How to Have Fun During Quarantine with Secret Santa

Secret Santa is a great way to connect during quarantine.

It all started with DJ D-Nice hosting Instagram Live dance parties weekly. Then GRiZ, an up-and-coming Detroit DJ, and 23 other artists hosted a 24-hour dance and reconnect party online. While that might not be the norm for reconnecting with friends and may or may not be your thing, it’s definitely an exciting way to unite during a difficult time.

Regardless, you, your friends, family, and social network deserve to have fun, let loose, and enjoy some laughs together! When you’re wondering how to have fun during quarantine, know that you can connect for a variety of joyful activities virtually with a Secret Santa gift exchange to top it off!

How to Have Fun During Quarantine and Connect Virtually

When you want to connect with friends and have fun during quarantine, you need a way to set up your event easily and create a memorable time. Here’s how to accomplish that:

1. Set Up Your Event with a Free Online Secret Santa Generator

Choose a free online Secret Santa generator that enables you to set up the basic details of the event. Be sure to find an online generator that allows for random name drawing and anonymous communication so that you can include a gift exchange.

Choose your theme and set a price limit if you want. Share any necessary links (i.e. for video conferencing) with participants. Then, you’re ready to plan your interactive event:

2. Plan and Host an Interactive Event

Here are some virtual ideas to get you off to the races:

Talent Contest

What better fun than a talent contest with your besties! It’s up to you how formal you want this event to be.

Ask every participant to:

  • Use a video conferencing platform to join your party.
  • Come prepared with a talent. It could be singing, dancing, poetry reading, a painting, a card trick, a special handstand—anything!. Whatever it is, make it fun and meaningful. Participants can rehearse if they want to or just wing it!
  • Remember, this talent will be shared live via video, so make sure the talent is appropriate and fun and that there’s plenty of room in your space to capture the talent.
  • Take turns sharing talents at the time of the event, then do a gift exchange or pre-send prizes.

Remind participants to start a wish list so that everyone gets a prize for participation.

A Virtual Safari

Send out your invitation via a Secret Santa generator and encourage everyone participating to put together a safari-themed wish list for a simple gift exchange after.

Email the link of your chosen virtual wildlife safari for the live or pre-recorded streaming portion of the event. A few options that are popular right now are, Wildwatch Live, and WildEarth. You can tune in to see giraffes, bears, lions, leopards, and more at specific times of the day or you can select a pre-recorded safari.

Then, have a video call to share your favorite stories, a bit of safari-related trivia, and wrap up with a safari gift exchange.

Fitness Fun Party

This party can serve as a one-time party or as an official launch of a wellness or fit club for you and your friends. Have everyone bring one workout song to the party—a favorite oldie’s or 80s tune or a silly country line dance song. In fact, make up your own line dance! 

As the host, set up the invitation in your Secret Santa generator, and at the time of the event, lead the initial warm-up and stretching period, as well as the wind-down.

Have participants share their favorite song and work-out maneuver. If you’re doing a workout series, update your invitation to reflect that and send reminders to encourage maximum participation. Ask everyone to set up a wish list for birthdays, anniversaries, and club membership prizes. Draw names from a hat virtually when you plan to do gift exchanges.

Lego Building Party 

Legos aren’t just for kids anymore! Many adults are hosting contests to build the most difficult Lego contraptions. Host a birthday or anytime building contest. Use or buy Legos, KNEX build, TinkerToys, and even a bracelet-maker for those into lighter construction.

See who can create the most impressive contraption, and top it all off with a gift exchange orchestrated using your iPhone or Android app

Whatever you decide to do, a Secret Santa generator will help you iron out all of the details quickly. Plus, participants can browse gift ideas from multiple sites in advance of the event, adding items to their wish list for prizes and gift exchanges.

Ignite Fun with a Quarantine Party

A Secret Santa gift exchange can be a great way to experience joy—even if you’re not in the same room—when you’re trying to figure out how to have fun during quarantine.

By incorporating one of the ideas above, you’ll ignite fun with family and friends while helping everyone in your social circle stay positive and connected. In fact, you’ll turn this time into rewarding entertainment you’ll never forget!

If you’re ready to have fun during quarantine with Secret Santa, you want a Secret Santa generator that simplifies the process. Elfster makes it easy to plan an event, shop for gifts, and start a Wish List. And you can access it all from an iPhone app or Android app

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