Gift Giving

11 Big Ideas for Year-Round Gifting

• Take it easy on the eggnog…

• Improve your snow-shoveling skills …

• Finally make a conscious effort to wash behind those pointed little ears…

Whatever your New Year’s resolution, there’s always one vice you can feel good about indulging in. (No, not reindeer tipping.) We’re talking about giving! When it comes to gift-oholics, we elves are proud to admit… We’re enablers!

To help make this year more memorable than ever, here are a few new ways to get your giving fix in 2011… only on Elfster!

• Birthdays

These prime present opportunities have a tendency to sneak up on everyone. But this year, you’ll never forget a buddy’s birthday with Elfster’s helpful reminders in advance! If you’re still a hopeless procrastinator, don’t fret. Our customized Wishlist feature ensures that you’ll always find something meaningful, even when time is tight.

• Study Groups

Cramming for an exam is about as fun as giving Blitzen a booster shot. Since your study group spends an awful lot of time hitting the textbooks, an Elfster gift exchange is the perfect way to inject some fun into your sessions. Find out your buddy’s favorite “Brain Food” or relaxation aid, and surprise them on test day with a “Good Luck” gift.
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