9 Capricorn Gifts to Indulge the G.O.A.T.

Happy Birthday, Capricorn! You are the G.O.A.T (Greatest Of All Time)! Reigning the zodiac from Dec. 22 to Jan. 19, just as the bustling holiday season hits its peak, we know you appreciate gifts that are well-made and thoughtful—and you’re definitely into quality over quantity.

Ruled by Saturn: Planet of responsibility, hard work & determination 
Element: Earth Sign — Stable, Grounded & Practical
Modality: Cardinal Sign — Leading us into the Winter Season
Lucky Crystals: Red Garnet, Black Onyx, Sodalite
Power Colors: Brown, Black, Gray

🐐 Elf-Picked Gifts for Capricorn

Explore our Capricorn Gift Guide that’s ALL CAPS. Add these gifts to your own birthday Wishlist and have fun learning more about your sign along the way.

Key Trait: Practical

Gift: 2024 Botanical Planner

As an Earth sign, you’re all about practicality. Fit for daily, weekly, monthly or long-term organization, this pretty botanical planner not only channels your love for gardening, but will help nurture your success.

2024 planner botanical planner book for practical Capricorn gift

2024 Botanical Planner | Amazon, $7.99

Key Trait: Ambitious

Gift: Crystal-Infused Zodiac Nail Polish

Classic and practical, the deep rich tones of this crystal-infused nail polish will help you show off your sophistication. Infused with Garnet crystals, a stone of regeneration, it will help to revitalize and empower you as you work towards your goals.

Crystal-Infused Capricorn Zodiac nail polish

Crystal-Infused Zodiac Nail Polish | Uncommon Goods, $18

Key Trait: Homebody

Gift: Capricorn, The Goat Throw Pillow

Rather hang out at home? We get you! As notorious homebodies, design-obsessed Caps are happy to stay home, but make it comfy and simple!

Throw pillow gift for Capricorn

Capricorn, The Goat Throw Pillow | Society6, $17.50

Key Trait: Optimistic

Gift: Capricorn Mini Stone Collection

Caps are known for being great leaders and have strong connections to traditions. This mini stone collection, featuring Tiger Eye, compliments your disciplined and hard-working nature while opening your mind to new perspectives and the needs of humanity.

Capricorn Zodiac mini stone pack

Capricorn Mini Stone Collection | Free People, $12

Key Trait: Grounded

Gift: Crystal Birthstone Bracelet

This birthstone bracelet features crystals that are a powerful tool for healing, grounding, and getting balanced across the body, mind, and soul to make the most of your natural Cap energy

Capricorn birthstone bracelet with black onyx, carnelian and garnet to keep you grounded

Crystal Birthstone Bracelet | Etsy, $24

Key Trait: Hardworking

Gift: Capricorn Wine Glass

Capricorns are known for having sophisticated yet practical taste. This astrology-themed wine glass is a stylish way to stay chill at the end of a busy day at the office.

Capricorn wine glass

Capricorn Wine Glass | Uncommon Goods, $12.99

Key Trait: Natural Leader

Gift: Capricorn Affirmations Oracle Deck

As natural-born leaders, staying focused on your success will give you just the inspo you need. This oracle deck will strengthen, uplift and challenge you as you work towards your life goals.

100 Affirmations for Capricorn oracle deck

Capricorn Affirmations Oracle Deck | Amazon, $19.99

Key Trait: Minimalist Vibe

Gift: Sign of the Zodiac Necklace

There’s nothing Caps love more than some understated bling. This petite pendant is as intricate—and as vibrant—as the personality it depicts. Handmade in Pennsylvania.

Capricorn sign of the zodiac necklace

Sign of the Zodiac Necklace | Uncommon Goods, $38

Key Trait: Independent

Gift: Yoga Dice Set

As an ambitious Capricorn, you may always find yourself at work and need help striking a work-life balance. Even if you can’t find time to take a yoga class, you can roll the dice on striking new poses at home.

8-piece wooden yoga dice set

Yoga Dice Set | Amazon, $16.99

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