Good Secret Santa Gifts to Ask for When You Can’t Think of Anything

good secret santa gifts to ask for

There are two very, very simple questions that always leave me stumped: 1) What kind of music do you like; and 2) what do you want for Christmas/birthday/etc.? I listen to music all day, dozens of albums a week, and have deep opinions on all of them, but can never remember a single one when asked. Similarly, there are a lot of things I know I want, but when it comes to making a list for Secret Santa, I draw a blank.

That’s frustrating for me, and annoying for other people (for example, my wife). I’m no help at all. It’s stressful to buy for someone when they don’t know what they want, and that is doubly true for Secret Santa.

Luckily, I’ve learned there are some tricks. And that’s good, because I know I’m not the only one with this problem. We frequently get a mind-freeze when trying to make a list, long and short. So here I want to share some of my favorite ways to think when I can’t think of anything.

Coming up with good Secret Santa gifts to ask for makes your opening experience better, and it makes your Santa’s gift-buying better. Everyone has more fun. That’s music to my ears.

Use the Right Technology to Create a Wish List

See, if I have my Spotify open, or I’m standing in front of my record collection, I can expound on music at irritating length. But not when I don’t have those cues. It’s the same as making a wish list. Facing an empty sheet of paper, my mind mirrors its blankness.

So that’s why I like using a great Secret Santa generator to create a wish list. With this, I have some good guidance that helps me focus.

There are a couple of things that a great wish list generator needs that can help you focus your search.

  • You should be able to add to it from multiple sites across the internet. 
  • You should be able to upload ideas from an app (so that if you are out and see something you want you can do it instantly).
  • You should be able to search by price.
  • You should be able to filter by type, size, etc.
  • You should also be able to search for a variety of products.

In other words, the wish list maker isn’t just a way for you to write things down. It’s a tool to help you explore possibilities.

Be Sure to Use Handy Gift Guides

Now, if you are like me, you might know the kind of things you want, but just can’t really drill down into specifics. That’s where gift guides become really handy. When I browse a gift guide, I can turn my vague maunderings into something concrete.

For example, say I am thinking that I’d like something sports-related. OK, that’s not terribly helpful. But it’s a start. So, there is a gift guide specifically for “Sports.” But in that, I can drill down to a Baseball Lovers guide.

Within the Baseball Lovers category, I can scroll through gift idea after gift idea. Hats, shirts, other various bric-a-brac. That gets me thinking: I need a new hat! (Note: I don’t “need” a new hat by any stretch of the imagination, but wants turn into needs pretty darn quick). So right there, my vagueness is beginning to become more clear.

Then, I may decide to shop by team—the White Sox to be exact. This allows me to see White Sox throwback t-shirts, caps, and even a Comiskey Park tavern-style sign. Suddenly, my vague “sports” thought becomes several great ideas thanks to the gift guide.

Embrace a Themed Party

Along the same lines with gift guides, a themed party is a great way to focus your thinking. Gift exchange themes for adults, for kids, for the workplace, or anywhere make you limit the range of what you can ask for, and also help you find the right thing.

Say your theme is pop culture. That’s pretty broad, but the theme could be something much more specific, like Harry Potter or Star Wars or your favorite show. Now we’re getting somewhere.

So if it is Star Wars, you figure out your costume. Who are you going to be? That’s a big choice, but a themed party can go beyond costumes. Use a Star Wars gift guide or just a search filter. Suddenly, everything that is Star Wars related—a category of items which somehow exceeds the sum total of things to buy in the entire world—is at your fingertips.

But you don’t have to do a traditional theme. You can make the gifts themselves revolve around a unique theme. Some ideas include:

  • Green/eco-friendly
  • Outdoor
  • Handmade
  • Kitchen Items
  • Holiday Ornaments
  • Workplace

The latter, workplace items, is especially good for office parties. It takes out risk. It makes things less potentially awkward.

One gift theme I really embrace is “Small Business and Handmade.” When we buy from them, we’re helping small entrepreneurs continue to pursue their passion and are finding something that is truly unique. That’s the power of shopping online: you can help small businesses that are nowhere near you. Shopping local becomes universal.

Good Secret Santa Gifts to Ask for are Everywhere

I’m excited about my next gift exchange. Even if it is remote, the right generator can make it work. And I’ve got some great gift ideas. Of course, I’ll forget them all when the time comes, but with these tips and tricks, I’ll be able to remember. Or create all new ones.

No matter what, I’ll be happy. The person who is my Secret Santa will be happy. We’ll all be able to share the thrill of opening something we want and know that the person who bought it did so with joy in their heart, knowing they were making you happy.

When you find a good Secret Santa gift to ask for, you create more joy. It’s not something tossed off that no one cares about. It has meaning. And that feeling, that shared happiness, is something that, no matter what, you won’t ever forget.

When you do think of a good Secret Santa gift and are ready to play, use the Secret Santa generator that makes everything easy for everyone, whether in-person or remote. Thanks to Elfster, you can easily shop for gifts and start a Wish List. Plus, you can access it all from an iPhone app or Android app.

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