Elfster Features You Should Know About


2012 has been a year of growth for Elfster. We’ve seen unprecedented numbers in exchanges, new users, return users — and most important to YOU, the elf, we’ve been growing in usability too! Some of these we’ve talked about before, but here’s a list of some of the best features we’ve added or improved on in the last year!


Child accounts are for any account you need to care for, and now you can do it all under one log in!  We see moms and dads making accounts for kids, grandparents for their grandchildren, and even plenty of administrative professionals maintaining accounts for their bosses!  Just click on the gear in the top right corner of any Elfster page once you’re logged in to begin.

Already made accounts for someone?  Choose “Link Existing Account” and you can merge accounts together in no time!


We’ve completely overhauled our help section with clear instructions on the most common queries for your exchange, big or small!  You can access our improved help system at the bottom of any Elfster page, or surf to https://www.elfster.com/help/

You can directly connect to our Twitter and Facebook here too!


Stumped on color, size, quantity, or need a detailed answer?  Ask your exchange partner an anonymous question!  It’s easy.  Just click on your partner’s name, then choose “Ask a Question” on the left hand side.  You can also look back at your recipients’ past questions to get some insight!

Is there a feature you think is overlooked, one you use every exchange, or wish could be improved?  Let us know via Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/elfster), Tweet us @Elfster, or leave a comment on this post!

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Meghan L has been elfing it since she joined the team in 2009. She enjoys coordinating exchanges, talking to organizers, and all things Christmas. Join her for an eggnog latte anytime at Elfster.com