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March Moms Celebrate Baby’s First Birthday with Book Exchange

As many parents would agree, as a child grows, so too does the household’s “kid clutter.” That’s why a group of moms, who shared the joys of having babies last year, have decided to organize a secret “Birthday Book Exchange” on Elfster to celebrate the milestone of their babies’ first birthdays. Not only does this help control the inevitable clutter, but instills a lifelong love of reading as they happily expand their little ones’ libraries. [...]

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Group shares love of knitting with mystery exchange

The holiday season has come and gone, but at Elfster, we love to celebrate the joy of gift giving any time. And so do many of the groups that use Elfster, including a bunch of busy knitters participating in the MBOY (Mystery Ball of Yarn) exchange this winter. According to organizer Megan Hasley, “The group started as a spin-off from another group that began as a group for babywearing mothers. From the initial members, people [...]

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Baby Registries: What you need when you are expecting!

Do you know anyone who is expecting a baby in 2014?  Expectant parents are often seen flipping through a mountain of sites and running store to store in an exhausting effort to solve the riddle: what you need when you are expecting. The list of things you need for a baby, no matter if its your first or tenth, is daunting. The current crop of baby registries complicate things as much as they help!  Are [...]

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Comics enthusiasts fete the holidays

Comics Therapy  is a weekly podcast that promises, “No Reviews, Just Analysis. Comics, our lives, and the big issues we all deal with.”  The show is the work of two creators, Andrea Shockling and Aaron Meyers.  What sets their show apart from some others is that they do not do reviews or cover other industry news; they prefer to discuss the recent works, and host creator interviews. According to Andrea, the comics community is a [...]

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Handmade gift exchange connects Irish crafters

Who doesn’t love and appreciate receiving a special handmade gift?  For people who enjoy making crafts, sometimes they are more often on the giving side of handmade gifts, and less frequently receiving them.  One group of crafters decided to start a gift exchange group as a way to ensure that their members will receive something made just for them! The group is known as Knitmas, and includes knitters and other crafty folks.  All of the [...]

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The most wonderful time of the year!

  As you can imagine, this time of year is very busy for all of us at Elfster.  We love it.  We wait all year for this, and we get so excited when our site gets super busy!  We are inspired by all the groups that use Elfster, and love to hear their stories and find out more about the groups. One group that caught our eye, is the gift exchange for the followers of [...]

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Elfster Staff Spotlight

Elfster over the years has grown beyond our founder Peter’s family and the staff has grown apace.  We remain a small, agile staff who often wear more than one hat at our jobs, but we’re all doing what we love: helping people and making people happy!  We’ve been asked more than once about the people behind the elf and we’re happy to shed a little light on one of our most integral staff members.  If [...]

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Elfster: Past, Present, and Future

  Elfster has been around for ten holiday seasons and we wanted to take a quick look back and towards the future to see where we’ve been, and where we’re going.  It’s also a great way for us to show new users “the way things were” and to assure all users that we’re listening to your feedback and continuing to grow and refine our service. ELFSTER MOBILE When we first started Elfster, smart phones were [...]

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Online group offers members friendship, support and understanding

Many people are faced with the prospect of wanting to have a child and not being able, due to infertility issues.  The struggle can be an extremely emotional one, that is often not shared with friends and family — it’s hard to explain or articulate the feelings.  Having a person to talk to that can completely understand what you are going through can make a huge difference.  Elfster was pleased to find a group of [...]

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Back to School: Elfster can help

Even though it’s the beginning of August, everywhere you look, there are signs of Back to School.  The stores, the ads, and local campuses all seem to be gearing up.  The end of summer can make anyone feel a little bit sad — it seems like we look forward to the slower pace of summer,  more time outdoors, and mellow, light-filled days for so long, and then it goes by so quickly!  For some people, [...]

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