Father’s Day Activity Guide : Bringing Dad Up-to-Date

Father’s Day Activity Guide : Bringing Dad Up-to-Date

Father's Day Activity Guide- Bringing Dad Up to DateDad just wouldn’t be Dad without that little spark of, well, “Dadness” to him, right? We’re talking about socks with flip flops. Shamelessly boastful bumper stickers. An unparalleled enthusiasm for corny jokes.

Your father isn’t one to embrace new-fangled fashions or contemporary concepts, and some days, you’d swear he takes actual pleasure in embarrassing you and your siblings. But remember, this is the guy who taught you to ride a bike and haggle with a car salesman. The one who selflessly disclosed his top-secret mac and cheese recipe because you wanted to show-off at the company picnic. The guy who taught you more than you wanted to know about lawn-mowing and Murphy’s Law. Don’t you think it’s time to return the favor and teach Dad a few tips of your own?

To help bring him up to speed this Father’s Day, Elfster has a list of free activities to make modernizing Dad fun… He might even thank you for it later!


1. Set up Dad’s Facebook Account (or Revamp the One He Has)

Photo credit- VolantraYou’ve avoided it long enough. This Father’s Day, take the time to walk Dad through the daunting online profile-building process, and help him send his first friend request. We shouldn’t have to tell you this, but don’t decline Dad when he friends you! The world will not end if your father finds out you like the Stones and not the Beatles (though he  will  be a little disappointed.)

2. Take New Pictures for the Wallet

You’d better believe Dad still carries around your fourth-grade school portrait, and yes, he’s still proud to show it off to the neighbors! Now that the braces have come off, and the overbite corrected, you might consider gifting dad with a more flattering image of yourself to share with his friends. (Just be sure to confiscate the older version.)

3. Introduce Dad to the Wonderful World of YouTube

Spend the afternoon catching your father up on the best viral videos of the past several years. If he’s missed out on this key facet of pop culture over the previous decade, you two will doubtlessly share a few laughs. Plus, Dad will finally understand what’s so funny about a “Double Rainbow”.

4. Help Revamp His Vocab

With a handy cheat sheet of modern day expressions, Dad is sure to pick-up some catchphrases that are a little more current than the preferred “You da man!” Laminate a pocket-sized list of definitions for Pops to use as easy reference.

5. Teach Dad How to Skype

A good old-fashioned phone call will never go out of style. But a simple video conferencing service might make Dad’s timeless words of wisdom a bit easier to convey (with the added benefit of visual demonstration!) Show Dad the ropes on Skype, and enjoy your quality time like never before.

Photo credit- ElvertBarnes6. Find the Perfect Pair of Jeans

Dads aren’t immune to the dangers of denim. “Mom jeans” certainly have earned a bad rap in the fashion world, but believe it or not, “Dad jeans” are becoming an equally egregious infraction. Since he’d rather not go to the mall on his hard-earned day off, bring the shopping experience to Dad this Father’s Day. Buy a couple of updated jean options for him to try on in the comfort of his own man cave, and let him pick the pair he likes. You can return the rejects.

7. Set up an Elfster account!

Remember the time Dad got you the Air Supply Greatest Hits album for Christmas? Well, it could have been avoided if he only had access to your Elfster wishlist. Give your Father the gift of gifting by taking the guesswork out of future holiday shopping.

Sure. These Father’s Day activities are no substitute for a sweet new pair of socks. And we don’t recommend attempting the entire list in one afternoon. (Dad is pretty cool already, and probably doesn’t need a  complete  overhaul quite yet.) But when used as a supplement to the perfect card-and-gift-combo, you can be sure that trying some of these bonding activities will make for one meaningful day for Dad.

Happy Father’s Day!

Photo credit: Kennymatic , VolantraElvertBarnes
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