Dozens of Cookiers Exchange Tempting Treats


Yes, we all know that we elves love nothing more than sugary sweets to get them through the day. A candy cane here, a sip of maple syrup there… How do you think the staff at Elfster keeps up with the incredible demands of the job? And there are others who share our passion for the decadent — dozens of cookie artisans from all over the country who are currently using Elfster to exchange tempting treats. We knew we had to get to know them better!

Exchange organizer Ginny “The Creative Cookier” McCormick-Levack says “All Things Cookie” is a group of cookie decorators that use Facebook as a creative sounding board.  “There are over 270 experienced cookiers in this group and we look to each other for cookie baking support, creative inspiration, advice and friendship,” she explains. “Many of us have met at actual cookie conventions, like CookieCon and CookieCruises. Some of these members are hobby bakers; some are home bakers working under the laws of their states’ Cottage Bakery rules, while others own full blown storefront bakeries.” Members of the group must have “verifiable cookie decorating experience.” (Elfster staff began drooling at the idea of cookie conventions)


“When the idea for a cookie/gift exchange was suggested by a member, the whole group was excited at the prospect of sending a “secret pal” a few of their own cookie designs and a small cookie-related gift,” she explains. “One of our members had been part of a family gift exchange and suggested we try Elfster.” The wishlist feature is a “nice bonus” for these cookie connoisseurs, who wish for useful tools, like cookie cutters, food coloring pens and decorating tools, but most importantly, a chance to try each other’s creations!

And talk about sharing the love of cookies, Ginny is also busy organizing “Cookie Cruise 2015” from Galveston, Texas to sunny Cozumel, Mexico and back. What better way to live “All Things Cookie!” Sadly, the cruise set for January 2015 is sold out, but you can find more information here:


Ginny says using Elfster made the exchange organization process quick and easy, with very few glitches. “With the ease of use setting up an exchange, you made me look like a pro and all I had to do was click a few buttons!”

The cookiers plan to hold three exchanges each year, “And we will look to Elfster to continue to make them run smoothly!” And Elfster loves to be a part of such fun (and appetizing) exchanges no matter what the occasion! We can almost taste those cookies now!

We would love to hear the story of your community and how you are using Elfster, too.  You can reach us via Facebook here, or Tweet us @elfster.

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