5 Best Earth Day Gift Ideas for Work Parties

These Earth Day gift ideas will help you at your next gift exchange.

I volunteer for the Party Planning Crew at my job. A few years ago, we were trying to plan an Earth Day party, and things started to get out of hand. We were going to have green eggs and ham, then tree-themed decorations, then balloons… and that’s when we realized we were forgetting the real meaning of the holiday. 

Earth Day is a celebration of the planet and a renewal of our commitment to try to reduce our impact and make the world a better place for everyone. It’s a way to reflect on our place in nature, and how we can change our habits so that there’s still a place where we can have habits. 

Really, Earth Day gift ideas for remote work parties should be like the holiday itself: a reminder that not everything is about us. Any party is a celebration of something bigger than ourselves. And what’s bigger than the whole planet? 

The 5 Best Earth Day Gift Ideas for Work Parties

So, what makes a great Earth Day gift idea for your eco-friendly work-from-home party? Something that can be used again and again. That’s the spirit of Earth Day: waste not. 

Reusable Lunch Gear

Every day, people bring in lunch. Every day, the garbage cans fill up. It’s easy. But easy obviously isn’t always ideal. 

That’s why I love reusable lunch gear. Canvas lunch bags, perfect-sized sandwich bags, thermoses, insulated lunch bags: there’s everything you need to keep clean and green and well-fed. 

Gifts With Sustainable Materials

You might be surprised by how many day-to-day items can be made with sustainable materials. So when you have a sustainable material theme, there’s practically no limit to what you can get. 

Sustainable shower curtains. Biodegradable storage material. Natural dental picks that can be reused. Socks that are made to last and eventually biodegrade. Books on how to live a more sustainable life. You and your coworkers will be pleasantly shocked at how easy it is to make a switch. 

Seeds or Plants

This is one of my favorite ones (it’s also one of my favorite Easter gifts). By buying seeds as gifts, you’re giving a gift that lasts all year or for many years to come.

These can be flower seeds, of course, but I also love giving out veggies or herbs. After all, they keep on giving. They cut down on trips to the store. They cut down on bagging. And there’s a certain pride in eating something you grew yourself. The best part is, there are veggies and herbs that can be grown in backyards or back stoops, in houses or apartments. While we can’t all be farmers, we can all grow. 

Fun and Green

There are great green gifts that are just fun to have, like green beauty products or sustainable shaving kits. Just make sure that whatever you get has a green theme, and you’ll be shocked at what you can come up with. 

Plant a Tree in Someone’s Honor

There are a lot of different organizations that plant a tree in someone’s name, including the Arbor Day Foundation. You can choose what kind of tree, where it will go, and in whose name you are buying it. 

This isn’t a gift you can open, but it’s sure exciting to get. Your tree is revealed, and just like that, you have something that lasts. You have something that’s going to grow, and pump clean air into the sky. You have something that will be a home for animals and insects. And when it eventually collapses, it will nourish plants for hundreds of years to come. 

Make Your Remote Earth Day Office Party Easy

Your Earth Day office party doesn’t need to be complex. And one way to make things easy on everyone (especially if you’re working from home) is to let people make a wish list online. An online shopping generator lets people sort by theme (such as eco-friendly gifts), pick out gifts, and make their list. You can then buy directly from people’s wish lists online, saving a shopping trip. And if you make the party a Secret Santa style gift exchange, the online generator picks out anonymous pairs. 

Earth Day gifts can be a wonderful way of encouraging ourselves and our coworkers to reflect on the real meaning of the day and remember that there are things we can do to fight for the future. There are ways we can be more green. There are things we do at this party today that can be sustained tomorrow, and the next day, and for years to come. 

If you’re having a gift exchange at your remote office Earth Day party, try using a Secret Santa generator that makes everything go smoothly. Elfster makes it easy to pair people up, shop for gifts, and start a Wish List. Plus, you can do it all from an iPhone app or Android app

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