How to do a Random Name Drawing Online

learn how to do a random name draw online

There’s something exciting about random contests and drawings. One time, I entered a contest for a radio station. The prize was $102. Standing at the mall that day, filled with emotion, I just knew I would win. In most cases, people don’t win contests like that. But my instincts were right—I was indeed the winner!

It’s a similar feeling with gift exchanges. The intensity builds, and you never know what name you will choose or who will choose yours. It’s fun to host, participate, and be part of such excitement, particularly when you can arrange the process easily online without all the hassle.

When you need to know how to do a random name drawing online, a free random name draw generator will help you begin the process, arrange the details, and finalize your name drawing.

How to Do a Random Name Drawing Online

There are so many opportunities to celebrate with gift exchanges, from birthdays to anniversaries to retirement and office parties, and other occasions with your favorite people. Friends, relatives, social connections, neighbors, those you’ve known all your life, and even those you’ve rarely had the chance to get to know can all enjoy a random name drawing online. 

Here’s the simplest way to run a random name drawing:

The Process 

Whether you’re joining with remote co-workers for a holiday exchange or with your family members for a virtual birthday party, it’s important to understand how to do a random name drawing online.

  • Register for a free name drawing generator or for a name drawing app.
  • Create events for any upcoming gift exchanges you have planned. 
  • Add details such as date, time, price limit, and any necessary video links for those who will participate remotely.
  • Send invitations to participants via email.
  • Guests can register after receiving your invitation, as well as RSVP for events.
  • Set any exclusions for your name drawing.
  • Start the name draw, and the app or website will randomly pair people up.

Once you’ve set up a random name drawing online, you can then consider the various extra features you hope to have in the best name drawing app.

Key Features of a Successful Random Name Drawing App

When it comes to choosing a random name drawing tool, you should be able to manage exclusions, pair participants, conduct a virtual name drawing, and share details. 

  • Set exclusions. Once everyone has RSVP’d for your gift exchange or event, you should be able to set exclusions such as not pairing spouses or siblings together. 
  • Pair participants for a gift exchange. You should be able to use the name pairing generator for a virtual name draw to randomly and anonymously draw names.
  • Share and shop with ease. Individual participants should receive the name and information about the person they are paired with automatically, along with their wish list. Everyone should then be able to create a wish list, drawing from gift guides and a wide variety of online retailers.
  • Draw for names virtually. Participants shouldn’t need to be present for drawing names, allowing you to draw names anytime. Selections should automatically be shared via email with participants.

Finalize your drawing and prepare for any gift exchanges or events you have planned. You might wish to connect for an upcoming anniversary, wedding, baby shower, or even a social distancing reconnection. The great thing is that you can use random name drawings for many different joyous purposes. 

Use Random Name Drawings for Multiple Purposes

You can easily use your free Secret Santa generator for a variety of fun gift exchanges and events like virtual dance parties, game night, or even long-distance celebrations when you have several remote participants. With the online generator, you can make changes to your events, send reminders, and make individual or family wish lists.

Now that you have a free name drawing app and you know how to do a random name drawing online, you can use it anytime to connect with family, friends, neighbors, classmates, and more. You’ll be able to easily set it up online and the rest, well, it’s just plain excitement!

If you’re trying to figure out how to do a random name drawing online and you want to simplify the process, Elfster makes it easy. From name drawings to starting a Wish List, we have you covered. Plus, you can access it all from an iPhone app or Android app.

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