How to Make Babys First Birthday Gift Registry

Gifts to buy for baby's first birthday.

Baby's first birthday gift registry
Make your baby’s first birthday memorable—for you, at least. | Image courtesy Unsplash user

Preparing for your baby’s first birthday party also creates another first for your baby: a first birthday gift registry. When you’re planning a first birthday party for your kid, I can’t recommend using an online registry highly enough.

My first birthday party for my son went the way most first birthdays go; it wasn’t so much a party for my baby as it was a party about him. As a one-year-old, he had very little idea of what was going on—including what kind of gifts he needed or wanted. As his mother, it was my job to ask on his behalf with a baby registry.

As he was my first baby, I wasn’t entirely sure what sorts of items to request. Toys and clothes were obvious choices, but if everyone bought those, I wouldn’t have gotten other things he needed. So, I set up an online registry and sent the link to my guests. That way, they could buy my son gifts that would help support him—and me—as he moved into toddlerhood.

Dos and Don’ts For First Birthday Gifts

Shoes for your toddler.
Now that your baby is on their feet, they’ll need shoes. | Image courtesy Etsy seller StitchesAndSoles.

By now, you’ve probably realized your baby isn’t going to be much help with creating his birthday wish list!  That’s going to fall on you. When I was making my baby’s first wish list, I focused on the things he’d need now that he was in the cruising toddler years.

These are a few of the dos and don’ts I picked up in my research:

  • Do ask for shoes: This is probably your baby’s first registry since his baby shower. During that baby shower, you were probably told to not ask for shoes. However, at one year old, your child is probably on his feet a lot. Now is the time to get shoes to support that exploring.
  • Don’t ask for nice shoes: Your baby is going to grow fast and the shoes that fit this month might not fit next month. Don’t waste money on expensive shoes, as your baby is going to grow out of them very fast—if they don’t get ruined on the playground first.
  • Do ask for teething rings: Stock up on teething rings as your baby’s first set of teeth have likely started to appear. Choose easily washable rings that you can freeze so your baby can soothe his sore gums.
  • Don’t ask for bath toys: Everything becomes a teething ring when your baby reaches the toddler stage. Bath toys are a concern as they have the potential to grow mold, which your baby could put in his mouth. Stay away from bath toys until the teething stage is over.
  • Your baby will need a teething ring.
    Teething rings soothe sensitive gums. | Image courtesy Etsy seller EvieBabyCo.

    Do ask for toys that engage: Look for toys that engage babies and get them familiar with things like animals, colors, numbers, and the alphabet. Toys that support early learning will set them up for success later in life.

  • Don’t ask for toys that distract: Toys that just make a lot of noise without engaging your baby should be avoided for his development—and your sanity! You may also want to avoid toys with flashing lights as these can cause an adverse reaction for seizure-prone children.

As you’re going through your baby’s wish list, keep in mind he’s going to develop rapidly this year. He’ll switch from baby food to regular food, begin walking, and may even start potty training! Those milestones should be at the forefront of your mind as you organize your online baby registry.

How to Organize Baby’s First Birthday Gift Registry Online

Educational and engaging baby toys.
Engaging baby toys stimulate your little one’s imagination. | Image courtesy Etsy seller ROSTOKtoys.

To set up a baby’s first registry online, you can use a site like Elfster. Choose one that allows you to consolidate your wish lists from multiple sites, rather than a retailer-specific one. That way, you can search the internet far and wide for gifts for your baby.

As you create your child’s wish list and seek out these gifts, be sure to:

  • Check age limits: Toys and games have a recommended age range listed on them, and those age ranges are usually spot on. Stick to toys in the toddler category to stay safe.
  • Review materials: Countries have different guidelines for what’s safe, as do companies. Make sure you’re buying from a retailer with high material safety standards that meet US standards, regardless of their country of origin.
  • Search for recalls: For toys that babies ride on, like bikes and scooters, make sure to check retailer sites for any recalls due to safety issues before adding them to your wish list.
  • Look up gift guides: Gift guides specific to baby’s first birthday will make it much easier to seek out options that are perfect for your young toddler.
Celebrate your baby's first birthday.
Set your baby up for success down the road. | Image courtesy Unsplash user Rahel Daniel.

After you research these items, with the right registry, you can add the gifts you want to your list directly from the link. With Elfster, you can take this a step further, using a browser-based one-click button that allows you to add items directly from their sales page in one easy step. You can create a registry easily online, which you can then share via email, text, or on social media.

Your baby’s first birthday is more of a milestone for you than it is for your child. After all, your baby won’t remember it, but you will treasure this day forever. Your registry should be designed with your baby’s development in mind, as the first year is a very important one. Use your baby’s first birthday gift registry as an opportunity to stock up on the items they need to enter their toddler years happy and healthy.

If you’re looking for safe and educational gifts for your baby’s first birthday gift registry, browse Elfster’s Baby’s First Birthday Gift Guide. For more ideas, visit Elfster on Facebook, or Instagram @Elfster, or Twitter @Elfster.

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