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Trying to create and maintain a fitness plan can be tough. The ways to get started range from doing it on your own, using a fitness app, joining a gym, participating in a running or walking group, and countless others.  Elfster has found a group of women who are taking their fitness regime one step further.  In addition to connecting with each other via their Facebook group, they are also hosting gift exchanges to encourage their fitness pursuits.

The Facebook group is made up of over 6,000 women from all around the world.  They use the group to support and encourage each other and cheer each other on.  They share tips about their workouts, and let each other know what they are currently doing, and share ideas about new activities to try.

As a way to motivate each other even further, they decided to create gift exchanges.  The group uses the exchanges to select a fitness related gift to send to their exchange partner.  They have set up the exchange as a “pen-pal style” exchange, which means that they are matched with the same person to give and receive a gift from.

The group has hosted gift exchanges before, but as the group grew bigger, they were looking for a solution to help manage an exchange of their size.  That is where Elfster was able to help.  Their June exchange had over 200 participants.  An exchange is underway for July as well, and already has over 80 people signed up.  With two more weeks to go this is also expected to be a large exchange.  Using Elfster has allowed the group to stay organized, even as their numbers swell.

Wishlists are being used to let the group know what fitness activities they are currently doing, sizes for workout gear, and food preferences.  Wishes range from healthy cookbooks, clothing, workout DVDs, water bottles, balance balls and the list goes on!  Some people are using the exchange as a way to try something new by asking their partner to send them something to allow them to experience a new challenge.

We can not think of a better way to stay motivated then a surprise showing up each month.  In addition to making fitness a habit, they are making gift exchanges a habit!  Keep up the good work, ladies!

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photo credit:  Mandy Willard, Jack Newton

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