12 White Elephant Themes To Shake Up Your Gift Exchange

12 White Elephant Themes To Shake Up Your Gift Exchange

White Elephant gift exchanges are known for their unpredictability and amusement, but why not take them up a notch? Hosting your gift exchange with a unique theme can add excitement and creativity to the event. Let’s look into various White Elephant themes for adults that will spark laughter and make your gift exchange memorable and entertaining.

Retro Revival

Transport your gift exchange back in time with a retro theme. Encourage participants to bring gifts reminiscent of a particular decade, whether in the ’80s with neon colors and cassette tapes or in the ’70s with disco balls and lava lamps. It’s a nostalgic trip down memory lane with a touch of humor.

Movie Madness

Bring the silver screen to your White Elephant exchange by making it a movie-themed event. Participants can bring gifts related to their favorite films or movie genres. Think movie posters, DVDs, or even props inspired by famous films. Movie buffs will especially appreciate this theme.

DIY Delights

Put your creative skills to the test with a do-it-yourself (DIY) theme—challenge participants to craft unique and handcrafted gifts. The possibilities are endless, from homemade candles and personalized artwork to hand-knitted scarves. It’s a theme that showcases both talent and thoughtfulness.

Around the World

Take a journey around the world without leaving your gift exchange venue. Each participant can bring a gift representing a different country or culture. This theme adds a global touch to your event, from exotic spices and international snacks to cultural souvenirs.

Ugly Sweater Extravaganza

Give the classic “ugly sweater” party a White Elephant twist. Invite everyone to wear their quirkiest, most outlandish sweaters, and ensure the gifts match the theme. Think kitschy, gaudy, and over-the-top items that complement the outrageous attire.

Superhero Showdown

Channel your inner hero or villain with a superhero-themed White Elephant exchange. Participants can bring gifts related to their favorite comic book characters or superhero movies. Consider action figures, comic books, or even quirky superhero-themed household items.

Pajama Party

Turn your gift exchange into a cozy and casual pajama party. Encourage participants to wear their favorite PJs, robes, or loungewear. Gifts range from cozy blankets and slippers to bedtime snacks and sleep masks. It’s a theme that combines comfort and fun.

Holiday Hijinks

Celebrate various holidays throughout the year by incorporating a holiday-themed White Elephant exchange. Participants can choose a holiday as their theme, and gifts should reflect that holiday. Think Valentine’s Day chocolates, Halloween decorations, or Fourth of July gadgets.

Science Fiction Spectacle

For science fiction and fantasy fans, a themed White Elephant exchange centered around these genres can be a blast. Gifts can include sci-fi books, movie memorabilia, or even quirky alien-themed items. May the force be with you!

Monochromatic Madness

Give your White Elephant exchange a unique twist by selecting a single color as the theme. All gifts must be predominantly in that chosen color. It adds a layer of challenge and intrigue as participants search for gifts that fit the monochromatic theme.

Nostalgic Nickelodeon

Take a trip back to your childhood with a Nickelodeon-themed White Elephant exchange. Gifts can include merchandise from classic Nickelodeon shows like “Rugrats,” “Hey Arnold!,” and “SpongeBob SquarePants.” It’s a blast from the past that will evoke fond memories.

Garden Gathering

Embrace the outdoors with a garden-themed White Elephant exchange. Gifts can include gardening tools, planters, seeds, or even quirky garden decorations. It’s a theme that encourages participants to nurture their green thumbs.

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