7 Good Secret Santa Joke Gifts

These Secret Santa joke gifts make for serious fun!

I think the strangest thing about being an adult has been, rather unexpectedly, becoming a Socks Guy. I’ve taken to coordinating my outfits with my socks, and while there’s nothing too outlandish, it’s still something I think about. My wife is as surprised as I am. Where socks might have once been a joke gift, now they’re something I cherish. 

That’s the thing about giving gifts. You can give someone something goofy and silly but also meaningful to them. You can give a joke gift that isn’t just one of those cans of peanuts with springy snakes…unless, of course, they like that. 

So, if you’re having a gift exchange that doesn’t need to be too serious, it doesn’t have to be full of gags. You can find good Secret Santa joke gifts that are based on the recipient’s personality, their hobbies, and the things they enjoy. Finding joke gifts for someone can be a great way to show them that you seriously care. 

Having Fun With Secret Santa

At work a few years ago, we were told that our Secret Santa would be gag gifts. That caused some consternation, as people didn’t know the parameters. That’s why we were really glad to be able to use a Secret Santa generator that helped us pick out gifts. 

We had a guide that allowed us to filter for gag gift ideas, and that revealed something. As people made their wish lists, they saw mugs with funny sayings, office supplies that made them laugh, and little toys and knick-knacks that reflected everyone’s unique personality. 

See, joke gifts shouldn’t just make someone laugh for a second, only to be thrown away after a polite period of a few weeks. That’s wasteful. Instead, they can be an extension of someone’s humor and personality. 

So, if you’re having a fun gift exchange, encourage people in your group to look through gift guides to find examples of things they might like. They can make wish lists that make everything easy. It’s the best way to surprise them with something fun. 

7 Examples of Good Secret Santa Joke Gifts

Obviously, these are just examples to spur your imagination. Think of something you’d love, and let your imagination and the guides lead you to some of the stranger corners of retail. 

Here are some of our favorite joke gifts:

  1. Sushi socks. You didn’t think this list would lead off with anything other than socks, right? People love sushi, and they like socks that double as conversation pieces. If there is a gourmand who is also a Socks Person, this will be sure to light them up. 
  2. Narwhal planter. Ancient sailors used to think narwhals were monsters, and frankly, they were right. Look at them! But they are also cute and people love them, and a narwhal planter is a perfect accessory for the home or the office. (But still: monsters. One tusk? Terrifying.)
  3. Dinosaur Ring Holder. My wife loves dinosaurs (our first date was the Natural History Museum). So, when I saw a ring holder that was a Tanystropheus—a dinosaur with a neck that was frankly ridiculous, like two giraffes hiding in a trenchcoat trying to be a dinosaur—I had to get it. Absurd monsters are adorable and practical. 
  4. Volcano Desktop Paperweight. Now, it’s true that no one has ever used the phrase “as relaxing as a volcano,” but this one is. A cool paperweight with little eruptions of sand, it’s both a relaxing, meditative piece and a conversation starter for the volcanologist in your life. 
  5. Sloth coffee mug. There are thousands of funny coffee mugs out there, and it’s easy to find one that matches your interests. I like these sloth ones. I like the little fella’s attitude. I relate to doing nothing. I excel at it, coffee or not. 
  6. Batman Chess Set. The world’s most contemplative game meets the hyperactivity of superhero movies. While these seem like different worlds, people love both intensely. If you know someone who fits in the middle of that Venn diagram, this is the gift for them. There are also thousands of other comic book/movie gifts for those who might not love chess. 
  7. Fun pillows. Pillows, like socks, don’t seem like fun. But by searching for silly or unique pillows, you can find a great accent for someone’s home or office. These bring a little touch of rustic outdoors hominess to anywhere. But the pillow, like the socks, can reflect anything. 

Needless to say, these are just starters, and any of these can send you down delightful rabbit holes of goofy and meaningful discovery. 

Start a Secret Santa Joke That’s Serious Fun 

Gifts should make you smile when you see them or think about them. They should make you happy because of what they are but also because someone gave it to you. That means someone thought about you. They cared about you. You’re smiling because someone wanted you to smile. 

That’s the heart of a gift and the heart of a gift exchange. It is why a joke gift exchange can be the most meaningful of all. It will get to the heart of who you are: weird, quirky, unique, with your own way of seeing the world. The joy is that someone will see the world through your eyes. You’ll share that—and a laugh—for a long time. 

If you want to use a full system for good Secret Santa joke gifts, use a Secret Santa generator. Thanks to Elfster, you can easily shop for gifts and start a Wish List. Plus, you can access it all from an iPhone app or Android app

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