The Elf Week Wrapping Paper Relay

Roll out the transparent tape, and get your elf-friendly scissors into cutting position. Today is Day 2 of Elf Week 2010, and the Wrapping Paper Relay is well underway! If you haven’t been training for this strenuous sporting event, we won’t lie… You’re at risk for some serious hand cramps. So before you get “wrappy happy” on an unsuspecting Hula Hoop, read our official Elf Help Gift Wrapping articles for a helpful series of holiday how-to’s!

Shopping Bag Chic
The No-Wrap Gift Guide

Now, back to the Relay…

Current Wrapping Paper Relay Standings
Running on top of a giant roll of wrapping paper is no small feat…and it’s especially challenging while crossing a swimming pool full of hot eggnog! Still, in Fifth Place, Elf David is managing to keep his balance rather nicely. David caused a stir earlier this morning when he entered the arena wearing some fancy footwear (pointy elf clogs with separated toes!) But David swears by them, and seems to think they’ll give him and extra leg-up in the competition. We’ll have to wait and see…

In Fourth Place, Elf Shannon has now advanced to the paper-sizing portion of the relay.
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