5 Ways to Connect During Social Distancing with a Secret Santa Generator

There are many great ways to connect during social distancing.

When I was a kid, my friend, Dawn, moved to California. It happened when long-distance phone calls and snail mail were the only options to stay in touch. Still, we would mail trivia and fun paper games and activities to one another and so kept an entertaining connection. She became one of my best pen pals. And I still believe she was my Secret Santa for that top Secret Santa gift exchange in fifth grade!

Nowadays, with the convenience of video chat and social media, you don’t have to worry about waiting long periods to hear from one another or doing everything manually. When trying to find ways to connect during social distancing, you can use a Secret Santa Generator to have fun with your loved ones. 

5 Ways to Connect During Social Distancing

When you miss your friends, family, and community circles, it’s important to enjoy various ways to connect during social distancing. Here are five ideas that use a Secret Santa Generator to create fun and lively meetings:

For All Ages:

1. Virtual dance and sing-along party. Remember when karaoke first became popular? Well, now, we’re in the age of virtual sing-alongs and dance parties! So, why not combine the best of karaoke and Secret Santa into one party? 

Set up your event details online and invite participants via a Secret Santa generator. Include a video conferencing link for the face-to-face portion of the party. Do virtual prizes chosen by individuals who RSVP by having everyone make a wish list (you can choose one prize per household or participant that will be sent in advance of the event).

As the host, use a karaoke app like Yokee or Smule and have participants sing it out on video. Then, every group or individual gets a prize for their awesome participation.

2. “Don’t Laugh Challenge.” Begin by purchasing your favorite Don’t Laugh Challenge game(s) or ask everyone invited to your online video party to choose their favorite as a part of their wish list. Participants can shop from this list.

Ask everyone to join online via video at the time of the party to read jokes out loud. “Jokesters” go back and forth sharing their jokes. If someone laughs during a joke, the joke teller gets a point. The first jokester with five points wins and gets a prize from their wish list!

For Children:

3. Birthday playdate. Organize a playdate with friends using a free Secret Santa Generator and a video conferencing platform. Consider doing a birthday gift exchange for kids each month. If you have one birthday in a month, then the birthday boy or girl can make a wish list and everyone can buy a present for them. If there are multiple birthdays in a month, then, you can use the Secret Santa generator to draw names randomly and do a more formal gift exchange. Limit your playtime to about an hour and be sure and remind participants to check online gift guides.

4. Virtual pet party or pet club. Pampered pooches or cuddly kittens are a joyful way to connect online. First, have everyone do a little show and tell about their pets via video chat. Then, you can play an animal-themed game, such as Animal Crossing: New Horizons or My Wild Pet Online together. To top it all off, use a name pairing generator to draw names randomly and exchange pet-related gifts as a great way to wrap up your first club session.

For Adults:

5. Online networking or happy hour event. Virtual after-work parties and networking events are very popular. What a great way to bring together coworkers, lifelong customers, and the local community! 

Invite participants to a gift exchange using a website or iPhone or Android app. Participants can create wish lists, then you can select a gift from their list and send it to them. Choose the same or similar price point item for every attendee. Or, you can do a traditional Secret Santa game and unwrap presents on camera! 

How a Secret Santa Generator Can Help

A Secret Santa generator isn’t just for Christmas anymore. These services are free and available year-round. Use your online generator to:

  • Easily create and plan your online event via your computer or mobile device. 
  • Invite participants using email. 
  • Receive RSVPs and have participants start a wish list
  • Allow participants to browse gift ideas from multiple retail sites.
  • Pair participants via a random name pairing generator.
  • Purchase items directly from another person’s wish list.
  • Ask anonymous questions. 
  • Send reminders to those who haven’t RSVPd.

A Secret Santa generator can help you find joyful ways to connect—without being a hassle!

Connecting in a Fun and Lively Way

When you’re tired of the same old phone calls and waiting to hear from someone, it may be the perfect time to use any of these ways to connect during social distancing. You’ll enjoy all of the benefits of the Secret Santa generator while implementing creative ways to come together and enjoy exciting virtual activities.

Then, whether your Secret Santa remains a secret or not, you’ll be left with unforgettable, cherished memories and even more ways to connect again and again!

When you want to connect during social distancing with a Secret Santa Generator, turn to Elfster, where we make it easy to shop for gifts and start a Wish List. Plus, you can access it all from an iPhone app or Android app.

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