Top Gift Exchange Ideas for All Ages

These gift exchange ideas for all ages will help everyone have fun.

One of the best events we’ve hosted involved numerous family members and friends honoring a newly-engaged coworker. With a Caribbean-themed party and gift exchange, we went all out. My parents didn’t even know the couple getting married, but because we worked with them and the grandchildren were part of the fun, they were all in on the activities. With participants of all ages from various circles of life, it was one of the most joyous parties we ever hosted. 

You can organize an amazing party online by incorporating gift exchange ideas for all ages. This article will offer ideas for an appropriate theme, creating wish lists online, and browsing gift guides. And even if you’re hosting an event like this completely online, a fun gift exchange can make it seem like a Caribbean island escape any time.

Themed Gift Exchange Ideas for All Ages

From the youngest to the oldest, you’ll want to ensure that all of your participants will have the best time celebrating. So, start by picking a versatile theme, such as:

World Travel Gift Exchange

Often, we don’t have the opportunity to travel as much as we’d like. That’s why a world travel gift exchange will get your family into a fun virtual place.

Invite participants via a Secret Santa generator and choose a destination theme. Whether it’s Italy, Thailand, or anywhere else in the world, think about where your participants would want to visit. Encourage participants to choose themed gifts according to your chosen destination. Online gift guides offer a convenient way to discover the perfect themed gift ideas.

Painting Party and Craft Exchange

Ask families with children to participate in a painting party with a crafting station at their home. Use plastic covers for tables and floors to protect belongings. The host will serve as the Secret Santa for the event, setting up the exchange activities and inviting participants.

Gather or purchase paper, canvases, paints, or other crafting items. Relate your party to an upcoming holiday or a sub-theme like animals, friend portraits, or whatever your heart desires.

For the gift exchange, ask individuals to choose a gift that will further their artistic creations and talents for the future. For a budding artist, you might consider a paint collection. For a virtual party, you can share your artistic creations online via video conference or file sharing programs.

Family Book and Movie Exchange

Throw a family book and movie exchange party with your friends, coworkers, or loved ones. Some like to read, others like to watch movies. This party will cover all ages and preferences.

Offer a list of the best children and family books, as well as movies, by age. Ask everyone to put together their favorites in a wish list and do an exchange using these items. You can use a wish list maker for kids to make sure you’re finding the perfect book or movie.

Board and Electronics Games Exchange

Nowadays, there are various forms of old school board games. This board and electronics games exchange will cover all ages with old board and new electronic games.

So, whether your participants are into old school or new school games, you can put together a gift exchange. Send each other gifts, unwrap them, and then play them either in-person or via a video chat service. Here, the gift doubles as an activity. 

Chef’s Dinner Party and Gift Exchange

Everyone likes to eat but not everyone has the chance to cook together. Ask a family chef, cook, or even a local celebrity to join you online via Zoom for a short cooking lesson. Email the list of ingredients for participants to buy ahead of time so everyone can follow along with the lesson. 

As part of the fun, you can also have a gift exchange using cooking themed gifts. For young chefs, consider chef hats and aprons. For experienced chefs, how about a seasonings exchange? You’ll all come out of this with full hearts and happy stomachs!

Using a Secret Santa Generator to Plan Your Gift Exchange

After you’ve chosen a theme that will work for everyone, begin the party planning process with an online Secret Santa generator. This is where you’ll share a few details about yourself and schedule your event.

Then, invite your guests via email. Once people have RSVPd, the generator will pair up participants randomly. Then it’s time to start shopping!  Participants simply go online, browse gifts using online gift guides, and create a wish list. Their Secret Santa can buy right off the wish list, making it super easy for everyone involved. It’s also simple for people of all ages, from kids who need their parents’ help to less tech savvy people to teens who prefer to do it all on their phones. 

Managing the Best Themed Gift Exchange 

Managing a gift exchange for all of your favorite people, family, friends, or co-workers, is simple with the right themed party gift guide. You’ll find top gift exchange ideas for all ages and literally something for everyone.

A gift exchange like this can be just the ticket to connect online with those you most appreciate. You might even escape reality in a whole new way with a party theme that provides a one-way virtual pathway to paradise.

If you’re having a gift exchange for all ages, you want a Secret Santa generator that simplifies the process. Elfster makes it easy to pair people up, shop for gifts, and start a Wish List. Plus, you can access it all from an iPhone app or Android app.

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