Can You Make a Wish List for All Websites?

A wish list for all websites makes it easy to find what you want.

I’m a history fan, and one thing I love is how important the mail order catalog was toward settling the West. Before, if you wanted a shovel and the local store didn’t have one…well, you didn’t get a shovel. You might wait months until the next shipment. In the meantime, you just had to make do with a flat rock or something. 

With the catalog, everything changed. You could order supplies and the burgeoning logistics network got it to you. It was the biggest advance in shovel technology since, well, I guess when shovels were invented. 

As someone who likes to host gift exchanges, that story is pretty cool to me because how we get things keeps advancing. We used to just have to write things down and remember them. Now we can make lists online. 

And not only that, we’re no longer limited to one store. With the right Secret Santa generator, you can make a wish list for multiple websites. That means you can find everything from nearly any store on the internet and put it all on one list for your Secret Santa. That way, all your attendees (and you!) can get the present you want, whether that’s a shovel or literally anything else. Probably something else. But even if it’s a shovel, making a wish list for all websites means you’ll get the shovel you want…and soon. 

The Problem with Limited Wish Lists

The old way of making wish lists for Secret Santa was scribbling down three or four things on the scrap of paper you wrote your name on. That left a little to be desired. For one thing, you had to try to remember what you wanted, and who could remember everything under all that pressure? I know a bunch of times I just put, like, “book on dinosaurs” and hoped they picked the right one. 

And of course, when you later remembered what you wanted (not books, darn it, toys!), it was too late. You couldn’t change it. 

Online shopping made it slightly easier. You could look up gifts and have a more accurate idea. But of course, it’s not like you could email your Secret Santa what you wanted. That would ruin the Secret part. 

The next step was being able to make a wish list for a store online. That was pretty cool. You could click on anything on that store’s catalog and put it on your list. 

But that’s also kind of limited. After all, you only have that one store. Even if it’s a great store (the Shovel Emporium, say), you might want something else. So you’d have to make another list. Combining them isn’t easy in the best of circumstances, but trying to combine wish lists from multiple stores for a Secret Santa? Basically impossible. 

What you really needed was a way to make a wish list for all websites online. 

Make a Wish List for All Websites

Suppose I want a shovel, but I also would like a sweater and maybe some work gloves. Sure, all of those things might be at the Emporium, but maybe not. What would be better would be to click on the shovel from one store and add it to your list, then go to the online store with the best sweaters and click on the one you want. That way, everything goes to one list.

See, when you use a Secret Santa generator that lets you shop for gifts online from multiple stores, you have a universal extension of that first mail order catalog. You’re able to flip through just about every store in the world. 

Some of the important features of an online wish list maker include being able to:

  • Browse gift guides. You might know you want stuff about dinosaurs, but what, exactly? Using a dinosaur gift guide helps you find just what you’re looking for. 
  • Set a price range. Sure, maybe this triceratops model is awesome but might be out of the price range of your game. With an online generator, you can set maximum prices to make sure you’re staying budget-friendly. 
  • Use filters. “Dinosaur” is a pretty broad category. If you set filters, you can narrow it down to the specific item you want, like “dinosaur earrings”, and so your Secret Santa can choose from that narrow set. 

This is the best of both worlds. You have access to EVERYTHING. But you also have the ability to narrow it down and pick the very best things that fit your taste and the parameters of the game. 

A wish list for all websites doesn’t mean you want everything. It means having the ability to find just the right thing. 

Get Started to Get the Right Gift

If you’re hosting a Secret Santa party, you want to make it easy on everyone (yourself included) to start a wish list. With a wish list for all websites, people can take the time they need to find just what they want. 

It’s exciting. It opens up a world of possibilities. It lets everyone craft the gift exchange of their dreams. Shovels, dinosaurs, anything: there’s no need to wait. The whole world is open. 

If you want to make a wish list for all websites, you want a Secret Santa generator that has universal access. Elfster makes it easy to pair people up, shop for gifts, and start a Wish List. Plus, you can do it all from an iPhone app or Android app

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