The Elf Week Reindeer Rally

Antlers Away! Today marks the midpoint of the Elf Week festivities, and we celebrate by paying homage to Elf’s Best Friend. The Reindeer Rally is a challenge that tests our way with the beasts, and also spruces the deer up in time for their Christmas debut.

In addition to rigorously training for the Rally, we elves have been diligently clipping the Reindeers hooves, making sure they produce that festive rooftop “Click, click, click!” sound that we all know and love. But whether your pet is a dog, cat, polar bear or penguin, we say they’re entitled to a little primping every now and again, and the holidays are the perfect time to show your appreciation! Giving your pet a Happy Holidays is easier than you might think. Just follow the advice of these handy Elf Help articles on the matter:

Gifts for the Dog Who’s Naughty and Nice
Ready for National Dog Day!

Now back to our coverage of the Reindeer Rally!

Current Standings

Elf Peter is in the lead, putting his final coat of shellac on Rudolph’s nose. (You didn’t think it shined all on its own, did you?) This task is a necessity for both aesthetic and weather-proofing purposes, and Peter is performing flawlessly. Looks like Rudolph will be named “Best in SNOW” for the 300th Christmas in a row!

The Talent portion of the competition has been dominated by Elf Shannon, who in Second Place, has choreographed quite an impressive routine for ole Blitzen. [read more]