Is There a Wish List Maker Online for Free?

Using a wish list maker online (for free!) is the easiest way to organize a gift exchange.

You know that feeling when you send an email and are gripped with the desire to take it back? I don’t mean when you accidentally hit “reply all” or when you realize you’ve attached the wrong file. I mean, when you have more to say, so you have to send another email. At that point, life becomes a series of revisions and additions. 

It’s sort of like that with traditional wish lists. No matter what you’re making a wish list for—your birthday, Christmas, Easter, a baby shower—you made it, and then it was done. There’s no taking it back, and adding to it is a pain for everyone. 

That’s changed with online wish list makers. Whatever the occasion, you want a wish list generator that’s easy to use while also including some fun bells and whistles. 

Wish lists have come a long way. Now you can have one that is as flexible, adaptable, and easy-to-change as your mind. After all, you’ll always think of something else. You want a wish list that’s already thought of that. 

The Features of a Great Wish List Maker

There are a lot of different ways to make a wish list. When you were a kid—or, at least when I was a kid—we used pen and paper. Then we had a typewriter. I remember making my first wish list on a computer—a DOS-type program. 

Those were all cool, but what was the difference between a typed list and a written one, besides legibility? You still couldn’t easily change it once it was out in the world. Same with one printed via dot matrix. 

Online wish lists changed all that. Everyone is familiar with an Amazon wish list. You see something you like but aren’t ready to buy, click it, and et voila! It’s on your list.

Amazon was the start, but it isn’t the only way to make a wish list. It has some, but not all, elements of an ideal wish list maker. 

So, when you’re picking a way to make a wish list online, look for these features: 

  1. The ability to create your list from multiple stores. There are a lot of stores out there, and you don’t want to have to limit yourself to just one. And if you have a list for a clothing store, one at a bookstore, and one at a game store, it gets complicated. You either have to send everyone multiple lists or figure out a way to divvy it up. Having a wish list maker that pulls from the top online retailers and lets you shop for gifts online is ideal. 
  2. The ability to share your list with people. You want people to have access to your list. Otherwise, you’re just writing a message in a bottle and hoping a ship picks it up. Share your list with your coworkers, with your family, your friends, or whoever is buying gifts for each other. 
  3. The ability to make multiple lists. Especially around the holidays, you might be in a few gift exchanges. Or maybe you want to make a list for your gaming friends and one for your work friends. Being able to make multiple lists and send them to the right people makes any event easier. 
  4. The ability to add or subtract after sending. The huge drawback with the old ways is that you couldn’t add to it if you forgot something or take something off if you changed your mind (or, quelle horreur, already got it). Your ideal online wish maker should allow you to alter your list at any time. 
  5. The ability to update it through your phone. You’re on your phone most of the time. The people buying off your list are on their phones. So, get a wish list maker with an iPhone app or Android app so that you can snap a picture of something and upload it right away. 
  6. The ability to shop from the list. You can add an item with a click, so why shouldn’t you be able to buy it with a click? When you’re shopping for someone, or they’re shopping for you, they should be able to select an item from the list and purchase it right there. 

So, those are the things you should look for. And I hear you now: but such an ideal system probably costs hundreds of dollars, if not literally all the money in the world! Nah, of course not. Settle down. 

If you find the right one, it’s free

Finding a Wish List Maker Online for Free

I don’t usually consider myself particularly penny-pinching, for good and for ill. My general theory about money is that it’s just something you throw off the back of a train. That said, I still prefer to not spend money if I don’t have to. After all, that leaves more money to spend on gifts, which is pretty much my favorite thing. 

That’s why I like using a wish list maker online for free. It’s simple to use and doesn’t cost anyone anything. It makes people more amenable to gift-giving and makes the whole process more fun. 

They say the best things in life are free. I know that, when it comes to an online wish list maker that’s comprehensive, fun, and easy, free is always best. It’s an old-fashioned philosophy, maybe, but when applied to new technology, it can be a wonderful thing. 

If you’re looking for a great online wish maker, Elfster is here to help! Our Secret Santa generator makes it easy to pair people up, shop for gifts, and start a Wish List. And you can do it all from an iPhone app or Android app

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