Fast n’ Festive Halloween Favors

Halloween Party Favor Bags

Think quick! It’s almost Halloween and you’ve pretty much wolfed down your colossal candy stockpile. All that’s left for your guests is one measly bag of morsels, giving you the sense that somewhere in a day-glow painted boiler room, Willy Wonka is weeping.

Well snap out of it! Halloween is no time to neglect your friends, or your crafting either. You’ve got no time to waste going to the store to buy more candy and party supplies, so you’ll have to make do with the bare essentials…

Don’t just stand there! Grab that old pad of construction paper, and find some scissors and tape, pronto! Today we’re making decorative fun-sized candy bags. Even though you still have a tummy ache, and your tongue has yet to return to its original color, with these cute little favors, your guests might just overlook your stinginesss with the sweets!


1.  Cut a standard sheet of construction paper in half, lengthwise.

2.  Fold the longer two sides inward to meet at the middle of the page.

3.  Make a fold (inward) at about 4.5 inches from the edge of the page, on each end.

4.  Cut the paper on the four creases created in the middle, stopping at the edge of the folds.

5.  Glue or tape the outer edges of each side together.

There you have it. You now have your very own miniature party favor bag, in any festive color that you want! Think of it as a blank canvas. Now, using more construction paper, you can customize the bag to look like just about any Halloween character imaginable.

For our motley crew, we created an owl, a mummy, a bat and, of course, Frankenstein. But the possibilities are endless. This Halloween, if you want to save your guests a trip to the dentist, give them these bite-sized party bags. (And enjoy the extra treats ’til Turkey Day!)

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  1. These are similar to some hand puppets that I made with Maile at Jing Jing’s birthday party last weekend at MOCHA Oakland. Of course, the production quality is so better than what we did :D Stephanie, are those ones that you actually made? They are incredible!

  2. Yep, I made them, and that fantasticly charasmatic hand model in the last picture is me too! (What can I say… I’m “hands-on” I guess?)

  3. I like them very much! They are very funny and colorful! I’m sorry that I couldn’t make them this year! I’m sure that the children will love it !

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