9 Virgo Gifts That Are Practically Perfect

Tshirt that says Virgo with a hat and small plant
Virgo Zodiac T-Shirt | Etsy, $30.39 & up

Let’s go, Virgo! Time to celebrate YOU! Closing out the summer, your birthday falls between August 23 – September 22. As an analytical earth sign, you’re known for perfect precision, care and attention to detail. As we welcome new routines of fall, bring on the practical Virgo vibes!

Ruled by Mercury: Planet of Communication
Element: Earth Sign – Stable, Grounded & Practical
Modality: Mutable Sign – Adaptable & Flexible
Lucky Crystals: Moss Agate, Amazonite, Lapis Lazuli
Lucky Colors: Earthy Green & Brown

♍ Elf-Picked Virgo Gifts

Virgos prefer simplistic and practical gifts over extravagant indulgences. You are literally a down-to-earth sign! Plus, your creative and inquisitive nature always appreciates a thoughtful gift. Dig into Virgo gifts that speak to your sign’s key traits in our Virgo Gift Guide.

Key Trait: Detail-Oriented

Gift: Funny Zodiac Candle

Fact: Virgos are detail oriented. You pay attention to the little things and are happiest when things are done right – just sayin’!

Funny Virgo candle describing the zodiac sign

Funny Zodiac Candle | $19.95

Key Trait: Practical

Gift: Aesthetic Daily Planner

No one loves a to-do list like a Virgo. As a practical Earth Sign, you are logical and systematic in your daily routines. Perfect for work or school, this simple planner will help you stay on track to do great things on the daily!

aesthetic daily planner as a practical gift

Aesthetic Daily Planner | Amazon, $11.99

Key Trait: Loyal

Gift: Custom Spotify Album Cover

As a Virgo, you are one of the most loyal friends to those you care about. Preserving precious moments and making memories with your besties, friends or family means the world to you. This cute custom Spotify album cover captures meaningful musical moments you love!

Artwork of Spotify Album Cover that can be personalized for a gift

Custom Spotify Album Cover | Etsy, $7.42 & up

Key Trait: Organized

Gift: Stylish Storage

Nothing satisfies a Virgo like seeing things neatly set in their place! The clean lines of these water hyacinth storage baskets made from renewable materials will take your organization game to new heights!

Water hyacinth storage baskets gift for organization

Water Hyacinth Storage Bins | The Container Store, $9.99 & up

Key Trait: Down To Earth

Gift: Plant Terrarium

It’s not a coincidence that your earth sign’s colors are green and brown; you care deeply for our planet and might just be a green thumb.  Grounded in nature, you also focus on continual growth. That’s why this propagation station is the perfect gift to nurture your favorite plant babies.

Plant terrarium for down to earth Virgo

Plant Terrarium | Amazon, $17.98

Key Trait: Creative Communicator

Gift: The Writer’s Toolbox

Creative Virgos love to express themselves through the written word. Inspire the ‘write’ side of your brain with this innovative toolbox full of prompts, games and creative inspo to let those words flow!

The Writer's Toolbox that features creative games for writing inspiration

The Writer’s Toolbox | Amazon, $24.95

Key Trait: Hardworking

Gift: Tree of Wisdom Yoga Mat

As a smart, hardworking Virgo, you need to take time for self-care! This Virgo szn, return to your roots and encourage inner relaxation with a yoga mat perfect for your practice.

Tree of Life yoga mat

Tree of Wisdom Yoga Mat | Amazon, $24.99

Key Trait: Nature Lover

Gift: National Parks Bucket List

As a nature-lover, you can’t wait to enjoy time in the great outdoors and in all likelihood, you’re nuts for the National Parks. Since you’re also a list maker, inspire your next National Park adventure with a detailed, bucket list journal to record where you’ve been and spark some inspo on where you’ll head next!

National Parks Bucket List journal for the nature lover

National Parks Bucket List | Etsy, $21.99

Key Trait: Health Conscious

Gift: Portable Smoothie Blender

Virgos are very health conscious and sensitive to what’s happening in their body. This portable blender will give you just the nutrients you need in a smoothie, even on the go. Plus, its petite size makes it the perfect blender to stay healthy at home, in the office or out on an adventure.

portable smoothie blender makes a great gift for health conscious people

PopBabies Portable Smoothie Blender | Amazon, $29.99

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