13 Halloween Gifts to Celebrate Spooky Season

Chilling skeleton candle for halloween gift

Boo-yah! Spooky szn is coming soon, so we’ve concocted a list of ghoulishly great gifts for the Halloween-obsessed. Even better, these gifts have all the ghoul vibes for your own Halloween-Themed Gift Exchange with family and friends! No tricks, just treats!

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GIFT: Stay Spooky Doormat

Q: What do you call a skeleton who rings the doorbell?

A: A dead ringer!

This doormat with all the spooky vibes greets ghostly guests and trick or treaters alike with glee!

Stay Spooky doormat with skeleton hand for Halloween gift

Stay Spooky Doormat | Etsy, $36.99

GIFT: You Go Ghoul! Black Jelly Glitter Nail Polish

A must-have for Halloween, this bewitching black jelly nail polish is one that you’ll want to wear year round. You Go Ghoul! sparkles with glitter in grape, berry and orange for a polished look even a witch would love.

You Go Ghoul! Black Jelly Glitter Nail Polish | Etsy, $11

GIFT: Witchy Planchette Earrings

Taking inspo from the classic mysterious and mystical world of Ouija, these handmade witchy earrings will connect you with the spirit world of your childhood.

Witchy planchette earrings based on Ouija board game

Witchy Planchette Earrings | Etsy, $12

GIFT: Chilling Skeleton Candle

Halloween mewd… This chill skeleton candle is a perfect combination of spooky, cute and relaxing. And the reusable ceramic cauldron can be used to dish out future Halloween fun.

Plastic skeleton taking a bath in a candle for funny Halloween gift

Halloween Skeleton Candle | Amazon, $18.99

GIFT: Skeleton Dance Party Sweatshirt

Have some skele-fun! You’ll def feel the Halloween vibes as the bones brigade dances & shakes the night away! This uber cozy shirt will quickly become a fall fashion fave!

Sweatshirt with skeletons dancing in the moonlight

Skeleton Dance Party Sweatshirt | Etsy, $14.98 & up

GIFT: Vampire Blood 3-Wick Candle

This is a gift you’ll want to sink your teeth into! Vampire Blood, a Bath & Body Works fan-favorite scent of red berries, jasmine and plum, will set the seasons mood. Check out more brand new spooky scents from the brand in our gift guide.

Vampire Blood 3-Wick Candle from Bath & Body Works

Vampire Blood 3-Wick Candle | Bath & Body Works, $26.95

GIFT: Boo-ho Halloween Wall Decor

Hey Boo! Skip the traditional pumpkin decor and go boo-ho chic!

Four hanging pennants with Halloween sayings

Boho Halloween Banners | Etsy, $20 ea

GIFT: Starbucks-Inspired Spooky Season Cup

This spooky szn, keep your potions cool on the go with a Starbucks-inspired reusable cup. And since this cup may be personalized, it makes the perfect gift for anyone who loves Halloween!

Spooky season reusable cups based on Starbucks brand

Starbucks-Inspired Spooky Season Cup | Etsy, $17.45

GIFT: Disney Villains: Devilishly Delicious Cookbook

Dish out devilish delights this Halloween with recipes inspired by Disney’s beloved baddies like Cruella de Vil and Maleficent. Being bad has never tasted so good!

Disney's Villains: Devilishly Delicious Cookbook for Halloween gift

Disney Villains: Devilishly Delicious Cookbook | Amazon, $11.79

GIFT: Countdown to Halloween Calendar

How many sleeps til Halloween? This unique Halloween countdown calendar will keep you on track and features daily activities for the month of October, leading up to Halloween. Each page is filled with spooky delights, such as coloring pages, quizzes, trivia, movie lists & more!

Countdown to Halloween calendar for daily activities as Halloween gift for kids

Countdown to Halloween Calendar | Etsy, $12.50

GIFT: Skull Mini Waffle Maker

This Skull Shaped Mini Waffle Maker is perfect for Halloween or any type of otherworldly breakfast gathering! No bones about it, these cheerful skulls will bring a spooky touch to any meal.

Skull mini waffle maker

DASH Mini Waffle Black Skull Mini Waffle Maker | Amazon, $25.26

GIFT: Farmhouse Halloween Book Stacks

These handmade and hand-painted wooden stacked “books” are the perfect addition to tiered trays, risers, shelves and other fangtastic Farmhouse Halloween displays.

Halloween themed stacked books for Halloween gift

Halloween Book Stacks | Etsy, $15

GIFT: Bat Bottle Opener

We’re going batty for this fangtastic find! Add a pop of Halloween humor to your party plans – the flexible wings will pry the corks while the fangs pop the bottle caps!

Bat shaped corkscrew with wings and fangs for Halloween gift

Bat Bottle Opener | Amazon, $29.95

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