How to Make a Birthday Wishlist to Drop a Helpful Gift Hint

Elfster makes it easy to create a birthday wish list.

As gifting experts, we elves know your friends and family love making your special day extra merry, which means giving you the perfect birthday gift — something you really want! Creating an Elfster birthday wishlist and sharing it gives your loved ones options. It’s a helpful (and polite) way to drop a gift hint!

How to Create a Birthday Wishlist

  1. Login to
  2. Click on “Wishlists”
  3. Click “Create a Wishlist”
  4. Name your Wishlist, choose who can see it, and start adding bday wishes!

How to Add Gifts to Your Birthday Wishlist

  1. Click “Shop” at the top of any Elfster page
  2. Use the search bar to find just about anything
  3. Browse our curated gift guides 
  4. Tap the “Add to Wishlist” button to make a wish. You can also wish for anything you want by clicking on more ways to wish
  5. Elf Pro Tip: Wishes marked “Most Wanted” will always stay at the top of your wishlist.

Elf Tips for the Best Birthday Wishlist

Look at gift guides for inspo. When you’re picking the perfect present for yourself, our curated gift guides can help you find things you might not have ever thought of. Plus, the elves always have our fingers on the pulse of popular picks in our Trending Gifts Guide.

Add size, color, quantity, and more. Make sure you get a shirt that’s the right size. Make sure you get the right number of drinking glasses. Make sure that skirt is the right color, instead of a light shade of “Goes With Nothing.” A birthday wishlist makes it possible to leave nothing to your gift-buyers’ imaginations.

Share your Wishlist. Once you’re ready to drop some gift hints to your friends and fans, share your birthday wishlist via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or even by link in a good old fashioned email. Just click the Share button at the top of your wishlist!

Add to your list year-round. With Elfster, you’ll have an account you can add to year-round and the elves even send out birthday reminders to your followers.

Make a Birthday Wishlist for Your Kids (or Someone Else!)

If you have children or other family members that may need a little wishing nudge, you know that helping them with their list is a vital part of an epic birthday. And getting that list to friends and family is just as crucial. Otherwise, the guests just have to guess, and that’s not fun for anyone. Creating a wishlist with helpful gift hints on their behalf will turn their birthday into the magical day we’re all dreaming of!

Happy Birthday gift and wrapping paper
Image courtesy | Etsy seller SugarSpicePaperGift

Find the Perfect Gift with Elfster

Explore our Trending Gifts Guides and our Zodiac Gift Guides to find the perfect present for your Elfster birthday wishlist or find great gifts for friends. Happy Wishing and Happy Birthday to YOU!!

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