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Oh, look at that. Little Preston landed himself on the Honor Roll this year. What mirth, what joy! And what a load of self-serving humbug.

Maybe you’ve noticed, or maybe you’ve skated by on the assumption that your life is that interesting, but Christmas card correspondence has reached peak redundancy in this age of constant communication. Social media gives us a platform to share, and over-share, life’s most moderately impressive moments. And yet, the barrage of bragging rights continues every holiday season.

Here’s a status update: Your friends and family already know that you “found yourself” in Machu Picchu this summer. Don’t you think your loved ones deserve better than a two-page, single-spaced, “you-had-to-be-there” story?

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In yuletides of yore, such a riveting development as Emma’s dance recital may very well have merited an end-of-the-year recap, but these days, your relations are silently crying uncle as they pine for more useful information. So here’s our suggestion for the next round of season’s greetings: What if, instead of filling people in on all the fun they missed this year, you gave them an opportunity to be more present in your future?

By that we mean, what if you took the past out of the equation, and shifted the focus on being together for the good times ahead? Sure, you can give a quick nod of gratitude to the great things that happened, but there’s no reason to repeat what’s already common knowledge on Facebook. Opt for a more inclusive, insider angle, and give your readers a look at where your life is headed next, and by extension, a chance to play a bigger part in it going forward.

Holiday Newsletter Ideas, Tips & Insights

Here are a few ideas to keep your greetings focused on the future, with key information the folks can truly look forward to:

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  1. List your tentative travel dates and locations in the upcoming year, so friends and family know when you’ll be in their neck of the woods.
  2. Set aside a few weekends for hypothetical houseguests, and let your crew know they’re welcome to invite themselves over.
  3. Share a few of your goals for the next 365. You may get some tips on how to improve that golf swing, or even raise money for your favorite charity.  
  4. Give recommendations, like your top 10 books, TV shows, and recipes you don’t want them to miss.
  5. Throw-out a few events that you’re interested in attending, and when and where they’ll be. (It’s not easy roping people in for a last-minute concert, but a yearly heads-up just might clear the calendars.)
  6. Love being right? Make a few fun predictions on what the New Year will bring, whether it involves your loved ones themselves or the state of the world in general. It’ll make the inevitable “I-told-you-so” even sweeter.

See? With a little more forward-thinking, your holiday greetings can bring your near and dear closer, with nary a mention of Bartholomew’s GPA (impressive though it may be).

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