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Author: Peter Imburg

Peter Imburg is the Head Elf at Elfster. When he isn't helping coordinate gift exchanges all over the world, he can be found playing Pickleball with his family, playing Tennis with his friends, and making up new limericks about the team at Elfster.
The History of Mother’s Day

The History of Mother’s Day

Elfster celebrates giving and no one gives more than the sometimes under-appreciated awesome moms everywhere. What better way to celebrate than to look back on the history of Mother’s Day? Mother’s Day: The Beginnings Our modern American Mother’s Day had antecedents. The ancient Greeks and Romans held festivals honoring the mother goddesses Rhea and Cybele. The most direct ancestor of the modern Mother’s Day, however, is the early Christian festival called “Mothering Sunday. This holiday dates back centuries to pre-Reformation days…

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