9 Treats for the Love-A-Bull Taurus

Retro Taurus zodiac t-shirt from Etsy Star Seller | StarkAmbition
Etsy Star Seller | StarkAmbition

Happy Birthday, Trusty Taurus! Known for being warmhearted and practical, you are a reliable earth sign and it’s no secret that you seek the finer things in life. With birthdays between April 20 and May 20, you are ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty and money. Explore elf-picked Taurus Gifts below that are worthy of your strong yet sensual sign.

Ruled by Venus: Planet of Love, Beauty & Money
Symbol: The Bull
Element: Earth – Stable, Grounded & Practical
Modality: Fixed Sign – Stabilizers of the Zodiac
Crystal: Rose Quartz
Lucky Colors: Green & Pink

♉ Elf-Picked Taurus Gifts

Treat yo elf to aesthetically appealing Taurus Gifts that speak to your key traits in our Taurus Gift Guide. Add ‘em to your own Birthday Wishlist and share it too, so family and friends will pick a gift that’s just right for you.

Key Trait: Earthy

Gift: Plant Propagation Station

As an earth sign, Taureans are all about growing things, so you’ll really dig a nature-inspired gift. Born with a green thumb, you probably already have an impressive collection of green babies, but this propagation station will help your happy space to thrive.

Plant propogation station with wooden stand for Taurus gift

Plant Propagation Station | Amazon, $18.98

Key Trait: Resilient

Gift: Nevertheless She Persisted Keychain

Once you make up your mind, there is no changing it and this small-but-mighty keychain is a daily reminder that quitting is not an option!

Silver keychain inscribed with saying Nevertheless She Persisted

Nevertheless She Persisted Keychain | Etsy, $10

Key Trait: Strong-Willed

Gift: Funny Taurus Candle

No doubt about it, Taureans are strong-willed and hold strong opinions (read: stubborn). But that just means you think things through carefully and always stand by your conclusions. 

Let's all agree that I'm right funny Taurus gift

Funny Taurus Candle | Amazon, $18.95

Key Trait: Luxury Lover

Gift: Zodiac Charm Necklace with Moonstone

Your tastes are simple, yet elegant. This fine design has you in mind! Show off your unique Taurus vibes with jewelry that combines the traditions of hand craftsmanship with modern design.

Taurus zodiac charm necklace with moonstone

Zodiac Charm Necklace w/ Moonstone | Neiman Marcus, $65

Key Trait: Dependable

Gift: Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock

Taurus is historically dependable and hates to be late, so a creative clock will help the early bird get the worm. Designed to simulate the rising sun, including a built-in soothing alarm, will get your day started with a smile.

Wake Up Light Sunrise alarm clock

Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock | Amazon, $32.98

Key Trait: Practical

Gift: Taurus Plant Tote Bag

Who says practicality can’t be pretty? Ideal for a trip to the farmer’s market, this uniquely-designed Taurus Plant Tote will surround you in stylish beauty and show you know how to keep it real.

Taurus plant tote bag

Taurus Plant Tote Bag | Society6, $30.60

Key Trait: Sensual

Gift: Savannah Bee Company Book Of Honey

As earth signs, Taureans focus on things they can touch, taste and smell. (Think “sensual” as in “relating to the senses.” ) With food-critic-worthy taste buds, you appreciate gifts that perk the senses, like pure honey. Not only that, but Savannah Bee Company is dedicated to helping bees to continue doing the work of building hives, pollinating flowers, powering our food supply and spreading beauty.

Savannah Bee Company Book of Honey set

Savannah Bee Company Book Of Honey, Set Of 6 | Sur La Table, $59

Key Trait: Great Taste

Gift: ‘Taste Test’ Foodie After Dinner Trivia Game

As the foodies of the zodiac, Taureans naturally love a good dinner party! You prefer top-notch food and top-shelf drinks. Perfect for an intimate gathering, this culinary trivia game designed for fans of food and factoids is sure to be a hit with you and your fave dining companions!

Taste Test Trivia card game for Taurus gift

Taste Test Foodie After Dinner Trivia Game | Amazon, $17

Key Trait: Music Lover

Gift: Victrola Vintage Bluetooth Record Player

Music is your jam and whether it’s reggae or pop or classic rock, the beat gives you all the feels. This vintage-meet-modern bluetooth record player rocks and is sure to be the hit of your space.

Victrola Vintage Bluetooth Record Player

Victrola Vintage Bluetooth Record Player | Amazon, $56.50

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