The Elf Week Whippersnapper Round-up

This is the morning! If there’s ever a time for your angelic little snow bunny to unleash their inner “Naughty Kid” it’s today. Believe you we, they will take full advantage of this allowance! Billy hasn’t given up his slingshot all year for nothing…
When bouncing off the walls like a bonbon in a Piñata, children can make it difficult for a parent to keep the Spirit of the Season. So today’s Elf Week challenge is devoted to taming the tots during the Holidays. We call it the Whippersnapper Round-up!

Now, we know your little Sugar Plum is perfectly well-behaved, even on a day like today. But we suggest you take a look at these “Elf Help” articles anyway… For future reference!

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Now, for the highlights of the Whippersnapper Round-up…

Current Standings

Elf Ed currently has an air-tight grip on the lead, having dominated the infamous “Pass the Tyke” test. He managed to toss 98 youngsters across Santa’s lap in less than a minute with not one parental complaint! Ed says this gift is both an art and a science, but attributes his stamina to a daily dose of extra-caffeinated cocoa.
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