This Mother’s Day, join us in raising our glasses to the women who have birthed, raised, and shaped us! The women who care about bringing up the next generation of healthy and intelligent citizens! The women who never forget a birthday, doctor’s appointment, or afternoon snack! And to thank them, we’ve gathered unique and inspiring Mother’s Day stories from our readers and from our friends:


The greatest gift my mother ever gave to me was herself — imperfections and all. One Mother’s Day, my son made me a plant in his first grade class. He said it needed three things, “sun, water, and patience.” As mother’s we often need help with that last part, but we owe it to ourselves to give each other some credit and remain a team connected — Family, friends, etc… My favorite Mother’s Day gift has always been the dandelion bouquets and homemade cards presented by my three kiddos. Priceless.

– Christine Carr, author of “Mother Daze: Tales From The Imperfect Playground”

A great gift for Mom’s is a note by itself or with a gift. Perhaps tell her the times that really hit home from a vacation, or a talk, a time she gave great advice, or a game that meant a lot. Often we assume that Moms know when something meant a lot but that’s not always clear. A note about when something she did meant a lot is very uplifting. Instead of a card saying it, thought that is great also, words from the heart of a child is incredible.

– Liz Cosline

I have two teenage kids and own an all natural chocolate shop. Last year I told my kids “guys, I’m sorry to say I brought work home with me today and I need your help.” They smiled–I think they were on to me. I had 13 different international chocolates with me, so for dessert, we sampled all of them and made notes about which ones were best and which we could do without! It was totally fun and the kids loved it… Something I’d recommend for all moms. I got my research done and they got to try chocolates from around the world… Work, work, work!

– Julie Pech

This happened several years ago. Heather, my step daughter, was living with me, my husband and our two toddler boys and Heather’s mom Laura, who lived in another state, sent ME a mother’s day card, thanking me for being a good mom to her child.

Still brings tears to my eyes.

And, yes, I still have that card, almost 20 years later.

– Valerie Cudnik

The most special gift I got from my kids is a YouTube Mother’s Day Rap! I am a mother of triplets who are spread across the country at three different universities. They put this together even though they were on three parts of the continent! It is very special to me because it is so touching how they took stories from their growing up years that I had told them and put it to music. Everything that they sing about is true – running away from home, getting lost in a mall, wet sheets, family dinners, game nights, driving minivans, etc. Last year was one of the greatest Mother’s Day for me!

– Moschel Kadokura, president of On-Task On-Time for Kids

As a stay/work at home dad, the traditional parenting roles in our house have changed but our kids still need their mom. With all the attention, love and care I give them, there is nothing like a mom’s hug, kiss or even just a good word. Mother’s day is a special day and on that day we like to do something that is only for mom. A big surprise for her. This year, we prepared a towel with her initials on it and bought her the entry pass for a full day filled with Spa treatments. When she comes out we hope that she will be relaxed and calm and ready for another year of solid good fun with us.

– Barack Levin

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