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Boo To You!

Frightening Fact — Halloween is just a few weeks away! But have no fear, Elfster is here to help you prepare for a hauntingly great night. For all things ghost and goblin, look no further [read more]

Halloween Party Favor Bags
DIY + Handmade

Fast n’ Festive Halloween Favors

Think quick! It’s almost Halloween and you’ve pretty much wolfed down your colossal candy stockpile. All that’s left for your guests is one measly bag of morsels. Don’t just stand there! Today we’re making these festive, fun-sized candy bags. With these cute little favors, your guests might just overlook your stinginess with the sweets… [read more]


Something’s Afoot…

Here in the North Pole, our idea of a “good scare” is when Rudolph comes down with a case of the sniffles! But this week, one Elfster intern found herself smack dab in the middle of a Halloween horror flick. With a flashlight poised eerily under-chin, today we tell her tale! [Cue clap of thunder.]
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DIY + Handmade

Garden Ghouls for the Docile Decorator

Step away from the carving knife! We know that the spirit of Halloween might not feel the same without going Friday-the-13th on an unsuspecting pumpkin. But this year, make good with the gourds! We’re talking a little less violence, and a little more ingenuity… [read more]