Elfster Fitness Group is Bringing Sexy Back


We all know the value of being healthy and fit, but achieving the perfect balance takes plenty of motivation. So when a group of friends from all over the country decided to get in shape this spring, Elfster was glad to play a part in their wellness.

Domonique Williams, organizer of the “Bringing Sexy Back Fitness Team” exchange, describes her group as being exactly what it seems – “a group committed to reaching our weight, fitness and health goals… because as we all know, there is nothing sexier than a woman who takes care of herself and is living her best life!”

“I noticed that most of my friends and I were all trying to either lose weight, tone up, or eat better, so I thought to myself wouldn’t it be fun to do it together and support each other along the way?” Domonique says. “That’s when the idea for a social fitness group came to mind. I came up with the idea for every member to be assigned a buddy or “hottie,” as we refer to them, who would check in on you via email or text at least twice a week to see how you are doing with your goals. Every 3 months we have new goals to achieve, such as lose 15 pounds over the next three months or try to drink more water daily.”

Participants are expected to interact with their hottie and the rest of the team weekly, share their three goals with their hottie and the team, participate in Facebook group discussions, come out to monthly team activities, if possible, and just be committed to their goals and the mission of the team.

Domonique says she has known most of the group members since grade school, “thrown in with some people in my undergraduate alumni chapter, and friends of friends. Seems like every week someone else wants to join, which I love and welcome!”

“I have used Elfster in the past for Secret Santa Gift Exchanges. For my last gift exchange I did a Favorite Things Gift Exchange. We all had to not only provide a Secret Santa gift, but bring our 3 favorite things (3 of the same item) under $5 to share with 3 people in the group. It was great fun! People brought things like their favorite lotion and mini bottles of wine,” she says. “I decided to use Elfster for this exchange because it is the only site that I know of that matches people up anonymously. The ease of use is great and I’m just very familiar with the site, so I knew it would fit my needs for the group.”

Using Elfster to pair “hotties” anonymously was part of the group’s motivation, according to Domonique. “I know everyone, myself included, was super excited to check their emails to see who Elfster paired us with. I like that I didn’t have to match people up myself so that I could have that fun surprise to look forward to, as well.”

Would you like to be a part of this motivated group and bring your sexy back?

You can be included in the group’s next exchange by joining its group on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/625300734191507/

This is what Team Sexy Back is all about, according to Domonique:

“Some of us are trying to bring our sexy back and others are trying to maintain it. No matter where you fall on the spectrum there is a place for you on Team Sexy Back!

The goal of #TeamSexyBack is to provide a circle of support on our weight loss, fitness, and health journeys through monthly team activities, challenges, and weekly accountability check-ins with your hottie!

What is a hottie you ask? We all are! In this case, a hottie is your #teamsexyback buddy. Every team member is assigned a hottie who they are responsible for checking in on at least 3x a week via text, email, phone, etc…Every #teamsexyback member will interact, but it is beneficial to have one person you are accountable to.

We are open to new members if anyone wants to join!”

So what is this group up to next on Elfster? “I’m always planning something!” Domonique says. “My friends and I use the site annually for our Secret Santa party, so there is that to look forward to later this year.”

What are you doing to stay motivated to reach your own goals? Find some inspiration, and share your own ideas for our Wellness Guide.   Or,  visit us on Facebook or tweet us @elfster.

photo credit:  Method Fitness

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