How to Create a Christmas Wish List that will Simplify Your Shopping

The best way to create a wish list is with an online generator.

If you’re like me, then your excitement about Christmas shopping looks like one of those stock market charts from the 1920s. It starts out going up because you’re excited about getting things for people and embracing the festivities. Then, eventually, it kind of crashes. The stress of trying to get everything done can become overwhelming. 

You probably don’t want your loved ones to experience that kind of stress when shopping for you, so you’re always looking to simplify your list. You want to make it easy for people to find what you’re asking for. 

Structuring your list in a convenient and accessible way makes things simpler for both you and the people shopping for you. Here’s how you can create a Christmas wish list that will help to keep that excitement arrow going up for everyone this holiday season. 

How to Create a Christmas Wish List that is Easy and Convenient

I think we all agree that while there is a magic to shopping in stores, with the lights and the music and the people, there are also a lot of frustrating things about shopping in stores—namely, the lights and the music and the people. But also the driving, the parking, the carrying, etc. I still go to brick-and-mortar stores, but most people do a lot of their Christmas shopping online now. 

So, why not make your Christmas wish list online, too? Of course, you want more than just a shared document or an email. You want an online wish list that is interactive, robust, and versatile. You want to be able to add gifts as you think of them and remove items if you realize you’ve made a terrible mistake. 

Using an online wish list generator makes it easy to share your wish at the click of a button. You can shop for gifts online and your loved ones can buy directly from the list, saving a lot of hassle. An online wish list also has the benefit of making sure there is no doubling up. When people buy you things, they can mark it as bought (without you seeing it). There’s no redundancy, but you’ll still be surprised on Christmas morning. 

When making a wish list, consider factors such as: 

  • Is it a secret list, like for a Secret Santa game?
  • Are you in multiple groups or making multiple lists?
  • Do you want selective privacy between those groups?

The great thing about doing this online is it makes it easy to keep track of all the moving parts. It’s a quick, no-hassle way to set up your list and share it. 

Tips for the Perfect Christmas Wish List

What are some other ways to make sure you’re setting up your list correctly? We recommend you:

  • Order your list. There are some things you want or need more than others. Put those at the top of your list so people know what items would mean the most to you. 
  • Share your list with others in a convenient way. Probably the hardest part about having a wish list is getting it to the right people. Fortunately, an online wish list solves that problem. You can simply send them a link to your curated list. No more worrying about your list getting lost in the mail or misplaced!
  • Be specific! A good wish list generator will include a feature that allows you to add notes about details, such as size, color, etc. If you just say “shirt,” you’re not being particularly helpful. Remember, you can shop from nearly any online retailer in the world. No need to write vague, general desires.
  • Add things when you see them. You can add items to your list anytime you want. If you’re out shopping and see something you like, put it on your list. If you have a mobile app, just snap a picture and it uploads it automatically. 

All of this makes sure that you get the things you want. After all, one of the worst parts about a handwritten list is that it’s easy for you to forget things and nearly impossible to add them later. It’s a terrible feeling to remember the thing you wanted way too late. 

Why a Wish List Matters

I experience a certain paradox around this time of the year. I really, really, really want to get people what they want the most. I want it to be personal and meaningful. But since I don’t like asking people for things, I used to make my lists vague. “Oh, just get me whatever.”

That’s not fair to them. That denies them the gift-giving pleasure I enjoy. But making an online wish list is easy for me and for them. All they have to do is click on the gift of their choice, and they’ve gotten me something I really want. It makes both of us happy. 

We all want to get things, and we all want to give the right gift. We want that feeling of making someone happy, of making sure that their holiday is filled with cheer. Making a wish list isn’t just about getting things; it’s to give everyone in your life a way to have a stress-free and joyous Christmas. 

The Elfster wish list maker might be the easiest platform of them all. Our Secret Santa generator makes it convenient to start a Wish List or set up a gift exchange. Don’t forget that you can now make lists and more on an iPhone app or Android app

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