Sweet Smelling Ornaments for a Natural Noel

This year, finding eye-catching, affordable Christmas ornaments doesn’t have to feel like searching for the Eternal Fountain of Eggnog. (Oh, it’s out there…) But an easy, natural solution to tree trimming is as close as nearest the produce section!

We admit, sometimes the “smell of Christmas” can be about as subtle as a dip in a vat of aftershave, and the hunt for a more muted fragrance can be equally daunting.

That’s why when we came across this project from, we couldn’t wait to show you their simple solution!

If you’re as excited about the Elf Week Glitter Gala as we are, you’re probably spinning garland in anticipation at this very moment. But with homemade dried citrus ornaments, you’ll get the added benefit of aromatically accenting that Christmas tree smell without overpowering it. [read more]


Shopping Therapy: Mall Stress-Busters

By now, we all know Santa’s stance on pouting, shouting and crying. (Apparently, we “better not!”) But we also know that one bad trip to a seasonal shopping mall is enough to make even Tiny Tim go postal. So what’s an elf to do when the stress boils over like a hot chocolate gone wrong? Use these simple relaxation tricks, of course!

At Elfster, we’ve been through enough holiday shopping seasons to know that deep, cleansing breaths simply won’t cut it when someone cuts in line. And there’s no mantra in the world that’ll make parking a delight. So you can chant a soothing “ho ho ho” if it’s any fun for you, but for the best stress management at the mall, here’s what we suggest:

Wheezey Does It

Losing your breath in the retail race can have your chest feeling tighter than Santa’s tummy in a man girdle. But when you start to hyperventilate, don’t panic! Bloomingdale’s Big Brown Bagdoubles as a pretty nice respiratory aid. A few puffs in and out, and you’ll be back on your pointed little feet again in no time!
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Tips To Organize An Office Secret Santa

It just isn’t the Holidays until Blitzen gets blitzen’ at the annual stable party… Let’s face it, Santa deals with enough awkward situations in his line of work. Fortunately, your office Secret Santa doesn’t have to, thanks to Elfster! With the high-tech help of anonymous questions and wish lists for every coworker, this year your workplace gift exchange can be more enjoyable than ever! And you don’t have to butter-up the IT Guy to do it. Elfster is so easy, a Garden Gnome could use it! Check out the demo and these starter tips:

Tip #1 Use the bulk invitation option where you can just type in a list of email addresses, or if you have a large company, use the sign up link and send it via email to your coworkers.

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Santa’s Choice: World Cookie Recipes

This Christmas, don’t be caught with your oven mitts off… We’re giving you a list of Santa’s all-time favorite cookie recipes from around the globe. With these international favorites on the plate, Santa is sure to stop by your place first this year!

Crumb roll, please…

Raspberry, Olive Oil and Thyme Shortbread (Great Britain)
Meringue and Raspberry Baskets “Korzinki” (Ukraine)
Ma’moul Cookies (Lebanon)
• Chocolate-Dipped Palmieres (France)
Almond Cookies (China)

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Announcing “Elf Week” 2010!

With the holidays closing in faster than Rudolph on a sugar rush, we’ve now officially entered what the reindeer call “Mush-Time”… and the Claus has got no room for error on his team! That’s why the week of December 20th, we’ll be devoting our entire agenda to the training and initiation of Santa’s most promising, up-and-coming little helpers. It’s called “Elf Week”… and it isn’t for the feeble-footed! As the name implies, it separates the Oafs from the Elves, building character and moral fiber with each event!

So how does one train for such a rigorous week? You could practice by bobbing for halibut, or birthing a set of reindeer twins. You might even try brushing up on your coal-mining skills for Santa’s Naughty List. But you’ll be glad to know, as a loyal Elfster blog reader, you’ll get an extra leg up in the competition.

In honor of Elf Week, we’ll be showing you a slew of helpful tips, tricks and holiday advice right here on Wish Fulfillment, the Elfster blog! As the event approaches, keep your eyes peeled for our fun and informative series of posts called “Elf-Help”.

In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek at Elf Week 2010’s calendar of events:
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