The Elf Week Glitter Gala: A Grand Finale!

Tonight, we’re throwing a season-end soiree to rival Mrs. Claus’s bachelorette party! In celebration of a Christmas well-done, the Elf Week Glitter Gala will honor our initiates for their hard work and dedication this Holiday season. Newcomers will be officially inducted into the Kris Kringle Club, enjoying bottomless eggnogs and cookie dough hors d’oeuvres (raw, of course).

Since New Year’s is just around the corner, we recommend you take a look at these handy Elf Help articles for your own party-planning pleasure!

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Glitter Gala Highlights

At a great gig like the Glitter Gala, every elf is a winner! Here are some of the perks enjoyed by our new elf inductees:

• Official “Santa’s Helper” uniform

• A pair of the pointiest shoes on the planet
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