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How to Do a Secret Santa Name Drawing with Exclusions

How to Do a Secret Santa Name Drawing with Exclusions

A Secret Santa generator lets you do a name drawing with exclusions.

There’s a secret sauce to everything meaningful. Back in the day, the secret sauce for me was the ever-popular Big Mac sauce. There was nothing like it, and I ate it too often. Otherwise, secret sauce represents a unique feature or special quality that ensures a successful process. So, for a gift exchange, the secret sauce could be how you draw names or ways to set up everything just right to make your event special.

Sometimes the most special moments occur when you pair up people for gift exchanges with the ideal process and exclusions to add intrigue and surprise. By arranging exclusions in advance, you can avoid awkward occasions when drawing names, like getting your husband, wife, or sibling’s name.

When you really want to branch out and make specific restrictions, a Secret Santa name drawing with exclusions will help. We’ll show you how to begin the process, set up the details, and finalize your name drawing.

Doing a Secret Santa Name Drawing with Exclusions

As an organizer, it’s helpful to have the possibility of making exclusions for certain combinations of individuals. For example, if you wish to prevent family members in the same household from purchasing gifts for one another in a gift exchange, you can designate this option.

Here’s how to manage the process as a host:

  • Sign up for a free Secret Santa generator.
  • Enter basic details such as upcoming event dates, times, and spending limits.
  • Invite participants to join by email, including information about any upcoming gift exchanges. 
  • Guests will register after receiving your invitation and can begin browsing gift guides and creating their wish lists. 
  • Set exclusion lists for four or more participants by clicking on “draw restrictions,” then “show restrictions” next to each participants’ name. Check off exclusions such as:
    • Excluding certain combinations or pairings of individuals.
    • Individuals who should not draw one another, such as:
      • Siblings
      • Spouses or partners
      • Bosses and employees
      • Those living in the same household
    • Ensuring a change of pairings from a previous gift exchange.
    • Specific request exclusions from those who sign up for an event or gift exchange.
  • Manage or edit exclusion lists anytime as long as your party has not started.
  • When everyone has RSVP’d, use the name pairing generator to draw names randomly. The generator will take into account the exclusion list when pairing people up.  
  • Everyone will receive their giftee’s name, wish list, their contact details, and a way to ask questions of them anonymously if they need more information.
    • For example, you can ask questions like: what is your shirt size, or what are your favorite board games?

With this method, participants don’t have to be present to draw names. You can do this as a host and details are then automatically communicated to all participants. Now, all you have to do is finalize your drawing with a simple, free Secret Santa generator. You’ll be able to do a name drawing and gift exchange in no time.

Finalizing Your Drawing

After you’ve gone through the steps above for how to do a Secret Santa name drawing with exclusions, all you have to do is use the Secret Santa generator to make any changes, send reminders, and make your own wish lists.

Remember, any exclusions have to be set by the host. Now, get ready to have fun and enjoy the fruits of a very simple but meaningful process for drawing names for your Secret Santa generator event. As the host, you’re the only one who needs to know the full ingredients of your secret sauce for a magical gift exchange.

If you’re trying to figure out how to do a Secret Santa name drawing with exclusions and you want to simplify the process, Elfster makes it easy. You can quickly draw names and start a Wish List online or from an iPhone app or Android app.

Teresa H
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