Gifts for Yoga Lovers to Add Namaste to Their Day

Gifts for yoga lovers

Spreading love through gift giving can do wonders to promote your good karma. Just ask an elf! Check out these elf-picked gifts for the yoga lovers in your life that both acknowledge their passion and help them salute the sun. It’s just another way to nama-sleigh gift giving all year long!

7 Elf-Picked Gifts for Yoga Lovers

non-slip socks gift for yoga lovers
Image courtesy: Amazon

Yoga Socks

Keep them grounded in every pose. Yoga socks are designed to grip the floor while still giving your toes flexibility to move and stretch. Socks might seem like an uninspiring gift, but any yoga enthusiast will certainly appreciate focusing on their practice, without the fear of falling.

flowy yoga tank top gift for yoga lovers
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Yoga Tank Top

With yoga, you need to be comfortable. There’s no one right way to dress, but a lot of people like wearing a flowy yoga tank top, which gives them breathability, keeps them cool, and lets them move. It’s also loose-fitting, which some people prefer over skin-tight workout clothes. It’s all about individual preferences. 

classic yoga pants gift for yoga lovers
Image courtesy: Zulily

Yoga Pants

Here are some classic yoga pants, which balance yoga needs and athleisure stylishness. But most importantly, these give you the flexibility you need while promoting muscle tone. 

yoga microfiber towel gifts for yoga lovers
Image courtesy: Nordstrom

Yoga Microfiber Towel

Yoga, no matter the temp, will make you sweat a bit. That’s why it’s great to have a yoga microfiber towel that quickly absorbs sweat so you can stay balanced and keep up your routine. 

adjustable yoga mat bag
Image courtesy: lululemon

Yoga Mat Bag

Yoga mats aren’t always easy to carry around, especially if you’re also carrying other things. That’s why a yoga mat bag that you can just sling over your shoulder makes a handy gift. And if it’s stylish and cool? That’s a little slice of peace draped over your right arm. 

yoga anatomy coloring book
Image courtesy: Amazon

Yoga Books

Yoga is simple but also really complex. (How’s that for wisdom?) There are a lot of great books about yoga, from ones about going beyond the poses to really tap into the heart of the practice to the Yoga Anatomy Coloring Book (which isn’t intended for kids, by the way). Picking up one of these books for your giftee can be a great way to help them learn more about their practice. 

high density foam roller
Image courtesy: Amazon

Foam Roller

Okay, this one isn’t strictly just for yoga. But you know how yoga works all your muscles? Yeah, that means they can get sore. And you aren’t at your downward dog best when you’re sore. That’s why a high-density foam roller is a great way to make sure that your mind and your body stay sharp. 

Find the Perfect Gifts for Yoga Lovers

If you’re looking for the perfect gifts for yoga lovers, explore our Health and Wellness Gift Guide or search in the Elfster Shop for topics like “athleisure wear,” “yoga,” or anything like that. That way, you can easily search through the top brands in the world. That’ll be enough to make you say, “Namaste.” 

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