Practical Birthday Gifts To Spoil Even the Pickiest Virgo

The generosity of Virgo lasts all year, and now it’s time to spoil them back!

Born from August 23 to September 22, these analytical earth signs are known for their precision, care and attention to detail. It’s true that Virgos have discerning taste, but lucky for you, we’ve put together a handy guide to help you choose a practical, simple gift that will spoil even the pickiest Virgo. And Virgos, these gifts are a perfect addition to your own Elfster wishlist — it’s an easy and polite way to let everyone know what you really want!

6 Perfect Picks For Virgos

gift for virgo journal

Zodiac Embroidered Journal | Urban Outfitters

Organized Virgos love to express themselves through the written word and this chic journal features dots for bullet journaling to help keep them stay on track with reminders, to-do lists and even a bit of brainstorming.

Succulents Subscription Box | Amazon

Succulents are the perfect, low-maintenance houseplants for any living space and nature-loving Virgos always appreciate a green gift. Every month, Succulents Box sends a new variety pack. They’ll never receive the same species twice!

Boho Wall Hanging Shelves | Amazon

In a Virgo’s home, everything serves a purpose. These practical hanging wood shelves offer a small space to display decorative items, keeping their love of minimalist living in mind.

Airtight Food Storage Containers | Amazon

Nothing satisfies Virgos like seeing things neatly set in their place! Your Virgo friend would appreciate these simple, clear pantry organizers.

PopBabies Portable Smoothie Blender | Amazon

Virgos are very health conscious and sensitive to what’s happening in their body. This portable blender will give them just the nutrients they need in a smoothie, even on the go. They are USB rechargeable and the petite size makes it the perfect blender to stay healthy at home, in the office or out on an adventure.

Desktop Vacuum Cleaner | Amazon

Virgos are always on high dirt-alert. So when it comes to things being out of place or dirty, they will obsess about it until it’s neat and tidy. This USB-charged portable desk vacuum cleaner will get in all their nooks and crannies, giving peace of mind to any neat freak Virgo.

Virgos prefer simplistic and practical gifts over extravagant indulgences. They are down-to-earth, creative and inquisitive earth signs who will always appreciate a thoughtful gift. You’ll find many practical gifts any Virgo could wish for in our Zodiac Gift Guide.

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