Top 10 Church Gift Exchange Ideas

10 church gift exchange ideas

Church: it’s one of my favorite places to be. Over the years, I’ve realized more and more the importance of faith for my family. In the process, I’ve participated in many church social groups that still connect today, only sometimes on a virtual basis.

From quilting ladies’ groups and Women of Hope to prayer teams and adoption ministry, I’ve enjoyed it. I can always rely on my connections to be there for me through thick and thin, without judgment. What more can you ask for?

That’s why I never forget the celebratory aspects of life even during social distancing periods. For things like anniversaries, family games and activities, and birthdays, it’s wonderful to unite or reconnect with some of the best friends I’ve ever met and get to know new ones. Here are ten church gift exchange ideas for your Sunday School classes, ministries, women’s and men’s groups, social clubs, and networks.

10 of the Best Church Gift Exchange Ideas

There are many great games and activities you can use for various applications in your church and community, including:

  1. Weddings. Whether you’re looking for wedding shower or anniversary gift ideas, bridesmaid or groomsman gifts, or a simple way to do a wedding registry, an online registry site can help.
  2. Family fun night. It’s always fun to gather at a church common area or via video chat to host a family fun night with board or trivia games.
  3. Sunday school luncheon or a potluck. Reserve a church room for an in-person luncheon or do an online lunch and learn session with a guest speaker or for sharing in testimony and worship. Include a gift exchange in honor of a birthday, retirement, or holiday. Recognize one another by going around in a circle and saying what you’re thankful for.
  4. Ministry spotlight. When you’re celebrating a milestone anniversary or the launch of a new ministry, consider a gift exchange for your ministry leaders, pastors, and key volunteers with gifts like ministry books or T-shirts.
  5. Children’s events. Children love gifts like stuffed animals or toys, so when you’re highlighting significant steps in children’s lives—like graduating from Sunday School—a gift exchange is an exciting opportunity to celebrate. 
  6. Prayer groups. Prayer group members are there through the highs and lows. That’s why a gift exchange to brighten everyone’s day is a perfect idea for holidays and religious celebrations.
  7. Ladies’ circles. When you’re in a church quilting circle or a Women of Hope group supporting those who’ve battled cancer or illness, you get to know one another very well. Consider gift exchange themes such as girl power, crafting supplies, or health/fitness.
  8. Church christening or baptismal parties where all of your church network, family, and friends are invited.
  9. Celebrating a baby’s birth or adoption is the perfect chance to support new parents and families with a new blanket or swaddle set.
  10. Social networks. Nowadays, more church groups meet online. A special gift exchange with your key connections can be the perfect way to get to know each other, whether online or in-person.

Now that we’ve visited various ideas for church gift exchanges, let’s uncover the simplest way to set up a gift exchange for your church friends, Sunday School group, social club, or network.

How You Can Easily Set Up Church Gift Exchanges

Church gift exchanges offer a great way to celebrate the joys of life like weddings, a baby’s birth, or adoption. You can easily set up a gift exchange through a free Secret Santa generator online. Here’s how:

  • Register with a free Secret Santa generator and supply basic details such as your name, email, event date, and time.
    • You can even download an iPhone or Android app for easier access.
  • Enter the names and email addresses of connections you want to invite to your gift exchange. List multiple groups and invite different people to different groups.
  • Participants will receive an email invitation to join you for a church gift exchange, wedding or anniversary party, or other event. If you don’t have everyone’s email address—no worries—you can text them a link or post it in your church group’s forum. 
  • Have guests RSVP, register, and make a wish list from the best online retailers out there. Participants can browse gifts online to get ideas.
  • Pair up guests for a gift exchange randomly and automatically online. You can even set up guidelines such as budget limits and exclusion lists. 
    • Each person will receive the name of the person they are paired with for the Secret Santa gift exchange.
    • Participants can buy a gift from their giftees’ list and ship it to them before the event date.
  • Decorate for your event if it’s at church or in the background of your video call.
  • Do an activity together such as Bible trivia, then open gifts and guess your Secret Santas.

After you’ve set up your gift exchange, you’ll have an ongoing connection for meeting regularly for special events, holidays, children’s parties, family fun, and gift exchanges. 

Connect and Celebrate!

Just as you go to church or join worship or support groups online, you can connect wherever you are to celebrate ministry groups and social networks. You’ll soon remember why you went to church in the first place—to find yourself in a happy place with those who share family values, faith, and love. Once you’ve set up your gift exchange and have chosen one of these activities, games, or event ideas, let the celebration begin!

If you’re ready to connect for a church gift exchange, you want a Secret Santa generator that helps simplify the process. Elfster makes it easy to pair people up, shop for gifts, and start a Wish List. Plus, you can access it all from an iPhone app or Android app.

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