have to butter-up the IT Guy to do it. Elfster is so easy, a Garden Gnome could use it! Check out the demo and these starter tips:

Tip #1 Use the bulk invitation option where you can just type in a list of email addresses, or if you have a large company, use the sign up link and send it via email to your coworkers.

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Red, White & Blue: What to Wear On July 4

A patriotic floppy hat (Forever 21) A sweet peasant blouse (Arden B.) Trendy cut-offs shorts (Delia’s) Fun striped wedges (TOMS Shoes) And top it off with a lovely DIY brooch (instruction at Design Sponge)

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Gift Giving

Martha Loves Elfster!

In her Christmas workshop, Martha Stewart suggests setting up a Secret Santa exchange using Elfster! Go to to check it out and find more “Creative Gift-Giving Solutions“!