The 7 Best Eid Gift Ideas for Friends

These Eid gift ideas will make the holiday even more festive.

Ramadan can perhaps be understood as a gift you give to yourself. Through your faith, you are given the gift of quietude, of contemplation, or thoughtfulness. You give yourself the gift of thinking about others through charity. You have the gift of peace. 

Eid, of course, is at the end of Ramadan, it in and of itself is a gift: the dawn at the end of the night; the new day for a newly-refreshed you. But, in addition to the metaphorical gifts, there is also another kind: real gifts. 

Exchanging presents, both small and big, is a huge part of Eid for both children and adults. The sweets taste sweeter on Eid, and the smiles exchanged between friends seem bigger. The gifts on Eid aren’t merely things to exchange, but expressions of the community, and the bonds of faith you share. 

That’s why these 7 best Eid gift ideas for friends are a good starting point for thinking about your Eid celebrations. They are more than something you exchange. They are something you give. They are an extension of the gift of Ramadan. 

3 of the Best Eid Gift Ideas for Children

Eid is about having fun for kids, but it is also so much more. It’s a chance to learn more about their heritage, and see how joyful it can be to celebrate culture. It’s a time to remind them that family and love and joy and faith and inseparable. These Eid gifts for children can do just that. 

Arts and Crafts Gifts. Kids love to create. Getting them arts-and-craft gifts, such as these Eid Mubarak lanterns and moon-and-stars set, can let them create beautiful Islamic nightscapes. Combining arts-and-crafts with storytelling is one of the games to play for Eid. 

Sweets. OK, this one is a no-brainer. Kids love sweets, and adults won’t mind taking a little bit for themselves. Sweets are a huge part of any Eid celebrations. After the fasting of Ramadan, they are all the more delicious. Almonds, juices, halwa, honey, cakes, dates, pistachios—these are the flavors of the holiday, and sure to spur sweet memories in the adults.

Money. This is actually a very traditional gift—a few pounds or lira or dollars or dinars or ringgit or rupees or naira or anything. This helps teach kids the value of giving to those without (because kids don’t have money) which is one of the key lessons of the season. And if you give it to them in Ramadan gift card holders, they’ll connect their happiness with the moment. 

4 of the Best Eid Gift Ideas For Adults

It is traditional for adults to exchange small gifts on Eid as well. These can be trinkets, personal items, food/candy, or anything else. Here are a couple of ideas that have Eid-themed significance. These are all drawn from an Eid gift guide on our favorite Secret Santa generator. 

Islamic Decor Sculpture. This breathtaking egg sculpture, representing rebirth and newness, is delicately inlaid with the Aytul Kursi, one of the most famous and moving passages of the Quran. The sublimity of the engraving is a direct tribute to the long history of Islamic art, and the deep roots that calligraphy has in the expression of faith. It’s a beautiful piece, and deep with meaning. 

Eid Photo Booth Props. OK, this one is a little less solemn, but Eid is a celebration. Photo booths are a part of more and more gatherings, and this is fun for older children and adults of all ages. Filled with fun sayings like “the only month I have a date every night!”, these props are sure to bring a smile to your face every time you see the pictures. And you don’t actually need a photo booth—any camera can capture the fun. 

Adult Islamic Coloring Book. Coloring is huge among adults right now: it’s a way to be peaceful, to be meditative, and to be creative. And these coloring books are the perfect way to do that. Filled with the subtle beauty of classic Islamic art, they connect you with your culture and your history while helping connect you with inner peace. And what’s more sacred than that? 

A Donation in their Name. Historically, one gives gifts to the poor for Eid, from a donation of money to a bag of rice at the door of a hungry household. Today, you can make a donation to a charity of your choice in your friend’s name. This is a beautiful gesture and heavy with meaning for the holiday. Let them know using some Eid holiday gift envelopes.

The Best Way To Exchange Your Best Eid Gift Ideas for Friends

There’s no wrong way to exchange gifts this Eid. One of our favorite ways is to have a Secret Eid gift exchange. That way, you have the benefits of surprise and mystery, the fun of guessing, and the deep love that comes with getting someone something they want. 

We love playing Secret Eid with an online generator. It makes it easy to draw names virtually from anywhere in the world, create gift lists online, and shop directly from your giftee’s list while remaining anonymous. 

Eid is all about a celebration of our rediscovered commitment to our faith, to each other, to charity, and to peace on earth. The gifts you exchange promote that feeling, which at the end of the day, is the biggest gift of all. 

If a Secret Eid gift exchange is part of your celebration, you want a Secret Santa generator that makes everything go smoothly. Elfster makes it easy to pair people up, shop for gifts, and start a Wishlist. Plus, you can access it all from an iPhone app or Android app

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