Babywearing Mommas Celebrate the Bonds of Motherhood

TMother's Day gift guide 3here is no love greater than a mother for her child. This indescribable bond is both unbreakable and unending. To celebrate the bonds of motherhood, a special group of moms from all over the United States who practice babywearing — wearing or carrying their baby in a sling or carrier — are using Elfster to encourage and pamper each other (for a change) by hosting a secret Santa style gift exchange for Mother’s Day.

Although babywearing has been used by mothers for centuries, it has gained much more popularity all over the world in the last few decades. The benefits of babywearing are great for both mother and baby, creating a soothing environment for a calmer baby, as well as an intimate maternal bond and, of course, two free hands to take care of the tasks of daily life. Elfster applauds these devoted mommas!

We are a small group and became connected through our love of a baby carrier,” says Amanda Agee, organizer of the Pampered Cupcakes Mother’s Day gift exchange. “Sounds crazy, but there are many babywearing groups on Facebook and we branched off into a smaller group. We all love Babywearing, but our group is about so much more. We talk about everything from which outfit to wear, to medical issues. There are about 80 of us participating in this exchange.”

“Since most of our group has never met, we enjoy hosting exchanges for all occasions. Our Mother’s Day exchange is all about pampering each other. In our group we have answered questions about what pampering means to us and our likes and dislikes,” Amanda says. “In the past we have had a Starbucks mug exchange where we bought mugs from the city we lived in and exchanged them. We have also had a Valentine’s Day exchange and a Christmas exchange.”

“For this exchange, we placed a limit of $20 for the gift,” she adds. “We hope that everyone gets something that they will be able to pamper themselves.” And Elfster is so glad to help with some well-deserved pampering!

Since the group is part of an online community and live all over the country, Elfster is happy to help these moms get to know each other a little better. Amanda says, “The interactive q&a is great to learn more about each other, and the wish list is awesome to give everyone ideas of things each person needs/wants. It’s fun learning about each other through the interactive board.” Can’t wait to see what this group of busy moms is up to for their next Elfster gift exchange!

Mother’s Day is the perfect day to let the special moms in your life know just how much they mean to you all year long, so show her a little pampering, too! Check out Elfster’s Mother’s Day gift guide — it has something for everyone!

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