How to Make a Birthday Wish List Online

Elfster makes it easy to create a birthday wish list.

Shortly before my most recent birthday, my wife asked me what I wanted. I went into my whole normal gruff routine about how “I’m too old for birthdays” and “All I really want is a nice dinner and some quiet time with you”—both of which were true! I didn’t want anything, until she actually asked me to make a list, and I realized there’s so much stuff I want

That’s the thing with birthdays: if you’re like me, you may not want people to get you stuff. Or you may love getting presents. But either way, there are things you’d love to have, and guess what? People like getting you birthday gifts. All they need is a list. 

Your birthday wish list doesn’t have to be extensive or overwhelming. It doesn’t have to go out to the world. It can be as big or small as you want. But if you want it done right and you want to make it easy for people to celebrate you, knowing how to make a birthday wish list online makes a big difference. 

Making a Birthday Wish List for You or Someone Else

There are probably people reading this who aren’t thinking about their own birthday. These people are called “parents.” If you have children, you know that helping them with their list is a vital part of a birthday. And getting that list to friends and family is just as crucial. Otherwise, the guests just have to guess and your kid will end up with, like, nine yo-yo’s, which is at least five too many. 

That’s the nice thing about making a list online. You can find exactly what you’re looking for, whether for yourself or the birthday kid. It makes that part of the birthday so much easier—which you’ll appreciate when you’re haggling with a local clown over a “balloon animal surcharge.”

How to Make a Birthday Wish List Online

Maybe you’ve made an online Christmas wish list before. A birthday wish list follows a lot of the same principles. If you haven’t made an online list before, here are some tips and tricks. 

  • Find a wish list generator. There are a lot of wish list generators out there and some are better than others. Something as basic as a downloadable wish list template leaves a lot to be desired. Ideally, you want a generator with options that allow you to easily create and share your list. 
  • Place your orders from one site with multiple stores. There’s one particular store whose fashion style suits me best. So I could make a wish list on there. But of course, I’d want to include stuff from other sites. Making wish lists on multiple sites is confusing and makes it hard on the gift-givers. Using a generator that can draw from all the top retailers keeps everything together.  
  • Order and reorder your list. Suppose the first thing your kid thinks of is “yo-yo,” for some reason. If you’re writing a list, that’s at the top, even though that’s not the primary thing they want. They don’t even want it. They just panicked. Having an online list that you can reorder means you can adjust your list later to reflect what you actually want most. 
  • Add size, color, quantity, and more. Make sure you get a shirt that’s the right size. Make sure you get the right number of drinking glasses. Make sure that skirt is the right color, instead of a light shade of “Goes With Nothing.” An online list makes it possible to leave nothing to your gift-buyers’ imaginations. 
  • Use curated lists to help you make your choices. A curated gift guide can help you find things you might not have ever thought of. Are you a gadgethead? Crazy about music? Want STEM toys for your kid but don’t know what’s best for her? Curated gift guides can help you find the perfect gift. 
  • Share your list with people. An online generator lets you share your list with anyone you want. You can even make different lists for different groups. My sister has a family list for her three-year-old and a separate friends’ list. We get her the good stuff that she doesn’t want friends to feel obligated to get. Separate lists can make things that much simpler. 
  • Add more things! Oh no—did you just remember something else? Well, go ahead and add it. It’s online; you can add anytime, from anywhere. And if you have the iPhone app or Android app, you can just take a picture of an item and upload it. 
  • Let people shop directly online. Someone gets your list. They choose what they want to get you. They click on it and order it. Done. 
  • Add to your list year-round. If you choose a good list generator, you’ll have an account you can add to year-round. That’s really good for someone like me, who barely remembers their birthday. The generator does, though, and it even sends out birthday reminders to your followers. 

That’s how you make a birthday wish list online. It’s quick and easy. And that’s a good way to make birthdays even happier. 

Making Your Birthday Easy on Others

Here’s a secret about birthdays: everyone you know has one. For real! I know I should have told you to sit down for that news, and I apologize. 

That means that nearly every adult is faced with a lot of birthdays, and this multiplies when there are children involved. It can seem like every week there’s a family member, friend, kid, kid’s friend, niece, nephew, etc. with a birthday. And you want to help them celebrate and to celebrate with them. But it can be a challenge. 

So when your time on the calendar comes up, make it easy on everyone. You can make an online birthday wish list for yourself or for your children. This allows people to celebrate the special day easily, without having to spend a lot of time at the store or bouncing around the internet looking for that one perfect thing. 

This is your own personal holiday. Making a birthday wish list online helps everyone join the celebration. 

When it’s your birthday, you want an easy way to create a wish list, and Elfster can help with that! Start a Wish List using our online Secret Santa generator to see how simple (and fun!) it can be. Plus, you can now add items via an iPhone app or Android app

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