Gift Exchange Etiquette You Should Know

Following gift exchange etiquette makes the game more fun for everyone!

I love hosting parties. Yet in the midst of planning, there are multiple balls in the air to juggle. Let’s face it—as a party planner, gift exchanges can be overwhelming. Without the right tools to get everything accomplished, it can feel like a lot! 

Still, there are ways to make it much easier, including keeping gift exchange etiquette in mind. As trends come and go, basic gift exchange etiquette remains a critical part of the party planning process. The way you go about hosting and the tools you use make it more fun for everyone. 

So, whether you’re hosting a gift exchange in your home, church, office, or virtually, here are some common gift exchange principles to follow.

Gift Exchange Etiquette Principles

In the Victorian age, there was a long list of dos and don’ts for gift exchanges and special occasions. It was also common for invitations to read “no presents,” particularly for younger participants. What fun is that?

Nowadays, expectations are less formal, but you still need to keep some gift exchange etiquette in mind, not only to make your party go smoothly but to make it more enjoyable for everyone.

And following the rules of a Secret Santa party will help. Here are our top tips: 

  • Release any party planning, gift exchange, and participation anxieties. Don’t allow worry and stress to spoil your fun by overthinking your party. Start with a free online Secret Santa generator that will help you plan the exchange. 
  • Send invitations. With an online generator, you just have to add the info and people’s emails and it will send out all the details. If you’re doing the actual gift exchange remotely, be sure to send out a video conferencing link ahead of time as well. 
  • Create wish lists online. Participants can choose their wishes from all major online retailers. Online gift guides have incredible gift exchange ideas for all ages if you’re having trouble thinking of anything.
  • Keep the secret in Secret Santa! It’s important to keep the mysterious Secret Santa under wraps until the grand reveal. With a generator, no one, not even the organizer, will know who they are paired with, and you can even send your partner anonymous messages to throw them off the scent!
  • Put thought into each gift. Pay special attention to the recipient’s wish list choices and make sure you’re selecting something they’ll truly love. 
  • Stick to the budget. It’s easy to host a Secret Santa on a budget. Just, remember:
    • As a host, set the gift-giving budget via your Secret Santa generator and avoid:
      • Buying something too cheap as it makes the recipient feel less enthused.
      • Buying something too extravagant which makes other guests compare notes.
  • Check the wish list more than once. Santa checks his list twice, and you should, too! So, check the initial wish list and then double-check later to see if there’ve been any additions or changes. Then, choose the best possible gift from the full selection.
  • Send reminders to guests so that no one is embarrassed by not RSVPing on time or not getting their gift to the individual they’ve been paired with.

And whatever you do, don’t forget the element of surprise offered by an online Secret Santa generator! Surprises are always exciting as long as you follow the right gift exchange etiquette. 

How an Online Secret Santa Generator Helps

The great news is that an online Secret Santa generator can be used any time of year. And half the battle of a successful event is ensuring that everyone is accounted for, your guests are part of the wishes and giving, and you can enjoy the surprise on everyone’s faces—whether you’re seeing each other in-person or via video conference. 

Here’s a summary of what you can do with an online Secret Santa generator:

  • Plan the date and details of your event such as your event theme.
  • Determine the RSVP timing and send invitations via email.
  • Randomly pair off people for the gift exchange.
  • Make wish lists from online gift guides.
  • Shop all major retailers from one online location.

With the right tools to get your gift exchange going, it’s much easier to stick to gift exchange etiquette and ensure everyone has a great time! 

Sharing the Best Gift Etiquette with Your Guests

When you’re working with an online Secret Santa Generator, you’ll have time to ensure that appropriate gift exchange etiquette principles are followed and that every single participant has the absolute best time.

Then, your job is done with simple elegance and grace, and you can sit back, relax, and enjoy! After all, we’re no longer living in the Victorian age; we’re living in an era where simple gift exchange etiquette can be expected but staying positive and connected is the ultimate purpose. And, with a Secret Santa generator, that, my friends, can be perfectly and easily accomplished!

If you’re ready to use gift exchange etiquette and you want a Secret Santa generator that simplifies the process, try Elfster. Our platform makes it easy to pair people up, shop for gifts, and start a Wish List. Plus, you can access it all from an iPhone app or Android app

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