How to Make a Wish List for Tweens

A wish list for tweens will help you find the perfect gift.

Remember when you were approaching the teen years and had a regular pattern of calling out, “I’m bored!” I do! It’s just something about that age. While we can’t always entertain our kids, we can use helpful tools to fight boredom.

I refer to them as “boredom busters.” It’s a tip I give to my friends who are parents of tweens. A “boredom buster plan” for you, your kids, and their friends can help you all survive downtime. Let’s start by looking at how to make a wish list for tweens to foster creativity and beat boredom any day! 

How to Make a Wish List for Tweens

As far as boredom goes, sometimes you just have to take action! That’s where making wish lists that keep kids entertained comes in handy. Parents can set up an account, and you can edit a wish list for your tweens, review it, and remove items if necessary. 

Soon, your tweens will be too busy to be bored. Instead, they’ll be spending their time looking for gift ideas for birthdays, holidays, and gift exchanges. 

Using a Website to Set Up Your Wish List

Start a wish list online so your tween can add items from an online gift guide. You can use a computer and register with:

  • Your name
  • User name
  • Email
  • Birthday
  • Password

Once you’ve entered your preliminary information, you can start making your tweens’ wish list(s) following an easy, step-by-step process that is free to use. You can even make multiple family wish lists.

Using an App for Convenience

You can also use an iPhone app or an Android app to set up or make changes to your account and wish list for tweens. Here’s how:

  1. Download the app, then sign up with email or Facebook. 
  2. Add items to your wish list.
  3. Allow your tweens to add items from online retailers.
  4. Review and edit the wish list.
  5. Find gift inspiration from online gift guides.
  6. Share the wish list with friends and family.
    • Participants will receive a welcome email with information about your group and any gift exchanges you may be hosting.
    • Friends and family can just follow the link to add their information.
    • By following the sign-up link, others can join your group online. This enables parents of tweens to get their tweens set up with wish lists, too. Then, you can coordinate gift exchanges with your friends, family, and social network easily.
    • Everyone can make their own wish lists or help their tweens create lists.
    • You can buy directly from a wish list and even send anonymous messages to ask clarifying questions. 
    • You can even draw names randomly for exchanges.

The iPhone and Android apps make wish list management so much simpler, providing a one-stop place for gift exchange coordination, RSVPs, reminders, and gift guides. 

Enjoy Gift Guides

Online gift guides for tweens will help you and your tween find the perfect ideas. Gift guides make shopping easier because there’s an extensive variety of gifts from all major retailers. You can browse by category, price range, and even search for specific terms. 

You can buy a gift for someone in your group or for your own tween. You will then mark that the item has been purchased. And it can be shipped directly to your tween or your gift exchange participant. 

Making a Wish List for Tweens

Making a wish list for tweens is an easy process. It’s not time-consuming, and it’s never boring as there are so many options to choose from. 

As a parent, it’s important to arrange social gatherings that your tweens can look forward to. A “boredom buster” to eliminate the frequent “I’m bored!” statements—or at least bring them to a bare minimum—is very helpful! 

Your wish list for tweens just might be the answer for filling the void so your tweens have something to do regularly with family, friends, and neighbors. 

If you want to start a Wish List for tweens, Elfster is here to help. We have everything you need to run the perfect gift exchange, whether from your computer or from an iPhone app or Android app.

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