How to use a Draw Names from a Hat App for Your Next Gift Exchange

A draw names from a hat app will make gift exchanges much easier.

Trading gifts with friends, family, and coworkers is so much fun that it’s hard to imagine how it could get any better. But surprisingly, it can! 

You can make your next gift exchange party more fun by using a draw names from a hat app. Sure, there’s an app for everything these days. But a gift exchange app really does solve a lot of problems and can make your next party go a lot smoother. 

How Does a Draw Names from a Hat App Work?

Using a gift exchange app with a Secret Santa generator is super easy. Here’s how:

  • Invite people to join the gift exchange website or download the app. 
  • The app will automatically pair people up. You can even set exclusions if, say, you don’t want spouses to get each other’s names.
  • Participants make their wish lists. A great gift exchange generator will let you add items from multiple websites and provide gift guides to make shopping easy. With an app, you can even update your wish list by snapping a picture of an item as you’re going about your day.
  • When you buy a gift for someone, you can mark the item as purchased. If you want to check on anything, you can also send anonymous questions!
  • Last of all, it’s time to trade gifts! They can be shipped to recipients or you can swap them in person. 

And with the convenience of an app, all these features are accessible right from your pocket. 

The Benefits of a Gift Exchange App 

Drawing names from a hat virtually pairs people up at random, which has great benefits. It can match up unlikely pairs, such as coworkers who don’t really know each other. It can start new friendships, especially in large organizations. And it can simplify gift-giving for families or friends who can’t always be in the same room for the holidays.

A gift exchange generator makes any party more fun and spreads good cheer to everyone. We all love getting a gift; the surprise, the anticipation. And when you use a draw names from a hat app, you’ll get a gift you want―because you picked it out yourself! 

And a draw names from a hat app makes gift selection a breeze. As a shopper, all you have to do is choose an item on the recipient’s list, and order it. You’ll never have to stress over whether your selection will be well-received. Then you can kick back and watch the recipient’s reaction as they open the gift. The joy your present brings is perhaps the best gift of all. 

An Electronic Gift Hat is Where it’s App

When you use a draw-names-from-a-hat app, everyone has a good time. Everyone gets what they really want because they chose it themself. And everyone can give a gift that’s well-received, which spreads the joy of giving. It easily organizes any gift exchange and takes the manual leg work out of planning. 

Make your next holiday or party a social event that brings people closer together—but don’t stress yourself out planning it. Use a draw names from a hat app to easily organize your exchange. It’s simple and can be set up in less than a minute. 

The days of tossing names into a physical hat are over. An electronic gift hat is where it’s app. 

Elfster makes gift exchanges fun and easy. You can make sure everyone gets a gift they love by making a Wish List. Try using our Secret Santa generator to automatically pair gift-givers and recipients up. And you can send gifts on-the-go using our iPhone or Android apps

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