The Elf Week Mall Duty March

On your mistletoes! Today is your final chance to grab those last-minute holiday gifts before Santa beats you to the tree. Now, we elves have spent an entire month posing for pictures in department stores across the globe, and frankly, our cheeks are getting tired… This Elf Week Mall Duty March sure has been a doozy!

Wild reindeer couldn’t drag us back into the mall after this rigorous event, but if Christmas snuck up on you, you might still have some last minute items to pick-up. Unfortunately, it’s a bit late for online shopping delivery, so you’ve basically got no choice but to brave the mall. Whatever you do, don’t panic! Just take a quick gander at these informative Elf Help articles, and you’ll be ready to crank the sleigh back into shopping mode in no time…

Shopping Therapy: Mall Stress-Busters

Man-Up at the Mall: A Guy’s Holiday Game Plan

Now, here’s what we’ve been up to all day with the Mall Duty March…

Current Standings

Elf Adrian has officially yelled “Dibs!” the loudest, earning First Place in this claims-staking event of the March. Apparently, he spotted an gift card he’s been jonesing for all year, and simply couldn’t contain himself. [read more]