7 Ways To Host Your Next White Elephant With A Twist

7 Ways To Host Your Next White Elephant With A Twist

The White Elephant gift exchange is a time-honored tradition cherished for its humor, suspense, and surprise blend. While the classic White Elephant rules have delighted generations, a world of creative possibilities is waiting to infuse new life into this beloved game.

Themed White Elephant

Why stick to a generic gift exchange when you can infuse a theme into your White Elephant game? In a Themed White Elephant, participants bring gifts that adhere to a specific theme, such as “nostalgia,” “movies,” or “travel.” This adds a layer of creativity and makes the gift selection process more intriguing.

Imagine unwrapping a gift that transports you back in time or reflects your favorite movie. Themes can be tailored to your group’s interests, ensuring each gift is a conversation starter and a cherished keepsake.

Mystery Box Exchange

Inject an element of mystery and intrigue into your White Elephant game with a Mystery Box Exchange. Instead of bringing a wrapped gift, participants place their gifts inside identical, unmarked boxes. No one knows what’s inside until they choose a box to open.

This twist adds an exciting level of uncertainty, as participants can’t judge a gift by its wrapping. The element of surprise is heightened, making the game even more enjoyable. Mystery Box Exchanges often result in laughter and amazement as unexpected treasures are revealed.

Auction Style White Elephant

Give your White Elephant game a dose of sophistication by hosting an Auction Style White Elephant. In this variation, participants are given a set amount of “play money” or “auction bucks” at the beginning of the game. When it’s their turn, they can choose a gift from the pile or bid on gifts presented by others.

The competitive bidding process adds an element of strategy and excitement. High-demand gifts may spark fierce bidding wars, while less popular items become steals of the night. The participant with the most valuable collection of gifts at the end is the ultimate winner.

Blindfolded Selection

Try the Blindfolded Selection White Elephant game for a hilarious and unpredictable twist. In this version, participants must don blindfolds before choosing or stealing gifts. The blindfolded aspect adds an element of chaos as players fumble their way to their selected presents.

Blindfolded Selections often result in laughter and amusing mix-ups as participants try to discern the shape and feel of gifts without the advantage of sight. It’s a surefire way to inject humor into your gift exchange.

Regifting Revival

Embrace the art of regifting with the Regifting Revival White Elephant game. Participants bring a gift they received in the past but never found a use for or want to pass along. The catch is that the gifts must be in good condition and appropriate for the group.

This twist adds an element of nostalgia and humor as participants share their past gift-giving experiences. It also serves as a reminder that, sometimes, the most unexpected gifts can bring joy and laughter to a gathering.

Left or Right Gift Passing

In the Left or Right Gift Passing variation, participants follow a predetermined story or instructions that dictate when and where gifts are passed. A designated host reads the story aloud, and participants pass their gifts left or right whenever the words “left” or “right” appear.

This twist introduces an element of anticipation and coordination as participants eagerly await their cues to pass their gifts. The story can be humorous or festive, adding to the game’s overall enjoyment.

Yankee Swap

Yankee Swap is a lively and competitive twist on the White Elephant game. Participants draw numbers to determine the order in which they choose or steal gifts. When it’s their turn, they can select a new gift from the pile or “swap” with any previously chosen gift.

The catch is that once a gift is swapped, it’s considered “frozen” and can’t be stolen again during that round. This variation keeps the game moving quickly and adds an element of strategy as participants strategize when to make their moves.

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